Essie Fiji Nail Color Review, NOTD

Hello Ladies,

It is the weekend finally! And funnily enough, it has become a routine for me to change my nail paints over the weekend. The colour I wore this weekend is called Fiji from Essie! I have been lusting over this colour for so long and here it is!
Essie Fiji Nail Color  (4)
Product Description-  Luxuriate in opaque, creamy pastel pink polish. this über-girly nail color puts a pretty paradise at your beautifully manicured fingertips.

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Price– £10.99

My Experience with Essie Fiji Nail Color:

The packaging is Essie’s standard packaging, I have previously always raved about their packaging. I find Essie’s packaging so classic and cute! Their bottles always seem to stand out as compared to the other bottles that lie on my dressing table. As for the brush applicator, it is definitely my favourite applicator out of all nail polishes I have tried so far, I would even rate it better than Chanel. Yes, it is that great!

As for the colour, it is a neutral colour, I would not call it a nude colour, since it lies more towards a very light creamy pink colour. It makes my nails look really sophisticated. If you are tired of coloured nails and yet don’t want them to look plain old boring, this is the colour you should definitely try this one.
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The consistency and texture of this nail paint, like all other Essie Nail paint formulas is absolutely delightful. It is not too thick, not too thin, it is just right. It does not come on streaky, there are no bubbles when you apply it on your nails and it is definitely not gory on application. Moreover, it glides so smoothly on the nails. The last weekend I wore a nail paint from another brand and was struggling to apply it on my nails, I think I literally spent 11 minutes in the morning to 7 minutes in the evening (in intervals) removing and reapplying nails. However, with this or any other Essie Nail Lacquers, I apply it and I am good to go! I credit their formula for sure! Moreover, you just need 2 coats to get a fully opaque colour on your nails.

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Also, it dries really quickly and doe snot smudge or texture when I apply it. I can be typing and completing assignments within 10 minutes of applying it. However, as of now I am unable to tell you about its staying power if I am honest, but I have a definite feeling it is going to have a really long staying power, just like all the other Essie Nail paints have.

Overall, I am loving this nail paint, I was super excited to try this nail paint and it definitely has lived up to my expectations. It looks absolutely lovely on short nails and it will also compliment darker skin tones.

Pros of Essie Fiji Nail Color:

– Lovely creamy pink Colored Nail Polish, looks absolutely sophisticated and gives a polished look.
– The formula is absolutely perfect, not too thick or thin.
– Application is non-streaky.
– Is completely opaque and beautiful in 2 coats.
– Glides very easily on the nails, you don’t need to dip your brush constantly into the product.
– Did not take too long to dry!
– You will not need a top coat with this one.
– Really cute packaging!
– Don’t think it has easily available dupes, definitely unique.

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Cons of Essie Fiji Nail Color:

– Cannot think of any, too be honest. I completely love it.

Will I repurchase Essie Fiji Nail Color?

Yes most definitely, I think it is has become my top favorite nail polishes.

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