Garnier Intensive Firming Body Cream Review

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Lotions and body oils are a must for most of us to keep our skin healthy. I recently spotted a new body cream from Garnier and decided to pick it up. So, read on to know more about Garnier Intensive Firming Body Cream.

Garnier Intensive Firming Body Cream Review

Price and Quantity:
$3 for 200ml

Garnier Intensive Firming Body Cream Review Details

Product Description:
Reinforce your skin with Garnier Firming Intensive Body Cream. Contains fruit extracts of grapefruit, kiwi and apple. Gives your skin a wonderfully fresh scent and a fresh feeling.


Garnier Intensive Firming Body Cream Review Label

My Experience with Garnier Intensive Firming Body Cream:

The product comes in a yellow tub with a wide mouth cap. The mouth is sealed, which is great! I don’t want any hand other than mine in the tub. There is some information on the package. The tub is quite nice for traveling. The tub packaging is usually unhygienic, but since I slather on right after I bathe, I feel that I still have clean hands. I will never touch it with unclean hands.

Garnier Intensive Firming Body Cream Review Packaging

The cream is white in color, soft and has a medium thick consistency. It smells very pleasant and fresh. The consistency is gel crème like. It is very lightweight and hardly feels on the skin. The product is claimed to firm the skin. I usually do not believe in the firming effects of any lotion, as I hardly see any difference. I picked this one only for moisturization factors and nothing else. The product quickly gets absorbed onto the skin. It doesn’t leave any greasy residue.The cream is extremely thin. The product is very easy to spread and is very easy to use. The product can be used on the entire body to firm the skin or on concentrated areas. Initially, I started using the product on my complete body. The product doesn’t leave any residue behind and gets absorbed by the skin completely. It makes the skin very soft and smooth. The cream makes the skin radiant, making it look healthy. It nourishes the skin. The moisturizing effect of the product is minimal. I have pretty dry skin and in winters the dryness is more. The moisturizing effect lasts only for around 4 hours. After which, I need a reapplication again. The product is not a winter cream. This could be a good summer product as the skin would need only little care. But for the harsh winters, this is a big fail. The product makes the skin supple as it contains fruit extracts and tones the skin over the use. The product definitely rejuvenates and hydrates the skin for the few hours. I started using another lotion and using this now only on my thighs and stomach, as these are the parts that need more care.

Garnier Intensive Firming Body Cream Review Cap Closed

Garnier Intensive Firming Body Cream Review Cream in Tub

However, I have hardly noticed any firming in these areas It has been more than 3 weeks since I am using this product and I expect at least a little difference, but I hardly notice any change in the texture of my skin. So, the claim of firming is false. Overall, this is just a body cream that can be used during summers only for the minimal hydration it provides and probably for normal skin! If you have dry skin, this product is not for you. The product however, soothes the skin and doesn’t cause any irritation. It cools down the skin after a wax and I would surely recommend it for this sole purpose.

Garnier Intensive Firming Body Cream Review Cream in Hand

Pros of Garnier Intensive Firming Body Cream:

Sealed, travel-friendly package.
Gets absorbed quickly.
Doesn’t leave any greasy residue.
Makes skin soft and smooth.
Tones the skin over time.
Cools waxed skin.
Soothes the skin with freshness.
Doesn’t cause any irritation and suitable for sensitive skin.

Cons of Garnier Intensive Firming Body Cream:

Minimal moisturization factor.
Suitable only for normal skin.
No firming effects seen.

IMBB Rating: 3/5
Would I Recommend or Repurchase Garnier Intensive Firming Body Cream?
No! It is not a must buy but, if you have a lot of redness after a wax, this product could be a good choice.

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