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By Priya Sinha

Skin type: Oily and occasionally acne-prone

Hello gorgeous ladies,
There is one makeup step that I do everyday no matter what, and that is grooming, shaping and filling in my brows. Even when I don’t wear a full face of makeup, I tend to always do my brows. I believe shaping and filling the brows correctly frames the face beautifully and also pulls the entire look together. So on that note, I would like to share my thoughts on this awesome makeup brush duo which is the EcoTools Brow Shaping Set.

Eco Tools Brow Shaping Kit Review

Price: CAD 9.99

Product Description:

My Experience with EcoTools Brow Shaping Set:

As I am obsessed with having the perfect brows, I have a lot of brow products and everything related. Thanks to my not-so-fuller brows, I need to pay them a lot of attention on a daily basis. So when I saw this awesome brush kit, I was super excited as I had not any brow-related brush from EcoTools before. And as EcoTools is my favourite makeup brush brand, I didn’t have to think twice before putting it in my cart.


This is a complete kit with a double-sided brush to fill in brows and highlight, a brow comb and brush duo and also 3 stencils for the perfect brows. I haven’t used the stencil so far, and I don’t think I will. I am pretty happy with the shape of my brows. All this comes in reusable storage pouch made of cloth and clear plastic. This case is really small so it wouldn’t be too practical to store this particular brush in it since it will mess up the bristles when you take the brush out. But these cases can sure be used for other purposes, like carrying all your eye pencils together when you travel. Works for me! The handle is made of bamboo and the neck of the brush is made of recycled aluminum. The handle is very lightweight but still feels very sturdy.

grooming brush

The bristles are extremely soft so the brush feels smooth on the eye area. I really like the concept of a duo brush because it comes in handy. This duo is double-ended making it especially perfect for travelling! However, it’s great for normal use too. The handles are of great length, comfortable enough to use one end without touching the other, but they’re also not so long that you lose precision. The brushes apply and blend makeup really well. I haven’t washed this brush yet but so far I haven’t noticed any shedding.


Overall I would say that this brush set is an excellent and complete makeup tool at a very affordable price point. The best thing is that this brush is sustainable and also cruelty free.

Pros of EcoTools Brow Shaping Set:

• All EcoTools brushes are made of recycled/recyclable bamboo handles, aluminum and taklon bristles.
• Feels super professional due to its high quality.
• Bristles are super soft yet firm at the same time.
• Brush handles are the perfect size and weighted correctly.
• Applies and blends makeup well.
• Bristles do not shed.
• Super affordable.
• Easily available online and in stores.

Cons of EcoTools Brow Shaping Set:

• None!

IMBB Rating: 5/5

Will I Recommend/Repurchase EcoTools Brow Shaping Set?
As I mentioned earlier that EcoTools is my most favourite makeup brush brand, I am quite biased about this makeup brush kit. But on a serious note, I am thoroughly enjoying this brush and I reach out for it the most. I highly recommend this brush kit and this whole line to everyone as these brushes are super high quality and very affordable. There is not a single brush from EcoTools that has disappointed me so far and my love affair with this brand continues forever and ever and ever!!

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