How To Treat Damaged Hair

How To Treat Damaged Hair

How To Treat Damaged Hair

Let’s play a cause-and-effect game today! I will tell you the cause and you have to name the effect. I will supply you some hints as well! And there we go:

Cause: Hair colouring and perming and blow dryers and curling/flat irons and bleaching and unhealthy lifestyle
Effect: ?

(Hints: your hair looks dull and frizzy, gets split ends and dandruff, lacks shine and feels rough). Of course, you got it right! The answer is “Hair Damage.”

So, today, I am back with another of my research articles that focuses on how to treat damaged hair. Since hair coloring, straightening, curling and perming constitute the order of the day, I hope this article would help you in one way or the other!

How To Treat Damaged Hair:  Daily Care Tips

  • Is your hair already severely damaged? In that case, consider trimming (or even cutting) your hair so that you can at least do away with a major portion of damaged hair. This will help you to tackle the rest of your damaged hair in a better way of course!
  • You need to keep your hair clean but at the same time, make sure that you do not end up over-drying it due to excessive washing. Use a baby shampoo. You may also choose to use a shampoo which is designed for damaged hair.
  • Deep conditioning is important and that’s why you should not skip the conditioning part after washing your hair. It will be wonderful if you can go for an intensive conditioning treatment once every week. If you can’t afford much time, go for a hot-oil treatment, which is equally beneficial and definitely, less time consuming.
  • Avoid tying your hair too tightly.
  • Do not use blow dryers, hot rollers and flat irons since your hair is already damaged and you wouldn’t like to aggravate the situation!
  • Taking multivitamins do help. Make sure you consult the physician before that.
Damaged Hair

How To Treat Damaged Hair:  Salon Treatments

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There are quite a few salon-based treatments that you can go for. Here are a few which would help to revitalize damaged tresses:
• Deep conditioning treatment: You may choose to go for deep conditioning treatment in your favorite salon. This will nourish your scalp as well as your hair. But make sure you have at least one hour in hand when you go for this treatment. This can either be a hot oil treatment or a treatment with conditioning masks or perhaps both! Often, these conditioning masks contain vitamins, proteins and mineral base which help in reconstructing the texture of hair.
• Hair tonics: Most of the times, hair tonics are chemical-based solutions used for cosmetic purpose. This salon treatment helps to hydrate damaged hair. Typically, steaming is followed by application of hair tonic and then washing it off.
• Hair spa treatments: These treatments are often costly but they are known to make the hair follicles strong and texture of the hair smooth and shiny! That is why, it is recommended for treating damaged hair.
• Keratin treatments: These are well known for giving a new lease of life to damaged locks. Read more about this ‘wonder treatment’ here.

Keratin Hair Treatment

You must consult with the professional before you choose a treatment for your damaged hair.

How To Treat Damaged Hair:  Home Remedies

Apart from daily hair care programmes and salon treatments, you would do good to take an extra step and include some home remedies for your damaged hair. Here are a few ingredients that you can use in DIY hair masks or include in your hair care regimen in the way you want:
• Coconut milk: It strengthens hair, tackles the problem of breakage and offers UV protection to hair.
• Apple cider vinegar: It helps to do away with build up on your scalp. Use it with warm water for massaging post-shampoo or as a hair rinse.
• Olive oil: The name needs no elaboration! We all know how beneficial it is to hair. It moisturizes, nourishes and protects hair.
• Avocado: It makes your hair smooth, soft and strong. Use avocado hair mask to rejuvenate your hair.



With all these tips and treatments available, combating hair damage can be easier. It would be best, if you can avoid getting your hair damaged in the first place, but that I guess, is not possible always since the desire to get those wonderfully colored, poker straight hair is all too great! And of course those lovely curly hairs like noodles, which make you look so bubbly! If you are naturally blessed with them, nothing can be better. But, resorting to artificial means to get what is not natural is harmful; and in the process, hair gets severely damaged. So, stay away from styling products as much as you can because styling products contain chemicals which are not good for hair in the long run. Eat a healthy diet and stick to a regular hair care regimen!!

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  1. can anyone suggest me a good conditioner which is available in india and which doesn’t result in hair fall… i have tried l’oreal paris hair conditioners and they resulted in hairfall…please help me…i need a good hair conditioner which is for dry hair and which does’nt result in hair fall

    1. umm…..i myself suffer frm d same prob and need hlp desperately. so, nt n a position to hlp u out 🙁 hav u tried fructis which is for frizzy hair?

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  2. Nice tips..I have a problem..I dont do coloring, curling, using flat iron..I oil my hair regularly. Use good conditioner..But still part of my hair(only a part) is too frizzy and damaged..Rest looks good, healthy..Any tips to correct my combination hair:)?

    1. Kusuma…regular trimming is required as well. if ur hair is exposed too much to sun and pollution ot u dont trim ur hair regularly, ut tends to be damaged….is the frizzy part towards the ends? in dat case, u may cut it off 🙂

      1. Thanks for ur reply..I really had long hair and now I have cut it almost half.frizz is not towards end but complete(Tip to end; end being worst) few starnds of hair(1/4 of my total hair volume).. Rest of the hair is good even towards the end. Thats really wierd I know :(.

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