Lakme Glide-On Eye Color- Deep Teal

Lakme Glide-On Eye Color- Deep Teal

  • Crushed gemstones sprinkled with the brilliance of precious metals.
  • For eyes that reflect the stars.
  • Price: Rs.275

This week has been Lakme week for me 😛 I am loving the three blushes I reviewed in the past three days. i picked up many Enrich Satins for regualr wear because I do think the formula on the Enrich Satins is amazing, provided they comeup with new colors, (not browns puhlease!) they would be a hit again. At the moment, i have some 8 favorite shades from Enrich satins lipsticks which I will do a collective post on. 🙂
Lakme glide on eye color deep teal

Coming to the eye pencil, somehow eye pencils never hurt the pocket I feel and also finish soon enough to buy some more and are always in use . So I thought after my review of the “Shimmer green” shade, which was quite a hit on the FB IMBB page,I assumed girls love eye pencils and hence would love this kind of shade, “Deep Teal”.

The deal with this shade is that it is not a true teal for me, but it is a very wearable blue, for someone who wants to venture in/out of navy blues or the blue I wore here from Colorbar. This is the perfect blue, not very dressy but stillvery glam and anyone could wear it easily.


The pencils cost Rs.275 and are very smooth for the cost. I have seen these four shades to the best of my knowledge, Deep teal, Shimmer green , Aquamarine and Vivid blue. The shade i thought was teal blue was actually “deep teal”. 😛 This color is absolutely matte, no shimmer or pearl effect, pure matte.


The texture of the pencil is just right, its not buttery, crumbly or brittle , but just right soft, correct pigmentation and correct strength without breaking much  it glides on very smoothly, doesn’t tug at all and works great for a day wear as well in place of a black liner.The quality on these is great.

These stay on for three to four hours on oily lids before they smudge a bit. If you don’t have oily lids, these will last you longer, also you can seal them with shadow if you want but on their own too, these are good enough not to smudge. But these are unlike the Eyeconic kajal, which doesn’t smudge at all!

These are great as a base or an eyeshadow as well because of the great texture and finish. I have tried it only as an eye pencil.

When I remove it, it leaves behind a lot of blue tint around the lid. Secondly  it could have been more smudge-proof,not that it is bad not but just wishing for something better.apart fromthis , I dont have any complaints.

 Last word:

Try one for sure,For Rs.275, these are very soft and creamy and stay on a decent time.This matte blue color is a great replacement to your regular black eye pencil.

IMBB Rating:
4.5 on 5

PS: No mascara, no concealer used, it would look better when you use both. 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Lakme Glide-On Eye Color- Deep Teal

  1. i used to like the heena gold a lot. loved this one as well. teals are my super favs when it come sto color fro eyes. looks lovely on your eyes. 🙂

  2. wow.. i love it. i am definitely gonna get this. you have awesome skin Neha. your eye area looks so good even without concealer 🙂

  3. Please show us the beautiful face also. Everyone love ur LOTD & EOTD. i am sure we will get umpteen votes for a FOTD if we do a poll.

  4. in ur welcome article, sanjeev ji mentioned v cud recognise ur LOTDs from miles away but actually even ur EOTDs r legendary! i wud recognise these beautiful eyes anywhere! u cud throw on brick powder on ur eyes n m sure it’ll tempt me to buy it 😀 beautiful eyes ya! n i looovvveee me some teal too! its so nice to break away from the regular black n experiment with diff colors 🙂

  5. Hey neha is there on product that would ever not look good on you! Nope i dont think so!!!!!!!!!!! yaar trust me you should be a model.These brands owe you bug time for your swatches!!!!!!!!!!!!

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