How to Wear Pantone Color of the Year – Serenity

By Srijita Poddar

As a continuation of the previous post, I’m back with Pantone’s second colour of the year, serenity. This is the first time Pantone has chosen two colours for the year and I honestly don’t blame them because if I were to pick any one of the two gorgeous colours, I would definitely pick both. Serenity is a beautiful and serene colour, as its name suggests. So, let’s see how we can incorporate it into our wardrobe.
How to Wear Pantone Color of the Year - Serenity

As a Maxi Dress

maxi dress
There is something soothing and peaceful about this colour and there is something soothing and flowy about maxi dresses too. You mix both, and you have a perfect combination – a maxi dress in the serenity colour. This versatile outfit is going to be perfect for a Sunday brunch or a romantic seaside date.

Wear it as a Skirt

serenity skirt
Whenever I buy a skirt, versatility is the first thing on my mind. I feel that you’ve picked the right skirt only when it can go with a lot of tops in your wardrobe. This is why serenity makes a perfect choice. It can go with white, pink, black and a lot many colours, so go ahead and buy a beautiful skirt in this colour.

Invest in a Summer Blazer

serenity blazer
Summer blazers in comfortable cotton material is very chic nowadays, and this just gives us another reason to add it to our wardrobes in this particular colour. Beat the heat at your workplace by wearing a serenity blazer and become the trendsetter.

Linen Trousers for Comfort + Style

linen pants
Summers are the best time to ditch the good old jeans and go for loose, comfortable fabric. Linen makes a very breathable material for summer and you can pick one up in the colour of the year and it can be paired with anything to suit your occasion.

Don’t Forget the Ethnics

Have summer wedding coming up? Have to attend a day function? Want to look gorgeous but not melt in the heat? Choose an anarkali in this soothing colour and beat the summer heat by becoming the fashion diva.

Have Serene Feet

serenity pumps
We girls can never have enough of shoes, and serenity is such a perfect colour to add to your shoe collection. A very versatile colour, it can add a whole new dimension of sobriety and sophistication to your outfit.

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