Loreal Studio Secrets Professional One sweep Eyeshadow-Playful Brown Eyes

Loreal One sweep Eyeshadow-Playful Brown Eyes

Hi friends..

Hope all of you are enjoying cool pink weather… 🙂 Today am going to review Loreal Paris one sweep eye shadow, which is really a great choice for beginners like me in make up!! I enjoy wearing eye shadows without any extra primer, eye brushes headache or any mess. Thanks to Loreal for launching such an easy applicable trio eye shadow. Read on further to fall in love with this trio..

loreal studio secrets one sweep eyeshadow palyful brown


$ 8.97, may vary store to store


It comes in glass box with applicator and mirror inside. The powdery textured shade is visible from outer glass cover as it is transparent hence it becomes easy to pick it up without even opening the box.

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loreal studio secrets one sweep eyeshadow palyful brown

Loreal Studio Secrets Professional One Sweep Eye Shadow comes in two different Natural & Playful palettes with 8 shades namely: Natural All eyes, Natural Brown eyes, Natural Green eyes, Natural Blue eyes, Playful All eyes, Playful Brown eyes, Playful Green eyes and lastly Playful Blue eyes. I have brown eyes and I was interested in Playful look hence I chose Playful Brown Eyes palette.

loreal studio secrets one sweep eyeshadow palyful brown (4)

Application Instructions for Professionally designed Eyes:

Right Eye: Fit Curve of applicator to curve of powder and sweep down.
Sweep across right eye lid

Left Eye: Flip applicator around & sweep up.
Sweep across left eyelid

What Loreal says about One sweep Eyeshadow-Playful Brown Eyes :
loreal studio secrets one sweep eyeshadow palyful brown (5)

Discover a secret to a complete eye look in one easy sweep with Studio Secrets Professional The One Sweep Eye shadow. The unique applicator is designed to fit your eye shape to define, color and highlight your eyes in one easy sweep. The beautifully co-ordinated shadows come in natural or playful palettes expertly designed to enhance your eye color. Discover your stunning eye look.

My Experience with One Sweep Eyeshadow:

loreal studio secrets one sweep eyeshadow palyful brown (6)

I was really happy to get this palette as there was no need of brushes or searching for eye tute for applying 3 shades in one go seriously! The moment I reached home I started experimenting with it. I just read all the instructions and tried my hands on eye shadow finally.. Just for good definition I applied Loreal foundation around the eye area and then swept some eye shadow applicator on left & right eyes one by one as per the given instructions and all set! Its really easy-peasy to sweep it over the eyes. And we get 3 shades in just one sweep over eyes yay!My palette contains all 3 shimmering shades, first one is light peach tending to skin color, then golden, and lastly Purple.

loreal studio secrets one sweep eyeshadow palyful brown (2)

They have silky smooth texture and glide smoothly over eyes. I loved to observe their 6 hours staying power even on my oily skin. I must say the quality of eye shadow is really good as it didn’t cause irritation or any itching on my eyes, I was worried a little as its my only second chance of applying eye shadow since the day of my wedding. But Thankfully I didn’t experience any kind of problem while wearing them for more than 6 hours. One more thing which I noticed was that the colors look dark and pigmented on palette but on the eyes they are not as dark, you end up soft dramatic eyes. Initially it may be troublesome to get all 3 shades successfully on eyes in one go as it is standard size applicator and if your hands shake then you get no second chance to correct your mistake. But practice makes perfect, that’s how I finally achieve my playful look.It may not be perfect but it would still fetch comliments from my hubby and others. Nobody was able to judge if its just one sweep magic for a fresher to eyemakeup like me.. 😛

loreal studio secrets one sweep eyeshadow palyful brown (8)

Lets sum up pros & cons:

Pros of One sweep Eyeshadow-Playful Brown Eyes :

• Unique applicator applies 3 shades in one sweep.
• Packaging comes with mirror & applicator.
• Soft & pigmented eye colors which smooth on eyes gracefully.
• It’s really easy to wear this eye shadow as per application instructions.
• Quality of eye shadow is too good, didn’t cause irritation on skin.
• Long staying power, up to 6 hours in my case.
• Its great choice for any skin type.
• No need of separate brush or other eye shadows to get 3 shades.
• It’s a wonderful choice for beginners in eye makeup.

loreal studio secrets one sweep eyeshadow palyful brown (3)

Cons of One sweep Eyeshadow-Playful Brown Eyes :

• Colors on one single palette are limited, you have to compromise with the shades.
• Availability.

Right now I can hardly think of any con honestly. I have totally fallen for this eye shadow and going to grab my two other shades namely Natural Brown eyes & Playful All Eyes for more looks in an easy way..  I think I will try all shades of brown eyes till I get bored. I highly recommend them to every beginner especially who loves to wear eye shadow but don’t know how to wear them correctly! Though I did not achieve a professional look but still I am happy with what I did!

Hope you liked my review!!

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26 thoughts on “Loreal Studio Secrets Professional One sweep Eyeshadow-Playful Brown Eyes

    1. yeah.. its my best finding till date.. 🙂 A must have for freshers like me, who dnt knw which brush is for eye n which for lippy.. 😛
      I was truely excited for its intro here!! soon going for other 2 shades.. 🙂

  1. this is such a wonder product neetu! glad we get all the colors to show up on the lid! but we dont get such nice things in India!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanx dear.. 🙂 yep its unique in itself! Such a nice way of trying hands on eye make up for dumboes like me.. 😛

  2. its a good technique introduced by loreal bt sadly i saw a review on youtube abt a makeup guru nt really liking it…. she said that the shadows r nt that pigmented…. bt if u love it then awesome 🙂 Thanks fr sharing!!!! 🙂

    1. Is dat so!! I never saw its review strange!! Dnt knw abt others bt Am loving it may be coz i hardly knw any professional make up skills. As i said its great for beginners who love doing make up bt hardly know any skills!! Am lovin it no doubt.. 🙂

  3. I love the final eye look..but from the swatches ..am sorry but I could not make out the colors clearly ! The applicator is definitely unique..but am comfortable with brushes ! Overall, nice review Neetu.. Keep them coming !:)

    1. Yeah.. they are bit lighter than palette.. u r right those who are masters in brushes & eye makeup will definitely find it okay okay… :p it’s for beginner’s or someone who is rushing in hurry!!

    1. Aww thanx you liked it.. 🙂 I saw maybelline swatches, those are Damn cute & perfect, just flawless!! I wish I cud ever learn art of handling brushes properly.. :p am trying to get that pellet first.. 🙂

  4. Yayy! So you finally ventured into eyemakeup too 🙂
    Now you can start hoarding awesome palettes and practice with brushes etc 🙂
    This one is such a great product for beginners!

    1. ha ha ha.. 😀 yeah, slowly slowly trying hands in eye make up courtesy: gorgeous IMBB tutes.. 🙂 Will have to recall all tutes before handling brush.. 😛 Hope you all will help me!!

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