Inglot Freedom System Matte Eye Shadow in 352 Review

Inglot Freedom System Matte Eye Shadow in 352

Inglot has always been praised on IMBB and I always wanted to know why there is so much hoopla around it. I always thought it would be difficult to store refills and the palette was too expensive for my liking. This time when I saw flat 30 percent off on inglot, I just couldn’t let it go. So I ordered an empty palette of 5 round refills and 2 lipsticks, one concealer, one eye shadow and one brow powder. You see, so much thought has gone into making this a perfect palette. Now I just have to carry this around and I am sorted. The lipsticks can be used as a blush, the brow powder can also be used as an eye shadow and the eye shadow can also be used as a highlighter. The concealer of course has its own importance. 😀


Price: – I got the whole palette for 1500. Isn’t it awesome???? The eyeshade is for Rs. 210.

Colour: – I always wanted a muted baby pink matte eye shadow for work which makes my eyes appear bright without appearing over the top.

Quantity: – 1.3 gm

Shelf life: – 3 years


My experience with Inglot Freedom System Matte Eye Shadow in 352:

Pinks are a girl’s favorite. Baby pink, light pink, dark pink, fuchsia and all shades of pink under this sun can make a girl go weak in the knees. As I told you that I wanted a muted baby pink eye shadow to brighten up my eyes for office, I bought this. There are loads of shades from which you can choose and there are some 10 shades of pinks too so I was a bit confused at first. When I got this in my hands, it was the most gorgeous baby pink which made me jump with joy. The texture is just amazing. No fallout, no shimmer and completely matte. It is not at all chalky. I apply this eye shadow on my eyelids and also some on my brow bone and cheeks for highlighting.

For me this is a one amazing product for multipurpose use and it works great as a highlighter. My eyes appear bright and groomed. The staying power is great too. It stays for the whole day on me as my eyelids are not oily but you may have to do a touch up in case you have oily lids. One more thing is that as I am fair, it appears a little white on my lids with a soft hint of pink but not the perfect pink but I am not complaining as it does its job perfectly. Maybe next time I will go for a more pinkish eye shadow which will look light pink on me. For me, inglot has won my heart and I have found a perfect palette which alone is sufficient in my office bag.


Pros of Inglot Freedom System Matte Eye Shadow in 352:

1) A muted baby pink eye shadow which brightens your eyes and makes them stand out.
2) Texture is to die for. No fallout, perfectly matte.
3) Great for highlighting.
4) Perfect value for money, especially on sale.
5) Go a long way even if you use regularly.


Cons of Inglot Freedom System Matte Eye Shadow in 352:

Nothing nothing nothing!!!!!

This eye shadow has found a permanent place in my 5 refill palette and I will suggest you ladies try this too on days when you want to put makeup but don’t want people to know that you have put something on: P

IMBB rating:– 10/5

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7 thoughts on “Inglot Freedom System Matte Eye Shadow in 352 Review

  1. Whoa! a 10 out of 5? I must really watch out for this particular shade! It does look amazing *woot* *woot* *woot*

    1. yes makes your eyes bright and also helps in the no makeup look 😀 *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

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