Hip Hop Bikini and Underarm Lipo Wax Strips Review

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I already had some wax strips when I spotted these around. The claims state that these are specially designed for sensitive portions of the body. And yes, those areas are really delicate and might cause serious problems if wrong products are used, hence I wanted to try these specially designed ones. Let’s see if there is something unique about these!

Hip Hop Bikini and Underarm Lipo Wax Strips Review

Product Description:
Hiphop bikini & Underarm Strips have been specifically designed for sensitive bikini line & underarm. Perfect for sensitive skin. The formula contains 100% natural extracts to gently and very effectively remove the shortest hair. it easily removes hair from those tricky hard to reach areas. Easy to use anywhere, anytime, removes hair by the roots so your skin will stay smooth for weeks.

INR 150 for a pack (Pack contains 16 different sized wax strips)

Hip Hop Bikini and Underarm Lipo Wax Strips Review2

My Experience with Hip Hop Bikini and Underarm Lipo Wax Strips:

Hip Hop is one of the greatest brands for wax strips and I just love their stuff. I have a tradition to keep a pack at home of read to use wax strips. I noticed a different variant so thought of giving it a try as this was the first time I had spotted wax strips for sensitive areas. They come a white and sea green coloured pack and the packaging is pretty handy, so these definitely are great when travelling as these are not at all messy to use. They have nicely mentioned all the instructions emphasising on the benefits and how to use these.

Hip Hop Bikini and Underarm Lipo Wax Strips Review1

The pack contains different sizes of strips to suit the bikini area and some for the underarms. On top of that, these can also be cut accordingly as and when needed. The strips have a nice chocolate fragrance which is definitely artificial, but pleasing and yummy. The strips have a nice and a pleasant floral perfumed fragrance. It is a mild fragrance which one can only notice when pulling the strips apart. The fragrance does not really last. The strip is bigger than my palm hence covers and removes a lot of hair at once.

In fact one strip has the stickiness to be used 3-4 times at different parts. The leftover portion where there is no wax gives us proper grip to hold and pull the strip. While this grip is amazing for the big strips, the smaller strips totally lack this grip. The smaller strips don’t have a lot of grip hence it is very difficult to pull them and we might end up hurting our skin. My skin did get damaged and it burned and pained a lot because these strips did not get pulled out correctly.

Hip Hop Bikini and Underarm Lipo Wax Strips Review3

The bigger strips are comparatively better. Once the big ones stick, they are supposed to be pulled in the opposite direction. And, it does pull out all the hair in one go – be is shaved or waxed hair, it removes it all thus leaving the skin clean and fresh. The greatest tip would be to exfoliate the skin with some nice scrub before using these strips because that opens up the pores and lets out the ingrown hair too. It does not pain or cause any kind of rashes on the skin. They are not sticky and messy like hot wax. Just use the strips and throw them. How easy is that!

It definitely did not harm my skin in any way. This is one hair removal method that I prefer because I can use it at my convenience. The pack contains after depil towels which decently remove any wax residue stuck there on the skin and provide hydration making my skin silky and smooth. This pack is enough if you target just the underarm and the bikini area.

Hip Hop Bikini and Underarm Lipo Wax Strips Review4

Pros of Hip Hop Bikini and Underarm Lipo Wax Strips:

• Very affordable and easy to use
• Packaging is great with 16 strips and 2 after depil towels (Plus, I got 6 free too)
• The strips have a mild floral fragrance
• They remove hair in one go when pulled in the opposite direction
• They do not cause any rashes or burns because it is cold wax
• Not at all messy and sticky to use
• A very good alternative to traditional wax as you can save time and cost, plus do it whenever you want to
• The after depil towels thoroughly clean my skin leaving it soft and smooth

Cons of Hip Hop Bikini and Underarm Lipo Wax Strips:

• Availability
• The smaller strips in the pack do not have a good grip and end up hurting my skin

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Hip Hop Bikini and Underarm Lipo Wax Strips?
Yes, I will surely get some of these as I always wax at home and don’t visit parlours because this is more convenient. Hate waiting for parlour appointments and tired of monthly costs of waxing? Why not try these!

IMBB Rating:

Wax strips are a great alternative to waxing and they do not really cause any harm to the skin and they are so handy too. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to carry those wax tubs all around when travelling. Wax strips prove to be the best as they remove hair from the roots. So, go ahead and give these babies a try!

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16 thoughts on “Hip Hop Bikini and Underarm Lipo Wax Strips Review

  1. Saloni, you are one brave girl. I can never manage the courage to wax myself, especially underarms and bikini area. 😛 But I definitely keep normal wax strrips handy for emergencies.

    1. Yes i have a practise o wax myself atleast hands and legs.. underarms also i manage… but i never tried it on the bikini area.. super scared to do that.. yes i keep them too 🙂

    1. Yes you should try these atleast once.. the pack for body waxing is really good.. you can find the review on IMBB 🙂

    1. Yes they work moderately.. the other variants from hip hop only for body work better than this… 🙂 yes you need to them so you can use it according to your convenience 🙂

  2. This product is available in Amazon. The reviews written by the buyers of this product are not good. They have advised not to buy these wax strips. But your review is totally opposite. Maybe this product suits you.

    1. Yes these are not that great.. good for body but i have mentioned not recommended for sensitive areas at all.. average product

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