Khadi Face Cleanser Cucumber Water Review

Khadi Face Cleanser Cucumber Water Review

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Khadi Face Cleanser Cucumber Water Review

Back with a review of one more Khadi product. There is something about this brand which keeps me fascinated and ultimately I end up buying something or the other from Khadi, either following IMBB recommendations or seeing their ingredients. This time, the product which caught my attention is a face cleanser, cucumber water. To be very frank, I am confused whether this is a cleanser, toner or both. Please read on to know more about the product and my take on it. The product being reviewed here is “Khadi Face Cleanser Cucumber Water.”

Product Description:

Khadi cucumber water skin freshener with honey, cucumber extracts and **barberry always use, removes pimples** and makes skin smooth, soft and lustrous.

Directions To Use:

Wet face and neck with water. Then, apply cucumber cleanser with cotton. After 5 to 10 minutes, wash it.


Khadi Face Cleanser Cucumber Water

Aqua, Cucumber (I am sure there are many other ingredients, which act as preservatives).


70 INR for 210 ml.


The product comes in a typical Khadi packaging with transparent bottle and black flip-top screw cap.

Shelf Life:

3 years.

My Experience with Khadi Face Cleanser Cucumber Water:

The cucumber water is a normal liquid of milky white color with a fake smell that is not of cucumbers.  It rather smells of something very soapy along with a hint of coconut water.  I am actually very confused about the usage as well as the smell and not to forget about the ingredients.  Now, coming to the usage part.  As per the directions, “wet face and neck.  Apply with cotton and wash after 5-10 minutes.”  I followed the same routine and could not see any oil or dirt coming out of my face.

Khadi Face Cleanser Cucumber Water

Then, I tried using it as a normal face wash. It did not lather though.  I just massaged my face with this liquid for 5 minutes and then rinsed the face with normal water, still no result.  The first thing that came to my mind was that I definitely had wasted my money.

Finally, I used it in a different way.  I washed my face with a normal face wash and then splashed this cucumber water on my face giving massage to the facial skin. After 2-3 minutes, I rinsed my face with plain water.  Now, I could see the squeaky cleanliness which I desired. Still my confusion regarding the toner or cleanser part has not cleared.  If somebody could please help me out!!! I have used this cucumber water for almost 4-5 days and now I have completely stopped using it.

Khadi Face Cleanser Cucumber Water

Pros of Khadi Face Cleanser Cucumber Water:

  • To be very frank, I could not find any as I am still confused.

Cons of Khadi Face Cleanser Cucumber Water:

  • I am not able to use it and hence this stands as the biggest con.

Finally, I would like to say that please do not buy any product just because it is presented in a fancy way and because it comes from a trusted and reputed brand. I am regretting buying this product and the only relief is that this product is inexpensive and did not cost me a lot.

Do I Recommend Khadi Face Cleanser Cucumber Water?

I would not at all recommend this product and would not buy it again.

IMBB Rating:

1/5 (1 point since the product is from the brand Khadi).

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9 thoughts on “Khadi Face Cleanser Cucumber Water Review

  1. Ii have this and I love it…its gives me a smooth skin after I wash it off..I also use this cucumber water to make different Khadi Face Pack pastes. It works this way try.

  2. reading the name, I thought it would be a toner….I mean, cucumber water is supposed to be a toner na? nicely reviewed….and you even tried using it in so many ways!! kudos!!

  3. aha..!!! i brought it 2 weeks back or so… and used it once.. and regretted buying it… 🙁 🙁 i am used to using 10- 12 drops of rose water for my bath and for now i have replaced rose water with this…. 🙂 ”do not buy any product just because it is presented in a fancy way and because it comes from a trusted and reputed brand.” sooo true…. 😀

  4. I was thinking about getting this because even i wanted to try something from Khadi. thanks for reviewing..:) now i will stay away from it.

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