MAC Studio Finish Concealer Review

MAC Studio Finish Concealer

MAC Studio Finish Concealer

A lightweight, creamy, discreetly opaque concealer. Provides a smooth, long-wearing invisible coverage for all skin blemishes. Water-resistant, fragrance-free and non-acnegenic. This emollient-based, lightweight concealer is so concentrated that a tiny amount can provide opaque coverage of the skin’s imperfections and discolourations. It effectively covers dark circles, blemishes, moles, tattoos and birthmarks. Enriched with antioxidants (derivatives of Vitamin A and Vitamin E), it also contains Silica to help adsorb the skin’s oils. It has an SPF of 35 and is available in a wide range of colours. It can be applied with a medium to firm fiber brush (try the 242 Brush), a latex sponge, or the fingertips.

Price – Rs 920 (India) for 7 gm

Why should you buy MAC Studio Finish Concealer?

The only criteria this time I had for a concealer was SPF. I wanted something that could give me a little coverage and has SPF for protection against the sun.Β  Since most concealers that I wanted to buy didn’t have any SPF in them, I straight away went to MAC to check this. This one has SPF 35.

Now the biggest problem was the colour selection. I use NC-40 foundation so I wanted to check NC-40 in concealer as well.Β  I don’t have dark circles per se, but I mainly have problem with under eye circles. So any ways, NC 40 look weird under my eyes.

NC-35- No, no!

NC-30-too light

Finally the MA decided to move on to the NW range. NW-40- too dark.Β  NW-35 Bingo! worked like a magic. I have no clue why it worked but it looked the best among all the shades that I tried earlier.It blended well with my foundation, my under eyes were mostly concealed and it was all happy-happy stage. πŸ™‚Mac Studio Finish Concealer

Some pointers about this concealer. This lives upto every single claim it states.

  • Light weight you would never feel that you have a concealer on.
  • Little goes a long way.
  • Waterproof- Apply it in morning and forget about your under eyes or blemishes showing. Do apply some powder on top to set it.
  • Super creamy- blends like a dream.
  • SPF-35- Protects your delicate under eye area.
  • Opaque. On sweep of it and it shows no blemishes, pimple scares etc. on your face.
  • Haven’t given me any break outs.
  • Does not settle into fine lines.
  • It’s so tiny that you would be gald to carry it around. πŸ˜›

Why should you NOT buy MAC Studio Finish Concealer?

  • The product is less for the price you pay. But honestly, it justifies its price.
  • It comes in a pot. I make sure to sanitise my hands before using it. You may also use a clean brush but I like to use my fingers to apply it.
  • It might look cakey because it is so heavily pigmented and thick that anything overdone would look like you are wearing a mask.
  • You might feel a little dryness under your skin after some time of applying it. So I suggest that you always apply an under eye cream under it, pat the excess cream with the tissue and then apply this concealer. or else it might accentuate your dry areas.

IMBB rating: 3.5/5+.5

MAC Studio Finish Concealer vs Colorbar Concealer : Although it’s not justified to compare the two brands because both are so close to my heart that I don’t want to keep one ahead of the other. But since you insist, here you go:

  • Price: MAC- Rs 920, Colorbar: Rs 425 Although both are worth it. πŸ™‚
  • MAC Studio Finish Concealer is creamier than Colorbar’s.
  • MAC Studio finish is completely opaque but Colorbar’s is buildable.Β  However, MAC SFC might lookΒ  heavy sometimes during the day because it would conceal just everything and you would have a perfect face. πŸ˜›
  • Loads of shades to choose from MAC Studio Finish concealer’s range while Colorbar has only three shades available.
  • MAC Studio finish Concealer is crease proof but Colorbar’s might crease sometimes especially during summers.
  • Palak complained that Colorbar’s concealer turns ashy on her mom’s eyes as her mom has bluish-purplish under eye circles. But personally I have never faced this problem. If you have very heavy dark circles and you need a full concealing then I guess MAC Studio Finish is a better option.

If you ask me to choose one over the other, I guess I won’t be able to do that. I still use Colorbar’s concealer a lot, especially during the day but if I am going for an evening/ night out, I like to use MAC Studio Finish.Β  πŸ™‚

My only tips would be that you test a lot of shades before purchasing this and definitely set your concealers with some loose or pressed powder.

Which concealer do you use? Any favourites?

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73 thoughts on “MAC Studio Finish Concealer Review

  1. when in doubt, settle with mac i say! they have something to suit everyone.

    my cheeks, nose and chin are weirdly pink/red and even a bit of warmth in the atmosphere has the blood rushing to my face. naturally, concealer is a blessing for me. in fact, most women don’t even need to use a foundation! a concealer is all it takes. seriously, the product is seriously unpopular and underrated, at least in india! WAKE UP WOMEN! realize the importance of having a quality concealer. you’ll be surprised with the results and will regret not using one sooner!

    p.s. – the perfect concealer is a shade lighter than your natural skin tone and that’s why nc 40 did not suit you.

    1. I know I didn’t realize it until I really used a concealer. I always used to double up my foundation for the concealer but after I have got a concealer, I guess my foundation has taken a back seat. I mostly use cocnealer and loose podwer and my base is set. That’s what i am gonna do all summers as well.

      Using the shade lighter than your foundation is a myth. Mostly women buy concelaers “two sades” lighter than their skin tone and then it it doesn’t blend into their foundation shade. Then it starts showing like reverse circles. And then you start looking like Celina Jaitley. πŸ˜› Also had this been the case, NC 30 would have looked just fine on me- the two shades lighter.

      NW range is a warm toned range and a warm toned concelaer under my eyes brought warmth to my whole face. This might not work for everyone but MAC gives you so much variety that you can always take a chnace to play with colours. πŸ™‚

      1. foundation is what’s supposed to be the same shade as the skin. concealer is always a shade lighter. NOT the same shade and NOT two shades lighter! you can look up bobbi brown’s views regarding this. you can’t disagree with the queen of natural looking makeup. i hope that clears up the confusion.

        1. Not disagreeing with you, sweetheart. Just that ‘shade lighter concealer’ (NC 35) funda didn’t work for me. However, whole undertone change worked for me. People swear by two shades and a shade lighter and it works for them. If it works, great. πŸ™‚

          See this?

          For some reason this worked for me as well. πŸ™‚

          1. *happydance*

            The 1 shade lighter rule for concealer is not 1 size fits all. There are several other variables that need to be accounted for. If you are covering something dark. The product used has to have enough pigmentation to cover without going ashy for example. You must take into account correcting the color and what you are concealing or brightening. There is a huge difference. The NW shade corrected the color for you. It’s all about the “why does it work?”

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment!
    I don’t know anything about make up
    and I certainly don’t know how to use
    it properly -shame on me- I’ll definitely
    read your blog, it looks very nice!

  3. Hey…nice review. I almost bought this along with some other stuff on Sat….but decided to buy an eyeshadow instead :p

    1. This is nice. I am yet to try so much stufff from MAC, just taking my sweet time. People rave about MAC e/s , would love to hear from you. πŸ™‚

  4. very detailed review, babes! I like the fact that MAC studio fix range products are opaque! yet to try concealer πŸ™‚

    Why “should” you or why “shouldnt” you? sorry, but am just trying to help you!

  5. Hey! Thks for the review.. I have been saving up to buy 1-2 prdts from MAC (finally, yea πŸ˜€ )

    This review helped.. πŸ™‚

    1. I know, Tanveer. We always have to save to up buy MAC products. They are so expensive but so far, I have always had a great experience with them. Most welcome. πŸ™‚

  6. Was looking for a perfect concealer for my terrible dark circles. I was planning to go MAC store after checking their website, since they have a wide range of shades.
    Now after reading your review i know which one to choose.
    thanks a lot.
    any idea abt MAKE UP FOR EVER concealers?

    1. Hi ani, we don’t get MUFE here in India or let’s say it’s not easily available. So never got to try it. But I have heard a lot about their HD ran ge. AMy be you could give it a try and let us know. πŸ™‚

  7. oh great review . seems like my mum shud give it a try πŸ˜€
    oh well , Rima just said the thing we hve all been reading in beauty magazines and stuff … But WE Indians have more or less similar problem .. discoloration around chin and under eye circles/bags .. this is mainly due to blue veins .. therefore NW35 seems to be a great option for Rati .. it neutralises the blue under the eyes and hence cover the circles .
    Just discovered it few days bags .. thats why concealer that may match your cheek perfectly may end up ashen under your eyes !

    n Yipeee … my chem paper just got over .. so happy πŸ™‚

    1. Palak, I am sowwie but I am actually as confused as Rima is. πŸ˜› And i think I have green veins. Ooopps!! I am all confused now. πŸ˜€

  8. hey rati thanks alot sweeety for the gr8 review really very helpful..u know on Friday i was in citywalk so i went to M.A.C to see whats my shade there and all so the MA their was telling me not to but studio finish she said its not good for under eye she was trying to sell me another one not the one that come in tube no a diff. one i forgot the name and i was gonna buy it and everything then they didnt have my shade in fresh piece so i went back home i looked again in the mirror i was not convinced with coverage thank god i didn’t buy it am confused again if i go she will insist that i buy that one i dunno WHAT TO DO i hate it that the sales person keep on standing and following u and force u to buy stuff and am a very shy person i sometimes buy stuff even if i dont want to because of that lol..any ways thankkkkkkks for the gr8 review and i anyways i check ur blog everyday :D…take care and happy women’s day

    1. Yasmina, actually I recently got to know someone at the MAC store through a friends. So I tae my time at trying and testing. In fact with this concealer, me and MA were taking my pics after trying every shade. lol!! Finally we agreed on MW-35. It was very funny but I would have tested and tried a lot of things before purchasing. When I am paying high for something, I would want to get the quality. Also if possible visit MAC store during weekdays, weekends are maddening and then they don’t give you enough time. Regarding the following thing, I always say “Thanks a lot but I’ll help myself. ” πŸ˜›

      And don’t be shy. You are paying for it, get the most of it. I would be visiting Select City Walk in a few days, if you want you may come and I’ll help you out. πŸ™‚ Mail me πŸ™‚

  9. well , I just tried to tell the under eye area seems slightly shadowy due to presence of bluish veins .. yes we have green veins(i.e we are warm neutral) but if you look closely in mirror .. yu’ll see blue veins ( Dont ask me the bio behind it, MAC SA told me that once)
    and to counteract the blue .. we need different shade of concealer for under eye circles i.e salmon (EVE PEARL style)
    and the MAC NW range is the prefect mix of peach and yellow tones .. makin it apt for under eyes circles(specifically)
    em I clear enough Now πŸ˜€

  10. rati ur very sweet seriously thanksss alot i will mail you and let me know when are u going : ) it will be gr8 to meet also πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks, Rati! Even I have no idea, lol. I heard it was supposed to be the first IMAX theater in Delhi with a MAC store in it. But I doubt if it has opened up yet.
        P.S.: Is the concealer you got in NW35 Studio Finish or Studio Sculpt? I can’t seem to find NW35 in Studio Finish but found it in Studio Sculpt on the MAC website. Also, do you feel it provides full coverage and is still not over-drying for the sensitive eye area? And do the MAC consultants in CityWalk really help you find the correct shade by advising you and letting you sample different colors? I am thinking of visiting the store sometime soon. :-))

        1. Winnie,

          have the studio finish concealer and it is a full coverage concealer. I always apply an eyecream before applying anything on my under eye area so never felt any drying effetc. It stays on my eyes all day long and never slips. Mine ins in NW 35. NOW most MAC MUAs at select city walk know me so they anyway help me around but back then when I was new to MAC they helped me with everything. I tried NC 40, NC 35 and NW 35. Infact i clicked my Comparative pics after trying different concealers and NW 35 looked the best on me. It still does.

          My criteria for choosing the concealer was full coverage and something that didn’t turn gray. This fulfills both the criteria.

          A lot of people complain about studio sculpt slipping during the day. If you find studio finish thicker try select cover up.

          here is my review on studio finish :

          1. Thanks for the tips, hun. I’ll go check out this concealer at the store soon. BTW, do you set it with just a setting powder, or do you use foundation before or after the concealer as well for the under-eye area? I am just loving your blog and thinking of starting my own soon. πŸ™‚

  11. Where u get the NON Comogenic and NON ancegenic info?? NOWHERE on their Site do that claim those are correct…I like MAC, but their foundation Studio ZITZ Broke me out BAD cus of how thick it is, and I DONT EVEN HAVE ANCE PRONE SKIN!

  12. MAC studio finish concealer is overrated. It is oily & not easy to apply. Under eye dark circles get a different/ghastly tint when you try to conceal with this. It certainly gives you a “made up” look.

  13. hey !!
    i have been using the colourbar concealer but thinking of switching to MAC.
    but i need help !

    with the MAC Concealer, which loose powder is suggested. Also would i need an additional foundation? i have a very fair skin tone but have had an acen history. so have a lot of acne marks over my skin. Please suggest

  14. I have never been a makeup person. The only thing I used to wear is a kohl and lipper. Period!! I have this lipstick fetish, for some strange reasons and I swear by YSL. Just love the colors. Now that the age clock is ticking πŸ˜› I have suddenly developed this interest in makeup πŸ˜‰ Still looking for that perfect foundation and primer and concealer :'( Phew! Such a task πŸ™ Recently purchased MAC Studio Finish concealer in NC 35. I am not really happy with the results. They probably gave me a wrong color :'( Then, I also bought something from Benefit- kinda-a gorgeous, which is quite nice but doesn’t give me the kind of coverage I want. It is good for office wear though, when you do not want that much coverage. Can somebody PLEASE help me !!

    1. Heard a lot about Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle concealer. Where can I buy that from?? Is it worth a try?

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