Forever 21 Love and Beauty Gel Shoe Cushions Ball of Foot Review

Hello, beauties!

If you love to wear heels then a good gel shoe cushion is a must have for you. Recently, I have picked one from Forever 21. Today, I am sharing my view on this Forever 21 Gel Shoe Cushion Ball of Foot. Let’s get into the details.


Price: Rs. 129/-
Product Description:
A set of two gel cushions designed to be worn on the ball of the foot.

My Experience with Forever 21 Love and Beauty Gel Shoe Cushions Ball of Foot:


Gel shoe Cushion comes in a normal silver clear plastic reusable pouch. One pouch contains 1 pair of cushions. As it is a gel cushion, it looks transparent that doesn’t show up on the shoes and looks almost invisible. This is specially designed for the ball of your foot; So it has this special shape which fits perfectly with any shoes.


This is basically a thick sticker like cushion pad. I need to peel off its back cover to stick it on my shoes and it gets stuck easily. This has some gel inside it which feels extremely soft and it is a nice flexible cushion that feels comfortable. The Glue on the back is made of a quite good quality material that sticks very strongly and I can reuse this product on different shoes. It doesn’t loose its stickiness. I don’t know about future, but still, it works well with my three shoes.


I haven’t washed it because there is any instruction about these parts. I wish they provide some information about the uses. I don’t know how to take care of it. But, right now it works nicely. I normally wipe off the dust and clean this with a tissue. It also doesn’t leave its stickiness on my foot. I used it on a leather foot and on a sports shoe. After removing the cushion, I need to wipe off the area where I attached this cushion. It never damaged my shoes which are really good.


This cushion has a dotted texture that acts as a grip on foot. This texture keeps my feet in place and never feels slippery. I can normally walk, even run. It feels extremely soft and smooth that never irritated my feet. It feels very comfortable and helps to avoid any kind of foot pain. It especially takes care of my ball of the foot and never burnt them. Also, it never causes any sweat, even it helps to walk easily when my feet becomes little sweaty, this dotted texture makes my footsteps easy. Now, I can walk for long without any pain, thanks to this gel cushion.


I wish I found it during ‘Durga Puja’ as we have to walk throughout the day and that’s the only time, I can feel the pain on my feet at night. So this is some life saver product which you can easily use with sandals, flats, heels, and boots. The only problem arises when you attach it in a perfectly fitted shoe, this thick pad makes the shoe tighter and you might not feel that comfortable to wear it. I generally prefer to buy a pair of little comfy shoes which are not exactly the same size shoe; so, it works well with them.


Overall, it is a great product for all heel lovers as it gently takes care of the feet and helps to avoid any kind of foot pain. This soft cushion stays in place on my foot and makes it feel so relaxing, even after a long walk. These are some must-have products for all women and this comes with a super affordable price. I don’t know how long it will last but, I have no problem in repurchasing few more.

Pros of Forever 21 Love and Beauty Gel Shoe Cushions Ball of Foot:

  • Nice packaging.
  • Super affordable.
  • Good size for all type of feet.
  • The transparent color looks invisible on shoes.
  • Glue sticks easily and strongly on shoes.
  • Reusable product.
  • Fits well on shoes and feels very comfortable.
  • Soft gel cushion keeps feet pain free.
  • Dotted grip like texture keeps feet in place.
  • Helps to avoid foot pain and burn.
  • Gently takes care of ball of the foot.
  • Doesn’t cause any sweat.
  • Perfect for heels.
  • Can walk for long with it without any pain.

Cons of Forever 21 Love and Beauty Gel Shoe Cushions Ball of Foot:

  • No details/information about the product.
  • Not sure about its longevity in future.

IMBB Rating: 4.8/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Forever 21 Love and Beauty Gel Shoe Cushions Ball of Foot?
Yes to both.

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