Forever 21 Medium Hair Curler Review

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Today’s review will be on hair curlers from Forever 21. I must say, Forever 21 have the cutest stuff for sale! These hair curlers come in different sizes and colors. But, I picked the medium size in peachy pink kind of coral color. Let’s see how they fared for me!

Forever 21 Medium Hair Curler Review

Price: Rs.249

My Experience with Forever 21 Medium Hair Curler:

Forever 21 Medium Hair Curler Review Packaging

These curlers come in a clear plastic packaging. The curlers are neatly arranged in a plastic pack. Each curler has some fuzzy stuff on it so that your hair gets stuck easily on it. The curler is made out of soft plastic but not too soft.

Forever 21 Medium Hair Curler Review Packaging Front

The technique for curling your hair without using heat is very simple. You just have to comb your hair to make it smooth and knot free. Then you take a section of your hair, dampen the section of hair with some water, take the curler and place it at the tips of the section and roll it either towards your face or away from your face depending on how you want your curls to look like. Then, secure it properly with the help of crocodile clips/ bobby pins/ U-pins.

Forever 21 Medium Hair Curler Review Packaging back

Do these steps wherever you want some volume and curls. You can curl your entire hair or just focus on the front part and the crown area to lift your hair and give it some volume. Keep it as it is for 1-2 hours or until your hair becomes naturally dry and then take the rollers or curlers out of your hair. You will have gorgeous voluminous curls when you remove the rollers.

Forever 21 Medium Hair Curler Review Curler

If you want to fasten up the process, you can use a blow dryer to dry your hair. That way you will have voluminous and shiny curls in just 10-20 mins. If your hair is like mine and refuses to curl with the help of rollers or curling iron, then you can do this step after combing your hair. You can straighten your hair using a straightener, then repeat all the steps mentioned above. Don’t forget to use a heat protectant mist afterward and a serum to help keep the curls looking shiny!

Forever 21 Medium Hair Curler Review Curler Two

I noticed that my fine hair gets trapped in the fussy texture on the rollers a lot and that causes hair loss in my case. That can also be because I have brittle hair. If that’s the case with you, then you can try the foam rollers as they limit the hair loss and are very easy to use as well.

Summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of Forever 21 Medium Hair Curler:

• Affordable
• Cute packaging
• 6 rollers cover my hair properly
• You get voluminous and wavy curls
• Easy process
• Can be used to curl the hair without using heat
• Also available in different sizes and colors

Cons of Forever 21 Medium Hair Curler:

• You need a ton of clips to secure your hair properly
• If you have brittle hair like me, then you will have to deal with hair loss caused due to hair getting stuck in the fussy texture
• Process takes time without heat

IMBB Rating:
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Forever 21 Medium Hair Curler?
I wouldn’t repurchase these. I would try the foam rollers next time!

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