Eva Groove Touch of Musk Deo Review

Eva Groove Touch of Musk Deo

By Soundarya Ps.

I had seen advertisements of these range,but never bothered to try out these though I have read good reviews here on IMBB. My younger sis came down all the way from Mumbai to my native place(a small town in TN) to attend my engagement function  She gave this deo, saying that this smells quite overpowering for her as she usually prefers mild ones. And she narrated me weird experiences with this deo!!(like her roomie telling not to come around having put dis deo:P). I kind of gave her a shocked look and was quite angry for giving this one with such terrifying stories.I tried it at the moment she gave me,I liked it but she moved away after I sprayed it.

Eva GrooveTouch of Musk Deo

There are 5 other variants of the all-day freshness range reviewed on IMBB here.

Product Description:

Eva’s range of alcohol-free deo is gentle on skin and its unique formulation inhibits odour-causing enzymes by balancing the skin’s natural pH level.Its moisturising formula keeps your underarms soft and smooth.It effectively prevents body odour,keeping you fresh and active all day long.


Shake well.Hold the can 15cm away from the body and spray in areas you perspire.Use after bath everyday.


Eva groove touch of musk deo (3)

Pressurised container.Protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50⁰c.Do not pierce or burn even after use.Do not spray on naked flame.Keep out of reach of children.Extremely inflammable.


Butane,Isobutane,Propane,Silicone fluid,Fragrance,Isopropyl myristate,Triethyl citrate,Triclosan,Butylated hydroxyltoluene.

Eva groove touch of musk deo (2)


Rs. 110 for 125ml

My take on Eva Groove Touch of Musk Deo:

This is my first deodrant from Eva and i must admit that I quite like it a lot.It does not leave a whitish cast on my skin or clothes like my Nivea whitening one.,This is due to its alcohol-free nature.It does not cause any burning sensation.I used it on my engagement day itself,and my sis started teasing me that my fiancee would run away if he comes near me.:P

The packaging is quite attractive and travel friendly.It is of purple colour and gives a vibrant feel. Now,the fragrance is quite powering and sensitive noses may not like it.The smell is musky as the name describes and gives a fresh feeling.The staying power is amazing,it stays for good 8hrs on me.

Eva groove touch of musk deo

Overall,im impressed with this product and I am planning to try out other variants from this range soon.

Now,let me sum up the pros and cons:

Pros of Eva Groove Touch of Musk Deo :


  • Alcohol-free.
  • Widely available.
  • Long lasting fragrance.
  • Controls bad odour.
  • Inexpensive.

Cons of Eva Groove Touch of Musk Deo

  • Smell might be overpowering for sensitive noses(esp my sis!)

IMBB Rating:


Will I recommend Eva Groove Touch of Musk Deo ?

Certainly.It is a budget friendly product especially for the teens.People who love to try different fragrances can give it a chance.
Thanks for reading out my review.


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14 thoughts on “Eva Groove Touch of Musk Deo Review

    1. Ya Anu,even my sis hates it to the core…the moment i spray it,she runs away..:)but,the smell is refreshing and pleasant after sometime and i like it..staying power is good..

    1. Thanks a lot rati:) It is bliss to write for IMBB after reading hundreds of review and i just love the way IMBB has changed my life.,from a gal who didnt know anything about makeup or CTM to a gal who does all shopping trying out things each day..im living in a town where there is no malls or stores and i cant even get lakme or khadi products,i do my shopping through online or when i go to chennai..I am sure lot of ppl over there feel d same..Great efforts by you,you deserve much more and have a long way to go..love IMBB team:)

  1. Thanks a lot neha for putting up this review..
    oh..it does not stay long on you ha..this is the first one that i have tried from eva,so i cant compare from other variants..:(

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