L’occitane Angelica Hydration Cream Review

L’occitane Angelica Hydration Cream

loccitane angelica hydration cream review

Claims : A fresh and silky-smooth cream which hydrates efficiently the skin and restore its vitality. L’OCCITANE’s patented angelica complex reinforces natural skin hydration by stimulating aquaporines, improves skin elasticity and protects from free radicals.

Price : Rs 2,995 for 50 ml


Promises :
-Reinforces natural skin hydration by stimulating the synthesis of aquaporins, water channels of cells membranes that improve the circulation of water from the dermis to the epidermis (In vitro test: +39%) -Improves skin elasticity and protects from free-radicals
-Avoids water evaporation

My Experience:

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L’occitane is by far my favourite skin care, and hair care brand . It’s vary rarely that I am not impressed with their products. I have normal to dry skin. My T zone gets oily during humid weather but other than that it’s just normal. I am always in a look out for hydration facial products. Angelica Hydration cream sounded perfect for my skin care needs. Even the ingredients looked promising.

Some of the good things about the Angelica hydration cream are:

  • It is a water based light textured cream. The texture is almost like a light gel lotion and feels uber luxurious on skin.
  • Once absorbed, skin feels very supple and moist.
  • For summers I like it both for day and night.
  • It spreads easily and you need very little of it for every usage.
  • It has worked great during the ultra dry air in flights. My skin never felt stretchy with this on.
  • It smells of lovely earthy herbs. The smell may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I like it. The fragrance does not linger long but till the time the fragrance lingers, I enjoy it.
  • I like using it as a mask as well. Apply a thick layer of it, leave it for a while and then wipe your face clean with a damp cotton pad. It leaves the skin very soft.
  • Comes in a lovely glass jar, which does not eat up too much space while travelling.
  • It keeps the skin hydrated for long hours. In fact, I barely feel the need to reapply it till night.
Now I totally did not enjoy using this cream because:
  • It makes my face so super sweaty. No other cream has made me sweat like this has. I finally had to buy another day cream and use this for night. I personally feel it is quite light for a night cream but in summers it works just fine. If I apply very teeny bit of it then it works fine but just a tad bit more and it takes time to get absorbed. By the time it gets absorbed, I am sweating like a pig. Grrr… It becomes a pain to do makeup after I apply this cream.
I would have loved if this cream had worked for me. But unfortunately, it didn’t. 🙁 The last thing I want (especially during monsoons) is a sweaty face.
I , however , would still like to try the Angelica Hydration Mask. 
Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating : 2.9/5

loccitane angelica hydration cream

loccitane angelica hydration cream


loccitane angelica hydration cream swatch

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30 thoughts on “L’occitane Angelica Hydration Cream Review

  1. Aww sad! Good luck with the mask. You can try the shea butter mask, works fab…wanted to review since long but hesitate, donno if am fit enough to write for IMBB!

        1. Rashmita, if you are sending, please send in the full review along with the photos. You may check the details on the Jobs page. Would really appreciate that. 🙂

  2. U knw wat i wana to review this product
    As the worst cream i h ever used..
    Mine is oily skin and it makes my skin
    Super duper oily n gv me breakouts..
    Really my worst purchase …!!!

    1. oh god! I am so not happy with the product . Thankfully it never broke me out but it made my life really hard. It did more good to my skin than bad but honestly, i dont apply a moisturizer to get a sweaty face. grrr….

  3. you are a good girll Rati. Jar is quite empty and you have made good use of it though it didnt work as well it should have especially for a price like that..:). I so badly want that one miracle product that will make my face super smooth, shine and look flawless. i dont mind spending the money but am equally kind of skeptical just incase those products work after spending so much money

    1. i took such a long time to review this product aruna. for the first few days i kept blaming my skin and the weather only but with the continuous usage i have realized that there was problem with the cream only because nothing else behaves this way on my skin. Really i wanted to make a good use out of it because it worked just fine on my skin. dint have heart to throw 3k in a bin.

      you try FE products?

      1. makes sense ya. 3K is quite a bit and you have to be absolutely sure thats its just not working before you get rid of it. I have tried FE but only the ubtan and the facial mist. Ubtan didnt work at all (turmeric messes my skin up) and the facial mist was just abt ok. I need one honest SA who will tell me exactly what my skin type is (think its combination becos its definitely not dry and my nose is oily) and recommend some really good skincare for me. for me right now its kind of trial and error most of the time..using Olay since that is the only one that hasnt broken me out.

        ok without going on and on, it would suffice to say that I am still in the search for that perfect skincare system.

        1. hey aru..I too have combination skin T zone being oily and area around mouth quite dry..why dont you give vichy’s normaderm range a try? I totally swear by it!

          1. oh ok..i dont mind doing that. but I have the age factor too so I might need somethng more advanced you think or will Vichy work on mature skin too?

            1. Aru, I’ve used the Vichy’s Normaderm range n I totally agree that the products are fab. U can probably start with the night moisturizer, I love the face wash too. 🙂
              Another range I strongly recommend would be the Clinique 3-step. It corrects any problems so well. I am a type-3 myself (combination-oily) n the products have so drastically improved my skin! 🙂 And Clinique guys do suggest a good night cream for girls of every age (they have some fantastic non-oily ones)
              oops.. I was ranting 😛

  4. Hi Rati,

    Nice review ,..I also have the same opinion about this mask…..my skin is combination but I bought this for winter and am not at all impressed with it

      1. No Rati,..sorry I typed mask by mistake.. Im using this cream as a night cream atm.Im also using the cleanser and toner as well.

        I didnt buy the mask as it will be more heavy for my skin ,…more suitable for dry skin I guess

  5. Nice review Rati! If it made u sweat then I can only imagine what it would do to my combination-oily skin 🙂 I think they have a Red Rice range for oily skin na? Maybe I should try that.
    Rati, which moisturizer r u using now for daytime?

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