Johnson’s Baby Powder Review

Johnson’s Baby Powder Review

Johnson’s Baby Powder Review2

Following the review of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, I thought of reviewing the baby powder as well with which I think I have reviewed almost all the Johnson’s baby products. So if you want to gift this to some baby or just for yourself, now you have a better idea of which ones are better and which ones are just ‘okay’ products that comes from the same brand.

This is one another product that God only knows when I will be able to finish. I have kept few of the powders aside for gifting purpose. Even if I make Neya bath in the powder this is not going to get over as I have got the biggest of the dabbas available till the smallest one in all sizes !!!

The powder has the typical Johnson’s Baby’s smell. It is so heavenly I must say. I apply the baby lotion and then the powder on Neya and I keep sniffing her all the time. She smells soooooooooooooooooo babilicious 😛 The lotion or the cream beneath locks the fragrance that it stays for a very long time. Also, the powder is very very fine that it doesn’t hurt even if it gets into one’s eyes.

The powder is in plain white color that again comes in a not-so-attractive white packaging. I don’t mind that so much because of the fragrance it gives out. I don’t use loose powders usually, but due to the availability, I use this powder at times and I like the smell on me. Yes I smell like a baby..  The fragrance is absolutely my favourite and whenever I get time, I use it again and again 😉 Hope Neya doesn’t complain when she grows up.


I don’t use it on my face as it leaves a light whitish cast and I look funny. So, go with a light hand if you want to use it on your face, else you might look like a overly powdered baby 😛 Since the powder is so fine, when I transfer the powder to the powder box [irrespective of whether the fan is on or not], a lot of product gets wasted by flying around. Also, it makes a big mess. I hate cleaning the mess it leaves behind. There is no way to escape this, so I place Neya’s clothes that has to be washed beneath the powder box and then transfer the powder.

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The price of Johnson’s Baby Powder is Rs.68 for 200 gms.



• Fragrance is just mind blowing. It makes you feel like a baby.
• Powder is very fine and soft and thus best suits the baby.
• Easily available.
• Available in different sizes, according to one’s need.
• Does not hurt even if it gets into the eyes.


• The mess it creates while transfering.
• Not very attractive packaging.

My Rating:


Will I Repurchase:

Yes, when all I have, gets over completely [which might take another 2 years].

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24 thoughts on “Johnson’s Baby Powder Review

  1. Mmmmm I love this powder too. And all other JnJ baby products. 🙂
    Still use their cream..have it on now in fact.
    *smells hand*
    Aaaaah. 🙂 😀

    In summers, using this powder on tinted moiturizer makes you feel light and maybe you’ll be happier using it. 😀

  2. :hihi: I love the JnJ baby products sooo much!! I used nothing but this talcum powder till class 5. 😛
    Sometimes,when I see this at the supermart,I just itch to grab it,but I don’t because people keep sniffing around me when I wear it.

  3. Have you tried the “Blossoms” variant of this? They have the Blossoms variant in soaps also. That smells heavenly.

  4. i use this powder to blot my hair if they become oily an i have no time to wh my hair :secret2: :secret2: :secret2: :secret2:

  5. i use this powder every now n den.. as my skin is very oily.. it keeps my skin dry not as in prolematic dry, i mean non oily. it has also helped me to reduce my pimples.. thats the best part!!! :thumbsup:

  6. Aarthi dont apply powder on your baby’s body. dint ur doc tell u to avoid using powders. I have a baby 1 year plus as soon as he was born doc said a big no to baby powders they clog baby’s pores. So avoid using them. :nonono: :nonono:

  7. I just love the smell of J&J baby products..

    I agree with you.. for my son.. all the J&J gift products lasts for 2 years… Now i need to buy it :headbang:

    And its me who completed most of his Baby Lotion :tongue:

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