Kama Himalayan Almond Deep Cleansing Scrub Review, Swatch

Kama Himalayan Almond Deep Cleansing Scrub Review, Swatch

kama himalayan almond deep cleansing scrub review

Claims : Kama Ayurveda Himalayan Almond face Scrub for men is specially formulated to exfoliate and promote new cell growth. Our Ayurveda based formula is blended with Saffron to brighten skin, clear complexion and reduce pigmentation. Finely ground Sweet Almonds, rich in Vitamin E & D nourishes, nurtures while exfoliating and preventing ingrown hair. It prepares the skin for a smoother and closer shave.

Price : Rs 750 for  50gm

kama himalayan almond deep cleansing scrub ingredients

My Experience with Kama Himalayan Almond Deep Cleansing Scrub:

Kama sells this scrub especially for men but I couldn’t resist giving a good almond scrub a try. Plus as the weather is changing my dry skin comes with its own set of problems especially around the nose area. I decided to give a go thinking that even if it does not work for my face, I can always use it for my trouble areas.

But this worked.

  • It is a coarse cream based scrub with main ingredients being almond and saffron. LOVE!
  • It smells mildly of saffron that I absolutely love.
  • It’s granules are a mix of big and small which does not make it too harsh for skin. But I wouldn’t call it an everyday scrub. It is more like a weekly scrub that deep cleanses your skin.
  • It leaves my skin soo soft and totally clean. It gets rid of dry skin around the nose area and also helps with the reduction of black heads. It really is a deep cleansing scrub.
  • Cleans easily.
  • Does not dry out the skin.
  • Comes in a easy convenient tube.

Overall, I absolutely enjoy using this scrub weekly. I would say that if you have very sensitive or oily skin, skip it but for normal to dry skin it is an excellent deep cleansing scrub. Worth trying. 🙂

Rating : 4.5/5

kama himalayan almond deep cleansing scrub tube

kama himalayan almond deep cleansing scrub tube

Swatchkama himalayan almond deep cleansing scrub swatch

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14 thoughts on “Kama Himalayan Almond Deep Cleansing Scrub Review, Swatch

  1. why is it only meant for men?? such injustice..*smug*..lol..this looks like an awesome scrub Rati…and I love scrubs with coarse granules 🙂

  2. The ingredients and the scrub loook great Rati….doesn’t matter if it’s a men scrub as long as it works! Actually na, I like coarse scrubs better, I feel they can help me get rid of bad skin 😛

  3. Whenever I see a KAMA product i wanna buy, I can always rely on you to review it sooner or later..so i resist impulse buying and come here to see your review. Thanks for the info 🙂

  4. looks tempting…I really miss these natural products. I believe we have some of the best natural skincare products in India, here they say as natural but are relatively loaded with chemicals.

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