20 Iron Rich Foods For Faster Hair Growth

A number of researches have time and again proved that iron deficiency is linked to hair loss. Along with a host of other nutrients, iron is absolutely necessary for hair growth and to prevent hair loss.  One of the important factors to check if you are having extensive hair loss is to find out whether you have iron deficiency or not.  For a lot of people suffering from hair loss (without any other hormonal factor and in the absence of any other underlying disease), replenishing iron can help them to grow back hair or at least stop the hair fall.  However, you should not take iron supplements without consulting a doctor because overdose can cause harm in the long run.  So, the most safest alternative is to consume an iron-rich diet which not only would improve your overall health, it would give you lustrous mane as well. Iron is necessary for hair growth because iron increases blood circulation to the scalp and thus helps in hair growth.  Iron is an essential mineral that transports oxygen to all parts of the body including the scalp.  So, if you are still not seeing any result even after using all those expensive hair oils and potions, its time to adopt a more hair-healthy diet.  The most important element is of course iron and here in this post, you would see a list of all the foods that are rich in iron.

Iron Rich Food

A very important tip to keep in mind is to take vitamin C rich foods in conjunction with iron-rich foods because with vitamin C, your body can absorb the iron better.

1.  Broccoli:   Broccoli is one of my favourite vegetables 🙂 Not only do they taste great, broccolis are rich in iron and also vitamin C (which lets your body absorb iron better).  Broccoli is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, etc.


2.  Black-eyed peas or Lobia:  This legume is a rich source of iron, and they also contain vitamin C!

3.  Potatoes:  Iron packed and also has vitamin C content.

4.  Almonds:  Rich in vitamin E, iron, and protein.


5.  Lentils:  Contains protein, zinc, iron, and also biotin.

6.  Chicken:  Chicken is rich in protein and also iron.  The iron in chicken is readily absorbed by the body.

7.  Dried Apricots:  Apricots are rich in iron and other nutrients.  Though available in raw form, but in dried form, apricots contain the highest amount of iron, that’s because when apricots are in dried form, they do not have water or sugar content, but yet their iron content is intact.

Dried apricots

8.  Eggs:  Though eggs are not that rich in iron content compared to other food, but thought I should mention egg because it has every other nutrient that is beneficial for the overall health of hair, skin, and other organs.

9.  Fruits:  Plums, apple, bananas, lemon, grapes, oranges, carrots, figs have iron content in them and a serving of one or more fruits would add to the iron source.

10.  Chickpea:  Its a rich source of iron.

11.  Sunflower Seeds:  Sunflower seeds are rich in Vitamin E and also iron, both of which are good for skin, eyes, and hair.

Sunflower seeds

12.  Green Peas:  Both fresh and cooked peas have good iron content.

13.  Strawberries:   The high vitamin C content in strawberries helps your body absorb the iron content in them.


14.  Spinach:  Spinach is an excellent source of iron.  Its the most doctor-recommended veggie, it has a whole lot of nutrients, but the most prominent of all is the abundant iron content.

15.  Cashnew and Peanuts:  Have a good iron content.

16.  Dark Chocolate:  Don’t jump in your seat 😛 Yes, dark chocolates are loaded with iron, here’s another reason to gorge on dark chocolate 🙂


17.  Sun-dried Tomatoes:  Rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and also loaded with iron, you can eat them in your sandwiches, pizzas, etc.

18.  Avocados:  Contains iron and also vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium, etc.

19.  Raisins:  High in nutrients, raisins contain high amount of iron.

20.  Bran, cereals, whole grains: Along with a host of other nutrients and vitamins, these three categories of food items have high iron content too, so don’t forget to include them in your diet.

Most importantly, do not forget, that a healthy, balanced-diet is what works in the end 🙂 Try to include all other necessary nutrients and vitamins in your diet 🙂

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