Bottega Verde Cherry Blossom Body Milk Review

Bottega Verde Cherry Blossom Body Milk Review

Hi girls!

This is my first review post on IMBB 🙂

I will be reviewing Fiori di Ciliegio (Cherry Blossom) Body milk by Bottega Verde. Bottega Verde is an Italy-based brand that cultivated a passion for artisans to produce and sell high-quality cosmetics based on natural active ingredients. Bottega Verde was already an extremely successful business in the early 90s, and is now a well-established name, standing at number one in Italy today 🙂

Bottega Verde Body Milk

After this short history lesson, let’s now move over to the review :). I never really read the name of this body milk carefully, considering the complicated name it’s got :P, but using a sample once, I knew I had to have it 🙂

Name: Fiori di Ciliegio (Cherry Blossom) Body milk by Bottega Verde.

The 40 ml tube I bought (shown above) had a good amount of product in it. The consistency of the gorgeous baby pink fluid is perfect, spreads evenly on the skin and does not feel heavy on my skin after application.

Claims: “Intense, soft and velvety, this is much more than just a nourishing milk” and I have to say, Bottega Verde has stood up to its claims about the product. It immediately gives a smooth and supple feel after application. The fragrance is stronger, and undoubtedly, utterly feminine, as compared to other body milk products I have come across.


It dissolves quickly into the skin, so you don’t feel like you have a layer of body cream on your skin, and at the same time, it gives a nourishing and softening effect. I have naturally oily skin and feel that this lotion is great for people who don’t want an oily or heavy feel 🙂

Directions of use are as shown in the image below.


The three things I ADORE about this are (I haven’t found a more appealing body milk in terms of the following two characteristics):
1) Makes your skin feel extremely soft and sensuous.
2) Extremely light on skin.
3) The most gorgeous smelling body milk ever.


1) Biological Agriculture Shea Butter.
2) Jojoba Oil.
3) Honey.



1) Shea butter gives an uniquely smooth and soft feel to the skin.
2) Super light on skin.
3) Absorbs quickly into the skin.
4) Perfect consistency, hence minimal product required.
5) The perfect feminine body milk, I swear by its scent! If you like nothing about this, (which is a rare case), you would at least love the scent! 😀
6) Dermatologically tested.
7) Compatible for all skin types.


1) That it hardly has any cons in terms of the quality! 😉
2) Availability 🙁

I purchased this body milk from Doha, Qatar, so I’m pretty sure all Gulf Countries must have it. If you have a friend back in Qatar, Dubai, Oman, Bahrain or any other Gulf country, you should try getting your hands on this 🙂


Around 500-600 INR for a 40 ml tube. You can purchase it (guess it’s gotten cheaper!!) from here.

Bottega Verde also has some offers running and free shipping at $30, so you might like to check them out!

The review above itself, mentions SO much about the fragrance! 😉

This is, by far, the most flowery and feminine lotion I have come across. It makes you feel like you’ve got flowers blooming on you 😀 haha! Sometimes, I think it’s a wonderful replacement for the good old perfume 😉 I took around 30-40 samples of other skin products by Bottega Verde, and plan to buy some soon! Let me know how you liked my review, and do share your thoughts on the product! 🙂

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