Innisfree BHA Skin Clinic Mask Review

Yes, I picked up another sheet mask. I just could not resist. 😀 But, I don’t think I am going to buy any more sheet masks in near future. Why, you ask? Let me explain in the review.

Innisfree BHA Skin Clinic Mask Review

Price: INR 150
Product Description: This fine delicate cotton mask contains BHA to remove accumulated dead cells, leaving your skin texture feeling sleek and soft.

My Experience with Innisfree BHA Skin Clinic Mask:

These sheet masks are very well packaged. Every detail, like product description, ingredients, price etc, is mentioned on the packaging. You just need to peel off a part of the package to take the sheet out. The sheet comes with another plastic sheet which keeps it safe and helps in maintaining the level of serum in the mask. This particular mask had more serum than any other mask I have tried. It fit my face very well. This mask smelled very slightly of lavender. The fragrance was soothing and did not bother my nose.

Innisfree BHA Skin Clinic Mask Back

I love the consistency of serum in Innisfree masks as the serum does not drip and you can walk around with the mask on. This mask remained moist even after 20 minutes, but it never felt uncomfortable. It did not tingle or irritate my skin.

Innisfree BHA Skin Clinic Mask Price

This mask showed me instant and good results. It made my skin super soft and smooth, and I could see the effects for around four days. My skin looked healthy and radiant. I have observed that one mask, once a month, cannot do much to your skin. You need to be consistent with sheet masks and use one per week to see results. By results I mean – soft, smooth and dewy skin; skin without any dry patches and roughness.

Innisfree BHA Skin Clinic Mask Claims

Another good thing about this mask is that it is cooling. It does not feel greasy or sticky. Hence, no matter what your skin type is, you can enjoy this mask. After using so many sheet masks by Innisfree, I must mention that all of these masks give more or less the same results. At the end of the day, if they perform well, all of the masks make your skin clean, bright, soft and smooth. Probably I am bored of these masks now, but I won’t buy anymore sheet masks. I will now try a pack or mask that can target my skin issues like pigmentation or spots.

Innisfree BHA Skin Clinic Mask

Still, these masks are not bad at all. If you commute or travel a lot and if your skin has to face pollution or you have to sit in AC environment for long hours, these masks are perfect for you. They will hydrate, moisturise, repair and keep your skin healthy. Even though all the masks I have tried so far have stood true to their claims, I don’t think any of them has done anything miraculous to my skin.

Innisfree BHA Skin Clinic Sheet Mask

Pros of Innisfree BHA Skin Clinic Mask:

• Very well packaged
• Mask fits the face well
• Does not feel uncomfortable
• Sufficient amount of serum
• Gives soft and smooth skin
• Skin looks instantly clean and bright
• Superb way to get instant hydration
• Great for every skin type
• Very cooling
• Does not feel greasy
• Soothing scent

Cons of Innisfree BHA Skin Clinic Mask:

• Effects do not last long
• Availability
• Cannot solve major skin issues

IMBB Rating: 3/5
Would I Repurchase Innisfree BHA Skin Clinic Mask?
I am not sure. I might buy it again if my skin becomes tired, dull and dry in future.
Would I Recommend Innisfree BHA Skin Clinic Mask?
You can give it a try only if you love sheet masks.

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