7 Stylish Ways to Amp Up Your Work Wardrobe

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This post is to help you create a basic, but fashionable wardrobe for work. Fashion is about investing in a few key pieces, that will carry through to great outfits. I’m going to talk about few of them in today’s post.

How to Create A Stylish Work Wardrobe6


How to Create A Stylish Work Wardrobe7

Never underestimate the power of a black dress. This versatile element can be worn to work, and even after work. Basically, any occasion when you have the I-don’t-have-anything-to-wear syndrome. This can be paired with accessories to take the look from office to party, or even downgraded for lunch parties etc. Playing around with lipstick shades and cardigans also can tone down or play up this look.

One Suit

How to Create A Stylish Work Wardrobe8

This is, of course, a must while working. You would definitely need it during an interview. Maybe not after, depending on culture. But, you never know when it would come in handy. Mixing up the blazer with a jeans/slacks and a top with ruffles adds some girliness and takes away the starkness of the suit. Again, a very versatile piece. Ditch the blazer after work for instant casualness.

Two Solid Pairs of Shoes : One Heels and One Flats

How to Create A Stylish Work Wardrobe

There’s no need to stress the importance of a good pair of pumps. It perfectly complements most outfits and instantly adds a touch of grace to anything. Flats are essential for everyday regular wear. A good pair of statement flats can add that flair while being super comfy.

A Crisp, White Blouse

How to Create A Stylish Work Wardrobe4

Another staple cousin of the LBD, this item can be paired with anything. Seriously, I can’t think of one bottom in my entire closet that I can’t work with this. So, the trend here is to invest in such pieces that can be paired with anything.

A Statement Watch

How to Create A Stylish Work Wardrobe5

While keeping clothes and outfits neutral, this is an accessory that you can personalize as per your wish. Go for a nice, metallic watch in rose gold tones, or a studded watch if that’s what you like. My favourite and current one is my wooden vegan watch. It’s a great conversation starter and gets everyone’s attention.


How to Create A Stylish Work Wardrobe2

This one’s a toughie. While some of us don’t need laptops at work and are free to customize handbags, having one to take everyday can seriously crimp your style by making you take huge school bags. Also, they just look silly with dresses. My style remedy : you could either do a handbag and a laptop case, similar to a brief case. I’ve seen so many cute ones in Kate Spade, they come in various patterns as well. OR you could do a slingbag that can fit your laptop. I’ve owned one from Burberry that looks extremely classy.

Camel Coloured Trench Coat

How to Create A Stylish Work Wardrobe3

A must-have fall staple. While keeping warm, adds some oomph to the outfit and takes it one step further. Again, goes with almost everything. A good combo off all of these outfits will go a long way in creating a chic wardrobe.

The one golden rule I like to follow is: 3 items of clothing and accessories, not including shoes. So,(pants, top and scarf), (dress, coat, statement necklace), (jumpsuit, cardigan, belt). This instant and easy step to remember while stepping out will make sure your outfit is always on-point.

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  1. Yeah , given India`s environment , suits are a safe and stylish bet even when out of the corporate spectrum <3 I really liked the pictures of this post. Trench coats are the bomb but then the heat in our country wont let us wear it much I suppose.

  2. I loved everything you have listed down here. You have added such wearable pieces! Rose gold watches and pumps definitely are killers. They add so much sophistication to the look. Missed your articles here, write some more. 😀

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