Khadi Gold Glow Pack Review

Khadi Gold Glow Pack Review

Hello Girls,

How are you all doing? Well, before starting today’s review, I want to tell you all one thing. IMBB is really a stress buster. Whenever I am feeling down, I come to IMBB or write a few reviews and I tend to forget all my worries. Thanks to the whole IMBB team for making IMBB such an important part of our life.  Okay, let me tell you about my today’s product and how I picked it. Today, I am reviewing Khadi Gold Glow Pack. Most of my packs are either neem, tulsi or multani mitti types which are not suitable for this weather and makes my skin dry, so I was looking for a decent face pack to be used in this weather and I came across this one. I had pretty much good experience with Khadi products previously, so I thought let me give this a try.



INR 150 for 60 gm (50 gm plus 10 gm free).

Shelf Life:

2 years.

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Product Description:

An ayurvedic product which improves the skin texture. An ideal choice for instant glowing effect. It provides nourishing effect to the epidermal layer and makes it more lustrous and glowing.

Khadi Gold Glow Pack 2

Directions For Use:

Apply the paste on wet face, rub for 4-5 minutes, let it dry and wipe it with moist cotton.

Khadi Gold Glow Pack 3

My Experience with Khadi Gold Glow Pack:

The pack comes in the same packaging as the other clay packs or creams from Khadi.  A transparent tub with white paper showing details outside. A black lid which says Khadi, an inner aluminium foil which says Khadi all over it in maroon colour. I have love and hate kind of thing with this packaging. The aluminium foil prevents the pack to gather in the cap, but at the same time, when the foil is removed, lots of product gets stuck to the foil which you have to remove by your hand or you can just let it go.  The face pack is beige in colour and smells heavenly. It has a very pleasant herbal smell which you will love.  I did not apply the pack as mentioned, I did not rub it. I simply applied a thin layer of it with the face pack brush.


I did not mix it with rose water as the consistency is good enough to be used directly. The pack glides smoothly on face. It gave a stinging sensation, but just for a second. I kept it for 15 minutes post which I removed it. It was easy to remove as well. The pack gave me an instant glow and justifies the description which says “ideal choice for instant glowing effect.” My skin was glowing. Also, it did not make my skin dry. I just followed it with rose water and I was done.  I do not regret buying it.

Khadi Gold Glow Pack 5

Summing up the pros and cons for you:

Pros of Khadi Gold Glow Pack:

  • Affordable.
  • Easily available online.
  • Herbal smell which is very pleasant.
  • Gave instant glow, apt for use before any sudden plan.
  • Did not dry out my skin.

Cons of Khadi Gold Glow Pack:

  • Nothing, what more can you demand at such a price.

Do I Recommend Khadi Gold Glow Pack?

Yes, I will definitely buy it again once I finish this up. I will surely recommend this to you all. Try it once and I am sure you will not regret buying it.

IMBB Rating:


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26 thoughts on “Khadi Gold Glow Pack Review

  1. i think i am supposed to buy it online….otherwise can i find it in any stores..could u plss suggest?
    previously i used khadi neem face wash…it was good in summer….i would like to buy this for affordable price and instant glow i found the same with shehnaz hussain golden glow anti aeging facial…which gives instant glow and bit costly…i found the same similarities b/w this one and shehnaz hussain…so ill def go fot this one…thanks for the review *happy dance*

    1. Hi Vennie..
      M glad my review helped u.. 🙂
      You can find it in stores but I guess it is not available easily in stores.
      Online it is available almost on all the sites.

  2. Hii All,
    I want to try khadi products but in Bangalore I am still searching a proper store of khadi, plz guide me from where do I get khadi products in Bangalore?

  3. i have the one in merry berry and works similarly and i got that looking at the pink colour lol *hihi* *hihi* *hifive*

    1. Hi Bindia,

      I guess in delhi they are easily available. M nt from delhi so cud nt tell exactly where u can find it..
      But You can order it from Khadi website also

  4. Hi Anchal, liked your review on the Khadi product. I stay in Bangalore, I am not getting this in wellness stores. Even in khadi online store ( its not available. Can you please help me out in this?


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