How To Dress Fashionably During Pregnancy

There are several do’s and don’ts which are advised during pregnancy by the elders at home. Everything has be chosen cautiously by the would-be mommy, but gorgeous ladies, one thing which is in our hands is our freedom to choose maternity dresses. To look beautiful during this phase of life provides more joy to the lady. I have a didi next door who recently delivered a cute baby boy. During her pregnancy, she always use to prefer loose clothes and avoided skinny pants.  Logically speaking, to restrict the body during pregnancy by putting on tight clothes is a big no-no.  This is because during this phase, the mother’s body increases in size and so does the blood volume. The growing foetus in the womb, the mother and the whole process of baby development requires the right amount of blood. This work is done by heart which pumps the blood at a harder rate than ever before. So, restricting the body at this point is not a great idea. Secondly, you must have seen ladies complaining about swelling during pregnancy. This make another reason to wear comfortable fabrics during pregnancy. All in all, baby needs room for growth, so even if you do not like the baby bump, its size cannot change.


Dresses in Your Closet During Pregnancy:

Shopping smartly can extend your wardrobe from the time you start your pregnancy to the point when the little baby has made a debut in your life. Here are a few items which would not only make you feel comfortable, but also look fabulous no matter what size you are.

    • Tunics:  They are a perfect example of comfort along with gorgeous design. They can be worn either with loose pants or comfortable jeggings. They perfectly hide the multitude body issues and the baby bump in a lovely manner.


    • Maxi Dress:  This is a dress which easily drapes the body with its flowing fabric. This is a growing fashion trend as it easily adapts on different body shapes during pregnancy.
    • Long Tank Top:  Present era girls must be having plenty of them. These are the best from first to third trimester of pregnancy. With broad straps, they can be easily worn either alone or along with a pretty white shirt. Their length is optimum to cover the belly and the rear side.

Long Tunic top

    • Wrap Dress:  These are the dresses which look very elegant and beautiful before and after pregnancy. These are easily adjustable and can be fitted according to the disappearing waistline by tying it just below the bust. If you are not comfortable with the dresses, you can opt for wrap style tops.

Black wrap dress

    • Leggings:  We Indians definitely have a black legging to go along with the different coloured kurtis and suits. They are equally comfortable during pregnancy. If the baby bump is a bit larger, slouch the waist band below for more comfort.

Capri leggings

    • Scarf:  They aren’t necessary items of clothing, but they are the most versatile accessory to give a new look to a lady. Moreover, after the baby comes, it can be easily used for a quick cover for your baby when you are out or to cover while nursing.

Floral print scarf

    • Fold Over Yoga Pants:  Find a pair of pants with a wide waistband which allows you to fold it under the belly or extend up to higher level over the belly. These are very useful even after c-section as they won’t irritate the incision while healing.

Yoga Pants

  • Kurtis:  Lastly, being an Indian, kurtis of a size greater than the belly size are easily available and are the preferred choice of women in India. They look best when teamed up with fancy coloured leggings.

Whatever you wear, gorgeous ladies, keep in mind that choose a breathable fabric because no one likes to sweat and that goes double for baby and mommy. So, choose a fabric like cotton which is best for this phase.

Good luck to would-be mommies!

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6 thoughts on “How To Dress Fashionably During Pregnancy

  1. Whoa who said preggy women don’t like their bumps? I love mine to bits!

    Nice post…shall try your tips for sure!

    My few cents
    -maternity pants, my best friends. Make looking dressed up also comfortable
    -Shrugs, coz maternity inners have seams, so shrugs help cover up when you wear tee shirts
    -Empire line dresses and tops, cute, room for the bump to grow
    -Kurtis- the A lined or Anarkalis, choose them over the straight fits with cuts on the side..when the bump grows, you end up showing a lot of the tummy from the side slits of the kurtis!

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