FabIndia Orange Neroli Sand Face Scrub Review

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I have been using the Fab India’s Neem Tulsi Gel Scrub for a long time and I was really happy with it. Last week, I realized that by tub is about to get over, so I thought of trying something different this time. I picked up this Orange Neroli Sand Scrub from Fab India during my last visit. I got fascinated with the ‘Sand’ part and bought it without even reading the ingredients or open the pack to smell! So you can easily say this is one of my impulsive shopping product.Read below to know how this product fares.

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Product Description: Containing River sand – a natural exfoliator, this face and body scrub exfoliates, softens and polishes the skin helping it regain and retain a healthy, radiant glow.


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Directions for Use: Splash your face and body with water. Massage the scrub gently over entire face or body in a circular motion. Wash off and pat dry. Avoid contact with eyes.

Price: INR 350 for 100 ml.

My Experience with FabIndia Orange Neroli Sand Face Scrub:

As soon as I brought this scrub home, I wanted to try it; so I immediately washed my face with water and opened the box. I was actually disappointed at the first look of the scrub! I expected it to be a gel scrub,orange in color. However, it is a cream based scrub with a dirty off-white color.

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The scrub comes in a regular Fab India’s tub packaging with the brand name, variant, ingredient list and all other information mentioned on it. It is a sturdy plastic packaging which comes with a protective lid to prevent any kind of leakage. The cap closes tightly.

Coming to the fragrance, it has a strong smell which feels a little overpowering at first, but is fine after a few seconds. I could sense some oily citrusy fragrance which I could not clearly identify! Now the texture as I already mentioned is very creamy with coarse sand particles mixed in it. They are not very harsh but are just perfect for any scrub. The scrub easily spreads with the help of wet fingers.As soon as I applied the scrub on my face, I could feel the heat probably due to the presence of Basil, Orange oil as well as Neroli oil. I could not scrub it for more than 3-4 minutes as I was afraid that it would break me out,owing to my already oily skin and the hot weather.

I washed the scrub with cold water and it came off pretty easily. It left my skin clean and smooth, however I felt a little heaviness for some time. I applied Aloe Vera gel after scrubbing my face for cooling it down and it really worked!Next morning when I woke up, my skin was soft and comparatively cleaner. And thankfully there were no signs of any rashes or breakouts, I am happy for that.

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Before writing this review ,I thought of doing some research about Neroli Oil and found out that it has a lot of benefits for our skin! It helps improve skin health by regenerating and keeping your skin elastic, preventing the appearance of stretch marks, banishing acne, reducing the appearance of scars, and helping heal broken capillaries.

Pros of FabIndia Orange Neroli Sand Face Scrub:

• Sturdy tub packaging suitable for travelling
• Doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket
• Very little product is required
• The pack will last long
• Presence of Natural ingredients good for skin
• Not harsh on the skin
• Left the skin squeaky clean which lasted for at least 2-3 days
• Did not irritate my skin or break me out

Cons of FabIndia Orange Neroli Sand Face Scrub:

• Cream based- not meant for summers
• Skin feels heavy after use
• Strong fragrance which might not be liked by all

IMBB Rating:
4 out of 5

Final Verdict:
I might not buy this scrub again as it is going to last long for me; the previous one from Fab India lasted for 2 long years! This product might not be suited for oily-skinned beauties like me during summers, but I am sure it’s going to be great during winters. You can go ahead and buy it if you have normal or dry skin as this will keep your skin nourished. Anyways, I am on a lookout for more Neroli-based products after learning its benefits for the skin!

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