L’Occitane Citrus Verbena Daily Use Shampoo Review

L’Occitane Citrus Verbena Daily Use Shampoo Review

I finished using the Verbena shampoo. So, thought would review it for you guys.

loccitane verbena shampoo

Product Claims:

This daily-use shampoo gently cleanses your hair without irritating the scalp. Enriched with organic verbena extract, purifying lemon essential oil and softening linden floral water, it restores softness, shine and vitality to hair. The sparkling and zesty scents of citrus fruits leave hair fresh and pleasantly perfumed. Suitable for all hair types.

Ingredients :


Price : 1,150 for 250 ml.

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l'occitane verbena shampoo review

Pros and Cons

  • It smells amazingly citrusy and lemony and leaves a gorgeous fragrance behind. Although I feel that if you use the conditioner of the same range, it would leave your hair smelling really fragrant. Since I use a separate conditioner, I end up having the conditioner fragrance in my hair as opposed to the shampoo.
  • It leaves the scalp squeaky clean without having to use a ton of products. Even when I had oiled my hair, I didn’t need a lot of shampoo to wash my hair. It lathers quite well.
  • It is not the mildest shampoo I have used so far, but it is still quite mild I would say.
  • It does not leave my hair frizzy or tangled.
  • It neither hydrates my hair nor leaves them very dry. I would say it is a great shampoo for those with oily scalp, but not for those with dry hair and scalp.
  • It did not cause any hair fall.
  • It did not leave my hair limp but did not add any volume either.
  • It does not leave any residue behind on washing.
loccitane verbena shampoo swatch

I would say that it is a nice shampoo but it was not the best I have used so far. Except the awesome fragrance it has, I did not find it great for my dry hair. I still love my L’Occitane shampoo and conditioner combo the best so far and guess, I’d stick to that.

However those with oily scalp should give it a shot.

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating : 3.5/5

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15 thoughts on “L’Occitane Citrus Verbena Daily Use Shampoo Review

  1. Nice review Rati,….

    Do you find you get used to the L’occitane repairing shampoo and conditioner ?

    I have been using that combo for more than 6 months now and dont feel the “wow” factor anymore ,…..im waiting till i finish the last bit, use some other shampoo for a short while and come back to this one ,…

  2. I totally agree with ur review Rati….although i wud like to add that the claim of providing softness and shine is absolutely true…my hair had lost its silkyness for reasons unknown..but this shampoo totally returned the softness and shine…i love it solely for that…the SA suggested me this shamppoo after i said i have an oily scalp with dandruff…it did nothng for the dandruff part..:P but i m still happy with it coz it does wat it claims 🙂

  3. i love citrusy and lemony fragrance in shampoos 🙂 and me with oily scalp would love to try it… 🙁
    bt quite expensive for a shampoo!!!! :'(

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