Lakme Eyeconic Mascara Review, EOTD

Lakme Curling Mascara Eyeconic

Lakme eyeconic mascara review

  • Smart curl brush
  •  Intense black finish

When I learnt lakme has come up with two new releases , a mascara and a kajal, I knew I had to get them. The reason being im liking lakme a lot these days, I think we all need to see how much lakme innovates and keep giving us more and more and being an indigenous brand that it is, I think it is really competitive and best in its own right. I recently started loving enrich satin lippies again after I bought 158 and 129 and 134 and 152 as well. So here goes my thoughts on the new Lakme Eyeconic Mascara.

Lakme eyeconic mascara tube

First of all I really love the packaging and the whole feel to it. Even the name has a ring to it . I understand they might have been inspired by some other brand doing well in terms of everyday kajal and mascara. Even the name eye-conic reminds of colossal’s eye-am 😛 but I not going to demean any beauty product uselessly which is new on the block. I am going to do a tiny comparison and no last word on which is better, colossal , hypercurl or eyeconic .:)

Lakme eyeconic mascara vs maybelline

I love the price point as well. At 250 of an introductory price, I think its going to do very well. I personally like the packing better than colossal or hypercurl. The tube they have is really long, the cuts it has are also very pretty. The brush is curled, meant for a better curl. Remember the mascara claims a curl, not thicken, lengthen or waterproof. Hence keep in mind it should do well on the curling department.

Lakme eyeconic mascara brush

The pack does not mention waterproof. I ran a test and it read out it is not waterproof at all. Again, I ran a time test for how long it takes to dry, it took me upto five minutes or may be more to dry the simple two coats , something I don’t like considering I appaly mascara last on eyemakeup agenda.

Another thing I saw is that it did not curl my lashes much like you can lashes are always poke straight even though I use all kinds of curling tools. The mascara would do better at curling someone’s else’s lashes than mine.

The finishes is semi dramatic for me. It does not lengthen my alshes but it just coats it thick black. I like two coats for this one . Removal can be a lesser pain considering its not waterproof. I use lakme remover in blue which I had reviewed and it leaves me all black eyed like all other mascara. But definitely it is an easy wash, not something like my covergirl lash blast.

Lakme eyeconic mascara

Since I dont own colossal , I am going to compare it with hypercurl. Hypercurl gives me better length I feel and more intense blackness. The cost I similar too and packaging lakme has is more impressive, I stand very confused whether I would buy this, colossal or hypercurl once I finish this.

Last word:
I cant deny that the product has a tremendous appeal to it. I can call it semi dramatic, not curling ,for myself. It is an easy to remove non waterproof mascara which will be liked by many. The long tube and the curled handle, everything on this one has great feel to it. Honestly I wasn’t floored by it but it offers a great variation in the market of mascara at this price point of 250. I am recommending this to everyone who wants a change from colossal and hypercurl. Over all, a nice fresh release from lakme.
Coming up next, eyeconic kajal review ☺

Rating: 3.9 on 5

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18 thoughts on “Lakme Eyeconic Mascara Review, EOTD

  1. Your eyes are very pretty… for some strange reason I can never get to curl my eyelashes properly.. i think i will not get this one. Btw hve you used Eyekonic Kajal on the upper eye lid..

  2. i wonder how much shopping u have done Neha :p
    i dnt think its tht great xcept for packaging… will buy the kajal def…… 😉

  3. since reading your review of the eyeconic kajal i was really looking forward to this review,but i am kinda disappointed i wud say….thanks to your review,i will stick to colossal for now
    P.S:the eotd is the same as the one on the lakme eyeconic kajal wala review na????

  4. i haven’t tried the eyeconic but from the before n after pics uve posted i can def say that the hypercurl as well as colossal mascara are waaay better….im itching to get my hands on the covergirl lashblast but so far haven’t come across ne store selling the brand….

  5. neha u got beautiful eyes 🙂 after reading ur review on eyeconic kajal i made up my mind to purchase it but after dis review i think i will stick to hypercurl only….!!

  6. Was soo tempted to buy this the other day! Whew! I think i’ll stick to my hypercurl, quite happy with it for now.
    You have pretty eyes!

  7. i guesss it looks nice for a daily wear mascara and especially when you are going to work you want just polished well groomed kinda look. but yeah easily skippable. I am so loving million lashes neha. You have to try it 😀 loved your eyes. 🙂

  8. Noo..i cnt b hpy wd it..its really kinda very curly to me..
    I cnt wear it properly..even if it does the lashes stingless!:/

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