Home Remedy to Fight Hair Fall



Hi girls,

I am sharing a very effective concoction with you all today which will help you combat hair fall. I tried innumerous shampoos and treatments for my hair fall problem, but all in vain. Then, one fine day, looking at my dismay my mother prepared this potion for me. I applied it reluctantly as I was thinking if the best dermatologist could not help me how would a smelly concoction help. BUT, I was so wrong! It helped me immensely from the very first usage. I have been using it for three weeks now and my hair fall problem has reduced considerably. Please read further to know everything about it.

Home Remedy to Fight Hair Fall

What You Require:

Home Remedy to Fight Hair Fall

1 Onion or more. Depends upon your hair length.
½ tsp Honey
1 Vitamin E Capsule (Good old Evion shall be fine)
A Bowl
Shower Cap

How To Prepare The Concoction?

1. Peel the onion and grate it.

Home Remedy to Fight Hair Fall

2. Now squeeze out the onion juice from it. Keep it in a bowl.

Home Remedy to Fight Hair Fall

3. Now slit open a Vitamin E capsule and add to the juice.

Home Remedy to Fight Hair Fall

4. Finally, add honey and mix well.

Home Remedy to Fight Hair Fall

Tada! Your magic potion is ready.

Home Remedy to Fight Hair Fall

How To Use It?

1. Divide your hair in section.
2. Using a cotton wool, apply it on to the scalp.
3. Once you cover the entire scalp, tie your hair up and put on a shower cap. The shower cap will keep the moisture locked.
4. Keep it on for half an hour and wash off with a mild shampoo.

The smell may not go with the first wash, but do not worry it won’t remain too strong in the hair once the hair is towel dried. Use it twice a week.

Why It Works:

Home Remedy to Fight Hair Fall

I did a quick search on the internet and found that onions are very high in Sulfur content. When applied on the scalp, Sulfur improves the production of collagen tissue which is necessary for the growth of hair. Also, it is anti bacterial and hence controls the growth of bacteria or fungi on the scalp.

Honey acts as a conditioner and helps to keep the hair naturally soft. It also has high sugar content which helps to retain moisture. It makes the follicles and scalp healthy.

Vitamin E which is an antioxidant, increases blood circulation and boosts oxygen supply to the scalp. When applied directly on to the scalp, it reduces any inflammation and repairs damaged follicles. It also prevents split ends.

It is a simple, yet, effective remedy to treat the hair fall problem. If you have dandruff, even it will go away with the usage of the concoction.

Remember, it is a natural home remedy, and therefore, it can’t give you overnight results. Use it at least for a month and include lots of green leafy vegetables, nuts and food rich in Iron content in your diet.

I am sure you will be able to say bye-bye to hair fall in an all natural way by using this. If you have any doubts, you may ask in the comments section, will be glad to help. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Home Remedy to Fight Hair Fall

  1. Such an easy recipe! And that too with easily available ingredients! I loved the way you have explained why it works! I am trying it soon!!

  2. I was using only onion juice all ths while am gonna try your combo frm now on … Fingers crossed hope this works for me n tnks so much Shivani for sharing .

  3. Nicely explained. i have tried ginger but never tried onion due to its strong smell which i don’t like. but reading this i want to give it a try once and see how it works. thanks 🙂

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