Hourglass No. 3 All Over Shadow Brush Review

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This review will be on the Hourglass No. 3 All over Shadow Brush.

Hourglass all over shadow brush 1

About The Product:
A medium sized eyeshadow brush.

What it does:

All Over Shadow Brush is perfect for applying and layering eyeshadow to the lid area.

Hourglass all over shadow brushes

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Hourglass all over shadow brush review, swatch

What else you need to know:
Hourglass designed the makeup brush collection to be luxuriously soft, PETA-friendly Takelon brushes for a truly luxurious makeup experience. Takelon bristles are formulated from high-grade synthetic fibers to maximize product application and avoid potential allergic reactions to animal fur and promote the use of non-animal products. Gently clean brushes with mild soap and water.

Price: $30

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My Experience With Hourglass No. 3 All Over Shadow Brush

In the past I was truly tempted and in awe of amazing eye makeup looks created by makeup artists and I never thought I had the skill required to duplicate works like that. But over time I have realized that makeup application can be really really simple and easy provided you have the right tools and products for it. Now I bring to you one of those amazing brushes from my collection that have been my secret to creating beautiful EOTDs.

I recently Hauled 2 of the Hourglass brushes. An all over shadow brush and one crease brush. Both this brushes have impressed me beyond my expectation.

This brush doesn’t come in any fancy box. It just comes to you packed in a plastic wrap. It has no indication where it is made or any other instructions.

The handle on these brushes are sturdy gunmetal colored handle. The handle has a decent weight to them which makes them extremely comfortable in the hand but I won’t consider them uncomfortably heavy. The weight feels just right.

Hourglass all over shadow brushes vs sigma

Now coming to the best part about the brush. The bristles on this brush are synthetic Takelon bristles (which is my preference over natural hair bristles) are super soft which is needed if you are working in the delicate eye area. It does not feel scratchy at all. The brush is dense enough that it picks up a good amount of eye shadow to pack all over the lid in one dip.

It does a very good job of packing color evenly and the doomed tapered cut on the top makes it very easy to wedge the color right into the crease to give you that sharp color placement which you can buff out the edges off later with blending brush. Since the brush is of a decent size (see comparison picture with Sigma E25 for reference) it works just right for my eye size; but I would not recommend this for those who have smaller eyes as this may be a little too big for them.

Hourglass all over shadow brush review, swatch

Since it is synthetic I can also use my alcohol based spot cleaner on it without worry of damaging bristles. It washes up very well and I did not notice shedding or the mis-shapening of bristles when it dried.

Overall I am very impressed with the quality of this brush. I reach for both this and the Hourglass Crease brush regardless of whether I am doing a full blown heavy eye look or just everyday all natural looks.

This brush is a bit on the expensive side but it is worth investing in a few good brushes instead of getting in a lot of less than stellar brushes as you will you are going to have and use them for a long long time.

I highly recommend this.

Pros of Hourglass No. 3 All Over Shadow Brush

• Super soft bristles
• Synthetic hence cruelly free bristles
• Can use any type of cleaner without worry of harming bristles
• Dense bristles pick up good amount of color in 1 dip
• Weighted handle feels comfortable in hands

Cons of Hourglass No. 3 All Over Shadow Brush

• Expensive
• Does not come in any fancy packaging, comes in a plastic wrap
• The size may not work for small eyes but it works perfectly for me.

Rating: 5/5

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