Homemade 3-in-1 Nourishing Face and Body Pack

Hello Pretty Ones!

Through my last posts, a lot of you have been asking me to share my skin care routine. Honestly, there is no specific thing that I do for my skin.  It is just a trial and error process with different face packs and body scrubs. Along with that, like my mother, I always splash my face with plain water whenever I can and ALWAYS apply a drop of moisturizer at least, no matter what the season is. My skin is always moisturized.

Apart from that, we grew up applying myriad face and body packs which my granny or mummy used to make for us at home. Ignoring me and my sister’s loud protests, they used to catch hold of us and lather our faces and body with various ubtans every day before bath and we used to wash it off in just 5 minutes in protest! 😛 but since it was regularly done, those 5 minutes were enough I guess. Now, I really thank my granny and mummy for ignoring our protests then as me and my sister have totally problem-free skin now! ( touchwood!).  Even now, I really do not like face packs which come in tubes and tubs as I always have a feeling that they are overpriced.  Anyway, here is one pack which mummy regularly makes for us and we use it before our morning shower. It can be used both for face and body.

Homemade 3-in-1 Nourishing Face and Body Pack

Here are the things required:

1. Masoor daal powder (easily available in markets, but you can substitute freshly-made paste of soaked masoor daal too).
2. Fresh aloe vera gel (the ones which come in tubs and tubes won’t do).
3. Raw tomatoes.
4. Ginger paste.

Step 1:

Aloe Vera Gel

Take the aloe vera leaf and peel out the upper green layer.

Step 2:

Aloe Vera

Gently scrape out the gel from the leaf using a knife.

Step 3:

Masoor Dal

Add this gel to the masoor daal powder.

Step 4:

Ginger Paste

Now, take a bit of ginger paste and squeeze out the juice to the pack.

Step 5:


Tomato Pulp

Next, take half a raw tomato and grate out the pulp to the pack. Remember, we need the juice as well as the pulp

Step 6:

Use your clean fingers to mix all the ingredients together.

Masoor dal face pack

Finally, apply this pack with gentle circular motion all over your face, neck, arms and legs.

Keep for 10 to 15 minutes and wash off with cold water. You will get a squeaky clean feel! For dry-skinned beauties, mix few drops of coconut oil with a bit of milk and rub this mixture all over the wet skin after you wash off this pack. Keep for 5 minutes and wash off. Do not use face wash or soap after this.

Benefits of using this pack:

1. Masoor daal is one of the best known exfoliating and de-tanning agents. It removes tan completely even if used just for a week.
2. Aloe vera benefits are discussed extensively on the blog and so you must already know.  In this pack, it provides moisturization and soothing effects
3. Ginger has many benefits in skin care. Read details in my “ginger infused face pack D-I-Y.”
4. Tomato again de-tans, minimizes open pores and reduces oiliness.

Oily skin beauties may stop here. The ones with normal to dry skin like me may proceed to the milk and coconut oil step. This will provide the final moisture boost to the skin. Regular use of this pack will make you glow like anything! I will be sharing more of my “secrets” in the coming posts!

Till then, keep smiling, keep glowing!

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40 thoughts on “Homemade 3-in-1 Nourishing Face and Body Pack

  1. nice DIY Aparajita… home made facepacks are always the winner 🙂
    I have used masur daal and tometo packs to remove tan during my teens, when i used to go for NCC pareds and used to come back home looking like a deep fried pakoda…. my mom used to give me this pace and cucumber juice also… both are best detaning agents!!

  2. Thanks Aps for sharing this DIY..simple one..
    one question..ive an aloevera plant in my house…til date i’ve not touched it and opend to see wats in it..can that aloevera be used or should specially cultivated ones be used on skin..My plant’s stem is thick..nt think like what u have showed..
    I know my question is silly..but plz don’t mind.. 😉

  3. hey aparajita
    love ur DIY posts 😀
    can u answer this question for me?
    i have an aloe vera pod in my house
    but every time i try to apply the gel , its smell puts me off.
    its very strong and stays with me for a long time.. is this normal? or is aloe vera odourless and maybe my plant is poisonous 🙁 ?
    Also i feel a slight itching on my cheeks when i use it..
    i really dunno what to make of this 🙁
    hope u can answer my question since u use it yourself 😛

    1. Hey srishti, i think there some prob with ur plant.. Aloe vera is cmpletely odorless. It gives a cooling sensation when applied.. 🙂

      1. Okay Thanks a lot 🙂
        i ll try another leaf once and if that doesnt work out , i ll think of something else 😀
        Love ur articles by the way 🙂

  4. lovely DIY Aparajita. I have tried Tomato,Aloe vera but never tried Ginger & Masoor dal. I heard a lot about masoor dal but ginger in pack is completely new to me. Thanks for sharing this information. I am going to try this in coming diwali Holidays. Oh Gosh so much beauty tips for Diwali vacation .. confused what to try & what to leave for next time lol

  5. wowww thankieee for sharing this…!!!! right now searching masoor dal kisko bolte hai… 😛 thanks to my poor dal memory.. hahaha

  6. wow….very nicely explained….Luvd it..all ingredients are easily available….I am book marking this:)) thnx for the review Aparajitha

    1. Thanks a lot Renji,Neetu,Parita,Varsha,Preiti 🙂 supriya, its red lentil.. I suggest u go for this only if u want tan removal 🙂

  7. wow thats great!! Today only i saw aloe vera leaves in grocery store.. 🙂 m definitely gonna hit it!!
    Thanx for sharing it aparajita!!

  8. Hey Aprajita… u r life saver… diwali is coming… i have totaly forgot about of this remendies…. thx yaar… i m starting to use this from today….

    Gaya abi to padosi ka aleovera…. ha ha ha…

    thx a ton..

  9. Thanks a lot for this post! I am LOVING these DIY beauty remedies on IMBB coming from you ladies almost every other week!
    I am saving up all..this one I want to start doing from tomorrow itself!
    I also have an aloevera plant that is grown so much that my dad keeps telling me every other day to use it!! 😉 😀

  10. Nice DIY Aparajita. looks so easy….Will try it on this weekend…I wanna use fresh aloevera though… so hunt for aloevera plant starts.. ;-)…

  11. Apu can I use masoor dal for removing tan only or it will also helps in glowing skin? I am trying it and will let u know my results 🙂 Plz reply

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