FabIndia Rose and Almond Body Butter Review

FabIndia Rose and Almond Body Butter Review

Hello girls,

Today, I am going to review my first body butter. No, not from The Body Shop.  This time, it is FabIndia Rose and Almond Body Butter.  I went to the FabIndia store to buy some essential oils and saw this body butter. I will tell the story later on how I bought it. Let’s start with the review.



Rs. 275

Shelf Life:

3 years.



100 ml.




My Experience with FabIndia Rose and Almond Body Butter:

When I saw this kept on the shelf, I thought who buys body butters in summers, but there was a tester, so I thought let me see how it smells. I hated the fragrance. It was a strong smell of wild roses. So, I kept it back and came home. Later, for some weird reason, I was smelling my hand and had a whiff of this amazing subtle fragrance with a hint of roses.


Immediately, I was taken back to some old memories of me playing in our garden full of roses – the same smell!! I knew who was responsible for this and went to the store the very next day and bought this. It is not thick like the other body butters, more like a thick lotion. Very smooth consistency and light on skin. It is very moisturizing and spreads like a dream. So, no greasy feeling left behind and no sticky feeling.

FabIndia Body Butter 5


Just a subtle scent of roses and amazingly moisturized hands. The only thing I didn’t like is that the rose smell is too strong in the beginning and too subtle at the end of 3-4 hours. Personally, I would have liked a scent which stayed for a little longer.

Pros of FabIndia Rose and Almond Body Butter:

  • A subtle fragrance of roses after half an hour of application.
  • Very smooth and light on the skin.
  • Great moisturizing power.
  • Does not feel sticky or greasy.
  • Great quantity for the price.

Cons of FabIndia Rose and Almond Body Butter:

  • The wild rose smell is too strong at the beginning, but it tends to fade after 10-15 minutes.
  • The subtle smell also vanishes after some time.
  • Contains parabens.

Overall, it’s a great moisturizer for skin but the smell is too much at the beginning and too less at the end. The smell is a personal preference, so I suggest you try out the tester at the store first.

IMBB Rating:


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  1. I have sort of got used to fabindia’s wildrose fragrance. I keep purchasing their handmade soap in this fragrance. sounds good. I’d check it out. :))

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