Inglot 64 Body Sparkles Review

Hello ladies,

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and wish you a wonderful week ahead. So, as you all are aware, ‘Inglot’ fever is on as far as I am concerned and I am back with another product from the brand. It is the ‘Body Sparkles in shade number 64’ which is a bronze shimmer beauty. Read to know how it fitted my vanity.

Inglot 64 Body Sparkles Review4

Product Description:
Brilliant glitter flakes that reflect light and add color and another dimension. Come in variety of shapes and colors to be used on nails, lips, and all over the body.

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Inglot 64 Body Sparkles Review2

Inglot 64 Body Sparkles Review3

Inglot 64 Body Sparkles Review9

INR 1000 for 1.0 g/0.035 US OZ

Shelf Life:
3 years

My Experience with Inglot 64 Body Sparkles:

The ‘Inglot’ bug has successfully bitten me; a couple of products like the ‘Body Pigment Pearl Powder’ and ‘Duraline’ are still under test. As far as makeup and beauty products go, I am more inclined towards lips products specially glosses, lip paints and tinted lip balms. For my eyes, I go for black eye products, kajal and the eye liners along with this, a little bit of color coded eye shadows. Also, I add cute blushes along with some rare and interesting products. Apart from this, the bath and body products section along with the perfumes definitely make my favorites.

Inglot 64 Body Sparkles Review

I am a totally in and out perfumista, so anything with an enthralling fragrance starting with the EDP, EDT, body lotions, body butters etc catch my eyes and I usually pay no second thoughts. A couple of my immediate favorites are the ‘Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Shimmer Body Mist’, ‘BBW’s Carried Away shimmer body lotion’, BBW’s ‘Twilight Woods, Beauty Rush from Victoria’s Secret and yes, the list goes on.

Inglot 64 Body Sparkles Review4

Long story short, that is how I landed on the body sparkles from ‘Inglot. The point is, body sparkles from ‘Inglot’ are certainly ‘my cup of tea’ product although it has no fragrance (not complaining), so anything that sparkles or shines is sure to make its way to my kit. These feather light, body sparkles scored with me as they have a range of colors even amongst gold and silver along with other color; plus, an oil-free, lightweight formula. Obviously, a ‘multi-use’ product would score with anyone. The only issue can be the price tag on it. I went for ‘65’ from this range as I thought it would be safest and best color to go for and being me, who loves a stroll on the beach, who can hug out the summer tans with a hat and a sarong on, I thought it would be perfect.

Inglot 64 Body Sparkles Review7

This color also has a huge advantage as it blends in with the skin color and can suit any kind of complexion. It has a beautiful, rustic red undertone to it if you pay keen attention. They could have named this rustic sultry summer color as ‘sandstones’ or something as body sparkles do deserve a name, that can be easy to spot, choose and easy to repurchase in ways of becoming your favorite. I wanted to start off with this bronze beauty as it makes a great bases for any kind of makeup. For a multi-use product like this, I thought the golds and silvers could wait. I hope to end up with frosty pinks and purples and definitely hope to stash the gold and silver that could make overall great base for the body, face or the eyes.

Inglot 64 Body Sparkles Review6

I am in love with the products from ‘Inglot’ overall as they are very user friendly, although they are a bit heavy on the wallet. They are worth the quality, still they could consider revising the price tag. This is a feedback coming from one of their satisfied customers. I am pretty sure a lot of us would go gaga over their products if they reduce the price a bit. Now, going back to the body sparkles, they are very easy to use and they instantly get settled. This product reminds me of ‘Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess’, in the sense of color and the range. I also love body oils, and I use these body sparkles as a replacement.

Inglot 64 Body Sparkles Review5

I look forward to get back soon with a short review on my makeup stints along with my review on Inglot’s ‘Body Pigment Pearls’, ‘Duraline’ and ‘Body Pigment Powder Matte’. Anyhow, these body sparkles would do a great job as eye shadows, highlighter for the cheeks, to add a pop of color to the neck, arm and shoulders with a little bit of water or ‘Duraline’ if you want to avoid immediate fall outs. This color in particular would prove to be a great advantage for high cheek boned beauties for a suave, sculpted look and can be put to a lot of use depending on how creative you can get.

Inglot 64 Body Sparkles Review8

I am yet to test this sparkle on my nails and I highly recommend you a gold, silver and a bronze colored body sparkles from this range as they serve to be great base and then we can always mix and blend them. These body sparkles last for long since very less quantity is required when you want to go dab it on the eyes, cheeks or even on the body; only on the body, you would need an ounce more and you need to be certain before applying. They spread, blend and set instantly.

Pros of Inglot 64 Body Sparkles:

• Purse friendly, cute packaging – comes in a cute, small, round  glass pot with a black lid; the pot is light but not too fragile
• Multipurpose body sparkles for face, eyes, body and nails
• Texture – soft, ultra light shimmer powder
• Color 64 – a bronze colored body shimmer with specks of red undertones
• Would suit Indian skin tones (medium to fair complexioned beauties)
• Does not heavily transfer
• Minimal quantity is just enough to spread easily across the body and job well done
• Can be used as a very good highlighter
• Best shimmer blush to obtain beautiful, sculpted cheeks
• Although the fallouts are quick, they instantly sit and are easy to blend
• User friendly- a good water base, plain water can be used to instantly set
• Range of colors offered are easy to mix and match and ‘64’ particularly would make a great eye shadow and highlighter for the cheeks

Cons of Inglot 64 Body Sparkles:

• A little overpriced for the quantity offered
• As light as it can be, the sparkles fall off soon (which can be heart sinking for the price you pay)
• Gives in easy room for spillage
• For a product like this, a name makes it easy to spot

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Inglot 64 Body Sparkles?
I am not yet sure if I would repurchase the same color again although I am certain that I would be buying the pink (65), purple (71), a silver and gold colored sparkles. Also, this bronze beauty 64 looks like it would last for long considering the rarity of usage and a pop of it would do the magic. So yes, I highly recommend it if you are willing to spend on it.

This dazzling, tiny, floating fairy can make you sparkle with a flap of her wings. I wish she had a name!

• The multi usage body sparkles can be worn alone or mixed with other colors from the same range
• Golds, browns and silvers can be easily color coded by adding a pop of color from the same range or by adding any other loose colored sparkles or lightweight loose body or face powder
• You could also blend these lightweight sparkles with ‘Inglot’s Body Pigment Powder Pearls’ or ‘Body Pigment Powder Matte’
• You can also blend these body sparkles with a lightweight body lotion to add a beautiful pop of color especially in the neck area, forearms and shoulders.
• These body sparkles with the range of colors they come in could make very good highlighters for the cheek and add an oomph factor to the sculpted look, so the high cheek boned beauties can hug it right away
• To avoid immediate fall outs – wet body areas before application or apply on a wet body immediately after a shower. You could also use a good lightweight body lotion for best results, preferably from BBW.
• Use Inglot’s ‘Duraline’ to avoid quick fall outs and for blending purposes too, on the body, face or the eyes
• Set a bronze makeup theme and create an overall sultry bronze look using these body sparkles
• Pair it up with intense green, blue or red coloured outfits

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  1. I do not have the guts to wear it anywhere other than my eyes. Only a lady like you who like glitters and glosses can carry it with elan. Well reviewed. Looking forward to other shades.

    1. TY Shikha. I will take that as a compliment from you with a lady like grace 🙂 I hope to review the other shades ASAP…

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