How to Do Hair Crimping at Home

Do-it-yourself Hair Crimping

By Rakhee Jha

Hi everyone,

Today, I have come up with a DIY on hair crimping, which you can by yourself with the help of a few things available at home.  My elder sister came up with this idea.  This hairstyle is good for those who have got dry hair. Dry hair gets into the shape more easily than any other hair type and this hairstyle lasts for whole day, even for days.  My hair type is dry.  I use this technique often and it looks classy. It is so easy peasy.  You just need a few things which are so easily available at home.

Here’s what we need for hair crimping:
material required

Things You Will Need

• Hair brush.
• Bowl of water.
• Few rubber bands (around 10 or 20, as per the thickness of your hair).
• Or roll of thread (in case you don’t have rubber bands at home).


1. Brush your hair.
2. Divide it into four parts.
3. Divide it into smaller sections.
4. Make braids of the small sections and tie rubber band at the end of braid or you can use thread if you don’t have rubber bands.
after making braid
5. After you are done making braids, just sprinkle water on each of the braids.
6. Leave it overnight.
7. Open all the braids in the morning.
8. Avoid brushing your hair.
9. Tie your hair the way you want with any hair clip.
10. Your hair is crimped now.
crimping done

My Experience

It is really easy to do. No rocket science involved.  I have done this multiple times.  You can use hair dryer if you don’t have time, just sprinkle water over your braid and blow dry it, just open your all braids and you are set to go. I normally avoid blow dryer and use the overnight procedure. It is good for a change. College-going girls do try this. My hair is dry, so the crimping effect lasts longer.  It makes my hair look more thicker.
after 6 hour it looks like this
Another way to try this on is to take just the upper part of your hair and make braids of that.  Follow the same procedure.  Remember to avoid brushing your hair. In this style, brush your hair before you open your braid. You can try messy bun.  You can make normal braids with this crimped hair. I prefer open hair. After washing your hair, your hair will be back to normal.  This method does not damage hair.  I have been doing this for the last few years, I am new to IMBB, so I am sharing this idea with you guys now.

Thanks for reading. Hope you all like it. ☺ ☺ ☺

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17 thoughts on “How to Do Hair Crimping at Home

  1. wooooo… Rakhee… u have lovely goegeous hair 🙂 .. amazing results 🙂 .. loved before and after results .. that nigro hairstyle is kooooolll tooo just kidding 🙂

  2. u have such lovely hair touch wood … my hair are so scanty 🙁 … i knew of this trick never knew it can work… will give it a shot… nice article Rakhee…

  3. welcome to IMBB family rakhee 🙂 awesome hair u’ve got babes! i used to do this when i had thick waist length hair (its history now) 🙁 anyway, this post made me nostalgic 🙂

  4. Hi Rakhee welcome 🙂
    This hair style is awesome and it looks gorgeous on your hair . Thanks for sharing honey . 🙂

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