Jordana Triple Play All Over Color Petal Pink Review

I bought two shades of Jordana Triple Play – Pink Nectar and Petal Pink. This is the review of the latter shade. My usual makeup routine includes doing my base makeup first and then applying a cool-toned blush on the apples of my cheeks. I have experimented with several kinds of blushes from different brands and I personally enjoy the ones by Tarte. The new stick form blushes by Jordana caught my eye in the local drugstore and I wanted to try them out.

Jordana Triple Play All Over Color Petal Pink Review

Price: $4.99
Product Description:
• Multi-purpose creamy color for lips and cheeks!
• Buildable formula glides on effortlessly and blends seamlessly
• Mistake proof color is quick & easy to apply!
• 6 shades developed to work for a wide range of skin tones
• Made in USA

My Experience with Jordana Triple Play All Over Color Petal Pink:

The product comes in a stick form. The base of the plastic tube can be twisted up to dispense the product and can be applied directly to the cheeks, lips and eyelids (at least that is how it is advertised).

Jordana Triple Play All Over Color Petal Pink Bullet

It can be picked up with fingertips or a dense brush and then blended on the areas where we want to add some color. I usually do not have high hopes with such multi-purpose products but then I couldn’t help but be impressed by the blendability of this product. Both the shades are easy to blend without much tugging or pulling.

Jordana Triple Play All Over Color Petal Pink Bottom

It comes in a good size plastic tube and does not feel fragile for $4.99. I hope it will last while I use it. There are 6 shades to choose from – coral pink to cool toned pink to neutral tone flesh color to dark plum.

Jordana Triple Play All Over Color Petal Pink Open

I tested both the shades on my cheekbones and my lids (this shade is too pale for my lips). I applied it to the apples of my cheeks and on my eyelids. It dries quickly so has to be quickly blended before it sets. It blends well on my skin; however, it has poor color pay off and must be applied in multiple coats for appreciable build up, especially on the lids.

Jordana Triple Play All Over Color Petal Pink Swatch

It also makes my pores appear larger hence a pore covering primer is useful in such case. The annoying part about stick–form products (and it is true for both the shades I purchased) is that if used directly on cheeks, it tends to displace the base makeup underneath and gives a non-homogeneous appearance to makeup. Also, it creases on my eyelids and a good primer base is required.

Pros of Jordana Triple Play All Over Color Petal Pink:

• An affordable multipurpose product which comes in a stick form
• Comes in 6 different shades
• Generous quantity for the money paid
• Packaging is not cheap either
• Adds a very subtle color to the face when applied on the apples of cheeks
• Easy to blend on bare skin
• A good affordable substitute for more expensive, high-end stick form blushes

Cons of Jordana Triple Play All Over Color Petal Pink:

• Accentuates facial pores
• I wish the ingredient list had fewer chemicals
• Dries quickly so it must be blended quickly
• Displaces base makeup and prevents the blush from blending into the highlighter
• Creases on eyelids
• This shade cannot be used on lips for my skin tone

IMBB Rating: 2/5
It is a good effort product by Jordana; however, it still needs some improvement. It is easy to blend with good staying power and overall performance on skin has room for enhancement. I recommend it only to those who like to experiment with new makeup otherwise, it can be avoided.

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