Innisfree My Body White Linen Body Cleanser Review

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I tried many body washes and shower gels, but nothing seemed much promising. I have used body washes from The Body Shop in the past and thought of switching the brand this time. I slather on bottle after bottle of shower gels. Body washes can make women weak in the knees. Using a body wash makes you feel like you’ve stepped out of a spa every time you shower. With fantastic brands to choose from, we now have an assortment of varieties available in the market. Innisfree is a Korean brand which has been in trend recently. I have used a couple of products from that brand and so far I’ve liked most of them. Read on to know if this body wash did well or not.

Innisfree My Body White Linen Body Cleanser Review

Product Description:
Inspired by the nature of Jeju Island. Delicate and rich fragrance adds pleasure to your body care.
1. Abundant and dense bubbles filled with the fragrance of Jeju Island
2. A formula of natural surfactant to give greater moisture to your skin
3. Clean and fragrant cleansing for a more pleasant shower

Innisfree My Body White Linen Body Cleanser Details

S$ 14.00 for 300 ml.

Packaging: This shower gel arrives in a green plastic bottle. You can see the quantity of the cleanser left as this is a see-through bottle. It has an easy flip open cap. You can easily dispense the product out without any wastage. Product related information is provided on the packaging.

Innisfree My Body White Linen Body Cleanser Packaging

Fragrance: This shower gel helps to ward off stress and fatigue with its relaxing fragrance. It is a perfect citrus burst.

Innisfree My Body White Linen Body Cleanser Bottle

Texture: Innisfree white linen body cleanser is a lightweight gel. The gel has a very smooth texture. The consistency is just perfect; neither thin nor thick. It glides over the skin so smoothly and easily. The gel is almost transparent in appearance.

Innisfree My Body White Linen Body Cleanser Cap

My Experience with Innisfree My Body White Linen Body Cleanser:

Soaps, say a lot of skin experts, strip the skin of good bacteria. This can cause skin conditions like eczema. Many shower gels leave a moisturising film on your skin that leaves your skin smooth and silky. The Innisfree shower gel, by its very appearance gives the impression of luxury. Transparent viscous liquids that lazily ooze out of beautifully shaped bottles make the everyday shower an unhurried spa-like experience. This body wash lathers very nicely over the body and you only need a tiny bit of product!

Innisfree My Body White Linen Body Cleanser Nozzle

The shower gel comes with the exotic fragrance which leaves you with a feeling of energizing freshness. This stuff smells amazing! Two pumps onto a body puff is all you need to get a really nice lather. It cleanses the skin of all impurities and also leaves behind lovely fragrance that doesn’t last long though. It does not dry out my skin neither does it hydrate very well. As far as cleaning the dirt and dead skin is considered, yes, it does it very well with a pleasant fragrance. Overall, it doesn’t really improve the skin even if used regularly.

Pros of Innisfree My Body White Linen Body Cleanser:

  • Lathers well.
  • Nice packaging.
  • A little goes a long way.
  • Nice texture.
  • Washes off beautifully.
  • Suits all skin types.

Cons of Innisfree My Body White Linen Body Cleanser:

  • Doesn’t moisturise the skin for long.
  • Fragrance doesn’t last long.
  • Expensive compared to the substitutes.

IMBB Rating: 3.9/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Innisfree My Body White Linen Body Cleanser?
No to both. This shower gel neither dries out the skin nor moisturizes, it just cleanses the skin. It lathers well but has nothing unique to offer.

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