Khaki Brown Smokey Eye Video Tutorial

So here comes another easy eye look. If you like it, do try it out. 🙂

Again, you don’t have to use the same products that I used, you just need the same colours and you would be done. Let me know if you have questions and queries. 🙂

And don’t forget to switch on the speakers.! (although the music played  peek-a-boo in between …still!! )

Products Used:

Face :

Eyes :


  • Solelil Tan De Chanel  – Terre Halee


  • Chanel Rouge Coco  Lipstick- La Pausa
  • Chanel Glossimer- Bikini Peach
  • EOS Lip Blam (Rashmi sent it as a gift to me. Thank you, Rashmi :*)

Nails :

Sneak Peak Chanel Makeup

Song : Train – Hey Soul Sister

Some tips and tricks:

  • Don’t apply kajal in such heavy smokey eye look. It will close your eyes all the more. I didn’t apply anything but if you want you may apply skin colour kohl eye liner inside your eyes.
  • If you have small eyes, you may also wing your eyeliner.
  • Keep your hand light blending your eyeshadows , this way you would be able to blend better and woulod do some good to your eye area as well. 😛

Note : All Chanel products and MAC greasepaint Stick were sent by the company/ PR for consideration.


84 thoughts on “Khaki Brown Smokey Eye Video Tutorial

  1. wow lovely!
    that lip color is going great with the eye look
    gotta try but will skip the lower lash part…they look like dark circles on me
    but all my khaki eye pencils from various brands have green overtones ?:-)

    also will buy that elf eye shadow brush that u said is good…was disappointed in the blending one….what is the eye liner brush and lower lash flat brush u used? and the rest if u remember… 🙂

  2. Graet tut Rati 🙂
    Now I want greaspaint stick .. like NOW !!
    And the colors are so pretty .. you totally rocked them .. just a question .. I have small eyes and have noticed if I take my eye make up past crease .. my eyes starts looking smaller 😕
    However , If I wing the liner up .. it result in lifted effect and they start looking bigger 😛
    Care to explain me the phenomena 😀
    .-= Palak´s last blog ..Beyu eye Base-Primer review =-.

    1. Palak,

      By Rule :

      If you eyes are small, you need to highlight your lid area by either using the lighter color on your lids or by applying glitter or shimmery e/s on your lid area. This would reflect the light and make your eyes look bigger. Keep the darker colours concentrated nly on the outer corner.

      With winged eyeliner, you are basically increasing the length of your eyes so your eyes would look bigger only. You are basically cheating in a good way. 😛

      You also use a kajal that makes your eyes look even smaller. The trick is to apply skin colour liner inside your eyes and liner your lower lash line with the black liner. This would give the illusion of both bigger eyes and you will have your kajal as well. Smudge the black liner a little if you want.

      Hope that helps. 🙂

  3. thanks a lot rati for sweet gesture 🙂
    loved the tut. n completelly convinced to try greaspaint st.
    ohhh m sweating over chanel stuff hubby ko bolna padega aagle hafte diwali hai…
    coz no b’day n annv is around

      1. yeah chanel is like high end brand… i do want their dragon and phoneix rough allure laque… :(:(:(
        thanks dear u liked the stuff
        n yeahhh i got colorbar blush in peacy rose its too good aahhaa :):):) n yeah explosion nail paint too … loved it..
        thanks for recomm.

        1. Rashmi, I am liking Roue Coco more than Rouge allure. 🙂 may be because of the shade.

          I am lad you are liking the peachy rose. I think it suits just everyone. 🙂

          Which shade is the explosion nail paint?

          1. aahhh … kya ree main ne explosion likha
            kahan tha mera dimaaz still here n there
            i mean i bought the orange color #53 n its exclusive
            but now i checked it is on every polish i also bought # 71…
            colorbarrrrr kya hai yeh ???

  4. Wow this is such a sexy look….perfect for a night out…!
    P.S. I can’t believe it literally takes you 3 seconds to curl you lashes… So Jealous!

    1. oh you counted? 😛 Yes, I am pretty good at curling my own lashes. When I curl lashes for others , my hands tremble. :rotfl:

      Thank you. This is one of my fav look recently. Have worn it atleast twice . 🙂

  5. Grrrrrr..have to work, Rati..:-( Will finish fast and watch this video…With so many Chanel Chanel Chanel in it how could I miss it. 😛 😛 😛 Ok seriously, love your I have to ensure that your comments section doesn’t get dull. Jomol, Rati…wait for me 😀

    1. he he 😛 will wait for you. 😛 And this is a temptation video for you. I am trying to pull you back from Shiesiedo to Chanel. Loyalties, you see. 😛

          1. Ya I know…It’s got some rotten reviews though…I have Indian-neta loyalties..switch sides based on what suits!! There was some makeup event kind of thing once at Lifestyle, so I tried their skincare…didnt have any breakouts or anything after having it on the whole day. I amn’t too happy with the ingredients though for the skincare line recommended for my kind of skin…Liked the spray serum they have..but 6000 bucks….ouch!

            1. oh really? Didn’t know that. With skin care I am a little particular and like to trust our Indian brands more.

              Glad you enjoyed it. Massages are always fun. 🙂

              6000 bucks is painful. You would think zillion times before repurchasing the next bottle. 🙁

              1. Repurchasing??? Haaa…I didnt have to think twice about not purchasing!! I suppose its good if you have that kind of money..but I don’ easy…no buying 🙂

                1. Skincare should be the kinds that you can purchase and repurchase without giving a second thought. Well as if we can complain. We drain our money in makeup. 😛 Some people do that for skin care . eh eh

  6. That look is awesome….. :-* :-* It looks fantabulous on you…. :inlove: :inlove:

    As with all of your tutes, this too is fun, easy and sexxxxyyyy!!!! :laugh: :laugh:

    Bt I gotta get a khaki shadow…. 🙁 I have greens and browns but no proper khaki…. :-/ :-/ The hunt begins!!!! :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
    .-= Mrunmayee´s last blog ..Jovees Gold Eye Contour gel- Review =-.

    1. Thank you. M. 🙂
      Honestly, I feel it is very difficult to get perfect khaki. It’s such a pretty shade and I wonder why many companies don’t make this shade. There is perfect khaki colour in Bourjois Kohl and Contour pencils. That to you have to get.

      And pick up Chanel if you get nothing else. Take it as courtship gift. he he. 😛

      1. ohkkk. i really want a dark greasepaint stick. chalo i can pick that up any time from the mac counter that’s close to my place. i’ll let you know when we can meet. till then i’ll mail you a list of what i need to give you an idea.
        .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Beneath The Smiles =-.

  7. Just finished watching your video… the only word i can say is “awe-inspiring” :inlove:

    the way you makes the video tut is great… :yes: go girl..

    And you looking stunning and eye-catching… i have new name for you “Hotty Naughty” :rotfl:

    If we will get such video here in our blog then we dont need to go any makeup classes or courses…

    right girls????!!!!

    yaar Rati please include *HATS OFF* smiley here..

    1. Thank you, Ami. :blush: That’s such a big compliment. I hope these videos are useful and you are able to recreate these looks.:)

      :-* :-*

  8. I have’nt watched the tut yet, saving it for when junior’s asleep :), I had posted my comment on Mrunmayee’s review yesterday but for some reason it does’nt seem to be there, anyways.. I went to MAC last saturday and got their pwd foundation studio fix, I tried some of their eye colours too but nothing seemed to suit me becoz my eyes are deepset with dark eyelids.. s I came away with no eye makeup :-(( I then went to Estee Lauder to check out their illuminator you had written abt sometime back but came away with their under eye cream instead :hypnotized: the SA there were very sweet and gave me some freebies (which kind off lessened the guilt of blwing so much mney 😀 )

    1. Oh!! I didn’t see your comment. Even checked my spam folder and it wasn’t there. 🙁 May there were some technical issues. …

      I used a lot of studio fix powder during my makeup classes. I quite liked it. It gives a decent coverage. Will pick it up soon. 🙂

      Good you didn’t buy the illuminator because that doesn’t work as a concealer. It just does what it is meant for – it illuminates. 🙂

      What all freebies did you get? It’s always fun get get samples. 😛

      *hugs to junior* 🙂

      1. thx rati, they gave me a perfume sample (the same one they gifted u for ur bday and i remembered u ), mascara and some cream satchets 🙂

        1. oh!! hope you like the perfume. I like it a lot but perfumes are even personal than makeup so, let me know how you find it. 🙂

          Enjoy your stuff an keep us updated on how are you finding the stuff. 🙂

  9. Hey Rati…just finished watching the so getting lured into this whole eye makeup thing because of your blog..and Mrun and eyemakeup looks!! When I have loads of alone time going to sit and try this on myself. Alone time cos if my hubby is here..he will not let me in peace…laughing at me all the while! Greasepaint – what a name..but really it spreads so beautifully. I guess you need to be quick with it to spread like that!

    1. Oh you have to try the looks. it’s so much fun. I feel it’s more of a self discovery. loll!!!

      Yeah with greasepaint sticks you have to be quick at blending or else they just they just dry and after that you cannot blend then. Then all you can do is either start all over again or play tricks using eye shadow.

      But if you love doing smokey eyes, I think these would be a great addition to your collection. 🙂

  10. With me will be more like learning to read or write from A, B, C.. 😀 I don’t use eyeshadows at all 😀 Ok…waits for some time for Rati to pick herself off the ground and get back to computer. You all right Rati? where was I?? Yup, I don’t use anything besides an eyeliner and I will be staring at these videos for quite some time before I even start!! Have darker this kind of a look won’t suit me, I think..but heyy…I won’t know till I try na..I think the colours Mrun picks up would be a better match for me.

    1. You know I also took my time to apply eye shadows. I still love to wear eyeliners more than the shadows. 🙂

      Oh what the heck? You pick up any Mrunmayee’s look and atleast start doing it. It would be so much fun. 🙂

      Good Luck. :-* :-* :fingersxd:

    2. Hey Rads…. I’ll do some easy peasy neutrals for you soon….

      It was how I started… :silly: :silly:

      And remember, I don’t get most of the brands in my city, so my looks are always light on the pocket!!!! You can experiment as much as you want…. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
      .-= Mrunmayee´s last blog ..Jovees Gold Eye Contour gel- Review =-.

  11. Rati..this Painterly Pot..its lighter na. Would you recommend this one for darker eyelids or should I go for a darker shade?

    1. Pick up soft ochre. I am going to pick that up myself after this one expires or gets over. Painterly works just fine because it is a very light base so it does not eat up the colour but I think soft ochre is better suited.

      I had noone to tell me stuff so I picked up painterly. Not that I have a single complaint with it but soft ochre is better suited for Indian skin tones. 🙂

      1. Thanks 🙂 Was thinking of finally peeping into MAC this Friday..if I go that side, that is. There’s a Westside sale coming up and the two are nearby. And for someone who didn’t have anyone to help you out with makeup dilemmas, you are doing so well fact certain people – will not mention names of – feel insecure about you…and you are so helpful with all our doubts.. :hugright: :hugleft: :-* Okk..enough praise for one day…in fact you used up an entire year’s next year only!

  12. loll!!!

    I just came to comment that the difference between painterly and soft ochre is that painterly has pink undertones and soft ochre has yellow.

    Ahem ahem!! I am gladly taking all the praises. Don’t know when are they coming from you next so I’d rather swell myself enough now only. :rotfl:

    We have a sale coming up in July end. Planning to go on a spree. Some lingerie also. :giggle:

    Thank you. :-*

  13. Lovely, Rati, really. Thank you. Hope you recvd my email. I am now going to try and apply eye shadow to my lower lid and a light one in the corner and blend both together. I have so long only applied eyeliner from one end to the other. Do write when you can.

  14. Rati..had to tell you this. I tried this look what you have done – somewhat similar colours since..ahem ahem..I don’t have Chanel…and it actually doesn’t look bad on me :beauty: :beauty:

      1. Oh was cute..oh okay maybe you would find it funny watching yourself..but otherwise it was came looking for that greasepaint and then thought will watch this video..

        1. wow.. luvly video.. very nice detailing.. u luk pretty… 😛 Muuaahhh… 🙂 I read all ur reviews… they r very helpful. Thanks 🙂 M frm Mumbai, India.

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