Pigeon Baby Transparent Soap Review

Pigeon Baby Transparent Soap Review

By Surabhi Surendra

Heylo Gurls,

Hope you all are doing well. I am kind of on a “soaping spree” at the moment. In January, I went to “mainland” (I live in Andamans and here “India,” as in the land within India is called “mainland”) and bought a couple of soaps. The Pigeon Baby Transparent Soap is one of them. I am very fond of soaps and bath gels, body wash, etc. I enjoy being in the shower even though I am quite aware of the (side) effects it can have on my skin.

Pigeon Baby Transparent Soap Review

So, coming to this soap. I got it for my 18-month-old daughter and I love it on her as much as I do it on myself. The soap is definitely pricey, but I guess its worth it.

Product Description:

Mild to baby’s delicate skin. Selected natural ingredients keep the skin clean and smooth. Helps to retain required moisture in baby’s skin. Recommended for adults with sensitive skin.  Pigeon Baby Soap range is suitable for daily care of your baby’s bath. Your baby is born perfect, with soft, delicate skin, so care for it – in the best way you can – with Pigeon’s exquisite range of Natural Skincare products.  Pigeon knows how sensitive baby’s skin is and so our soaps are ultra mild, with natural ingredients that clean and soften skin. You’ll find that they are also easy to lather and rinse off. Good quality cheap Pigeon Baby Transparent Soap with Case are now available for your cute little baby.



Rs. 230 with case.


Not mentioned.  I still bought it on a friend’s recommendation.


My Take on Pigeon Baby Transparent Soap:

I had been using the Johnson’s baby soap for her so far and then a friend recommended Pigeon Transparent Soap.  I tried it at her place and liked it and then the next week, I bought it.  I love the soap on my daughter. It is very well suited for her skin – soft, nourishing and fragrant. Throughout the day, she keeps smelling nice and gets many more hugs from everyone around.  Sometimes, I have used the soap too and I feel so fresh and fragrant.  Its quite similar to Pears soap. The only difference is that it is milder than Pears and smells much better than that.


It is extremely safe on baby’s skin as a friend of mine has been using it for her baby for more than a year and that too when her baby has highly sensitive skin!

I wouldn’t say it does not dry my skin, but then, even if I take a shower without any soap, my skin feels thirsty and the body washes that do not dry my skin like “TBS Cocoa Butter Body Wash” make me feel that they do not clean the skin properly.

So keeping this in mind, I would say that this soap is really mild, soft on skin, does not dry out too much, makes you feel clean and fragrant, but on top of everything, I would say I love it using for my baby and I am not going to change this soap for her. With Johnson’s baby soap, her skin was a bit irritated in winters and would dry out by evening, but now its perfect!

Another thing I want to mention here is that Pigeon also has a similar transparent soap which is priced at Rs. 425.  It is said to be milder than this one!

Pros of Pigeon Baby Transparent Soap:

  • Mild and transparent.
  • Safe on baby skin, so would be safe on your skin too.
  • It is extremely safe on baby skin as a friend of mine has been using it for her baby for more than a year and that too when her baby has highly sensitive skin!
  • Does not cause much dryness.
  • Best soap for babies!
  • Awesome and amazing fragrance that stays for very long.

Cons of Pigeon Baby Transparent Soap:

  • Very pricey.
  • I may have better options at the same price

Will I Repurchase Pigeon Baby Transparent Soap?

YES, YES and YES for my baby.

IMBB Rating:


About Author:
Surabhi Surendra blogs at WOMANATICS. She lives in Andaman and Nicobar Islands and also writes on KNOW ANDAMANS. She would be delighted if you follow her on Twitter and click on the LIKE button to show your appreciation for her work.

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31 thoughts on “Pigeon Baby Transparent Soap Review

  1. nice review.. but shocked to know that J&J soap irritates ur daughter’s skin… 😯 cos many adults use this as it is very mild.. of course every skin is different and not all products suit everyone.. I use J&J baby bath (shower gel) for my son.. But let me keep this in mind and will let my friends know abt this soap.. :secret2:

  2. Laxmi…..Johnson and Johnson’s products do not suit my son either, I use Tedibar soap for him. I think its not that suitable for babies with sensitive skin.

      1. Dee….he is still on antibiotics, but got discharged from the hospital, but much better now and playful….thanks so much for asking :puchhi:

  3. Pigeon Baby soap? Hahahaha! :lol2: I would buy it for the name itself! :woot: :woot: Such an awesome looking soap and with a great smell too. I am going to look for it and indulge my skin sometimes. 😛 :preen: Great review, Surabhi! :yes: 😀

    1. Jomo..

      Try it. Btw, I just read that your son was ill..? Wht hppnd? I know how we mothers feel when our babies are sick.. its like we wish it happened to us 🙁

      I hope he is doing well noww..

  4. nice review. i feel that PIGEON products in general are good. I have used many of their products for my elder son (who is 4.5 nw). I am not a huge JnJ fan. I feel that the JnJ products that u get abroad are wayyyyyyyyy better than what u get here in India. here in India… my fav brand wud be… mothercare!!!

    1. Yeah Pigeon products are very nice and JnJ isnt very reliable now that we have better brands. Mothercare maine abhi tak try nahi kiya but thats the next on my list.

      1. oh u must definitely try mothercare surabhi. i gave birth to my second son just abt 3 weeks back and i practically looted the mothercare store lol. its like a one stop shop for kids. frm clothes(amazing quality) to shoes to toiletries to prams to cots and even everyth that a new mom needs (nursing stuff and every othr stuff). the quality is by far the best, among all the brands that i hav tried in india. chicco is also a gud brand waise!!!

  5. surabhi, I have used Johnsons baby soap n talc for many years i guess till colg :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:
    i ll get this too, thanks for sharingg :yahoo: :yahoo:

  6. Johnsons baby soap (white one) dries my son’s skin too, though only in winter… 🙁
    Thanks for the review Surabhi :teddy: :teddy: :teddy: , i will buy this for sure 🙂

  7. hey I read Jomol recommending tedibar soap. i have also used it and it’s a great option specially for dry skin care for kids and for adults too.As Anna has also mentioned that she had eczema , let me tell you i faced eczema problem too. and tedibar works wonders for me. 😉

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