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Achieving a perfect wing is the dream for most of us. I am one of those girls who keep a q-tip and a makeup remover handy when I apply eyeliner. There are several products available today in the market to create a stamp to achieve the perfect wing. I recently spotted a stencil from Essence and decided to pick it up. Read on to know more about Essence Style Your Wing! Cut out Eyeliner Tool.

Essence Style Your Wing! Cut Out Eyeliner Tool

Price: $2.32 for 1 stencil
Product Description:
The ideal tool for a perfect eyeliner wing – in six different eyeliner designs. Place the stencil with your favorite shape on the outer corner of the eye, fill in the surface with eyeliner and then trace along the lash line as usual.

My Experience with Essence Style Your Wing! Cut Out Eyeliner Tool:

The stencil comes in a plastic sachet. Once you open the sachet, you have a cardboard backdrop which has all the information on how to use the product. The stencil is made of plastic. It is a thin sheet of plastic paper which holds 6 different eyeliner designs. On the back, there is a pictorial depiction on how to use the tool and it is pretty straightforward.

Essence Style Your Wing! Cut Out Eyeliner Tool how to use

Each design has a name to it. The stencil is thin and reusable. You can also wash the stencil to remove stains from it which were caused during application. You can use a felt tip or a gel-based eyeliner to work with this stencil. I have noticed that liquid liners tend to smudge when I remove the stencil after application.

This is one of the issues that is caused when you start using the stencil. When you apply and remove the stencil, the eyeliner that is present on the edges tends to get smudged onto the wing. Also, if it is not dried, a little movement can cause a smudge and you need to correct it with a q-tip. However, with a little practice, this can be completely eliminated.

Essence Style Your Wing! Cut Out Eyeliner Tool Claims

Since liquid eyeliners take some time to dry, using this tool with them is not the best option. The tool is also a bit sharper at the edges of the wing. Even though it for a precise application you have to be very careful with it as it may cause minor cuts. There are 6 different wings you can choose from but not all of them give you the best results.

My favorite among the six styles is Miss Super Star. It gives you a beautiful wing with a dramatic tail, which I could never draw it with my hands, and I love it. Once you get used to the stencil you can reduce the minute disruptions that are caused close it. Miss Party Girl gives a sharp triangular wing and is great when you would like to do a bold line.

Essence Style Your Wing! Cut Out Eyeliner Tool

Miss Natural is a daily basic wing. Since it is very small it is not the most convenient style to use. I could easily stamp the wing with my Rimmel Liner and I have used it only once. The double wings need a lot of practice. Miss Artistic gives you the perfect fishtail wing and you can create the Arabic bold lines with sharp inner corners using this tool.

Miss Trendy is confusing and I personally do not like it. It smudges a lot at the lower wing and I am not so fond of it. Miss Adventurous is a long tail wing liner. Since it creates two lines, I assume you use one eyeliner over the lid and one near the lashes. I am still figuring this out. Overall, the stencil is handy but I think it is easy to create these stencils at home without wasting money. Not a must-have but you can buy and try these.

Essence Style Your Wing! Cut Out Eyeliner Tool Demo

So, summing up:

Pros of Essence Style Your Wing! Cut Out Eyeliner Tool:

6 different styles.
Easy to use.
Good results.
Lets you create various winged looks.
Works well with gel liners or fast drying liners.
Just a thin sheet and can be carried in the purse.

Cons of Essence Style Your Wing! Cut Out Eyeliner Tool:

Pointy edges can cause minor cuts if not careful.
Needs a lot of practice or else gets smudged.
The double lines are artistic but the application is tricky.

IMBB Rating: 3/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Essence Style Your Wing! Cut Out Eyeliner Tool?
Not a must-buy, but if you want to try it out, it is not very expensive either.

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