“Hair Eclipting” – Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Hair Color Trend

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All set to protect yourself from scorching summer? Well, my today’s post is dedicated to those who love to experiment with their hair or are planning to carry an entirely different yet playful look. There are plenty of hairstyles that are known for providing a defined texture to the face with feather hairstyle and Rachel haircut as essential mentions here. But, have you ever thought of any hair color technique that can accentuate the best feature of your face? If not, then, it is the time to consider it, because hair eclipting is all set to hit the boards in fashion arena this year. This bewitching hair color trend of 2017 is said to be like a contouring for your hair. Let’s take a look at the details of this hottest hair color technique.

Hair Eclipting Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Hair Color Trend

The Evolution of the Color Technique

Ian Michael Black, a renowned hair colorist and global director at Aveda, explains that hair eclipting is a strategic color placement, which is used to bring an emphasis to a specific feature of the face. He introduces this hair color trend as an illuminating technique that would provide your face with a suitable texture along with a grace. He further mentions that it isn’t wrong if you consider this hair coloring trend as hair contouring.

Hair Eclipting Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Hair Color Trend2

Connection with Ombre and Balayage

We’ve been enjoying hair coloring patterns in Ombre and Balayage for years, and this latest hair coloring technique is the new member of this series. In fact, hair eclipting can be understood as a more defined and distinctive derivative of Balayage hair coloring method. In Balayage hair coloring, stylists mostly use neutral shades and keep the darker shade on roots whereas eclipting encompasses a variation of different colors along with the same deep colors on roots. On the other hand, the finishing of eclipting hair coloring method resembles more like Ombre, and that is how this hair coloring trend has a connection with Ombre and Balayage.

Here is why you might love hair eclipting trend:

Hair Eclipting Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Hair Color Trend1

1. Highlights your best feature: Known for adding colorful texture to the hair, this hair coloring method highlights the best feature of your face. For example, if hair colorists want to highlight the eyes of a girl, then they would pick a deeper shade for the fringes. In addition to this, to give a face a thinner look, they would extend using that darker shade to the side hair.

2. Makes your Hair Look Voluminous: Not only does this technique highlights your natural beauty and gives your face a thinner look, but is also a great option for those who have thin hair. It is a unique way to bring volume to your hair. In this technique, a whole layer of deep color is applied underneath your hair to make it appear voluminous. So, if you are tired of trying different ways to hide your scalp, then you can give a shot to this amazing hair coloring method.

3. It’s Unique: In this type of hair coloring method, colorists use different types of colors and patterns for different women according to their facial features. I believe that this is the best thing about this hair color method because your look would be completely different. So, even if your sister or your friend gets hair eclipting done on their hair, it won’t look copied.

4. Suits any hair type: Another plus point of hair eclipting includes its compatibility with every type of hair length, style, color or texture. If you are willing to try this method then, you can go ahead with your wish without worrying about your hair type and length.

So, this was a brief of the hair eclipting method, which is going to be the hair coloring trend of 2017. If you wish to revamp your hair this year, this is going to be a great choice for sure.

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