Lotus Professional PhytoRx Whitening and Brightening Polisher Review

Skin-type: Combination and acne prone
Hello sweeties,
Scrubs are one of the essential parts of the skin-care routine especially during the hot summer days when the skin becomes an oil factory! I got this scrub probably 3 months ago and use it once every-day. And now that I am about to finish the tube, I thought I will review it up for you guys because trust me, this is one of the best scrubs available in the Indian market! So scroll to read more about this one. 
Lotus phytorx whitening and brightening polisher review

Price: Rs 325 for 100 grams
Suitable for: All skin types

Product Description by Lotus:
PhytoRx whitening and brightening polisher gently exfoliates the skin, removes dirt, impurities, blackheads and whiteheads. This unique potent formula with Amla berry, Lychee and Punarnava root extracts improves dull and uneven skin tones and softens the skin texture.
Directions of use: Dampen face and neck. Apply polisher in dots all over the face with wet fingers in anti-clockwise direction. Rinse well with warm water.

My Experience with Lotus Professional PhytoRx Whitening and Brightening Polisher:

Packaging: The Lotus skin polisher comes in a white tube which nicely resembles the whitening and the brightening claim. The tube is attractive-looking and handy too. It has an inverted structure which nicely lets out the scrub without squeezing a lot. It has a flip-cap which is convenient to use and does not harm my long nails. The details are very well mentioned on the tube and the claims are really attractive. Any woman would fall for it and give it a shot and that shot will be totally worth it because this is an amazing scrub.

Texture, Consistency, Smell and Feel on the skin: The scrub comes in pure white colour which resembles the name. They have written on the top that it does not have any colour but I have always felt that it does. I don’t know I might be wrong! It has a pleasant powdery lychee and berry scent which freshens up my mood. It has big scrubby granules which I totally loved because I am more into harsh scrubs. The granules are huge and abrasive on the skin which means deep cleansing. People who like gentle scrubs won’t really like this but this is one scrub which everyone needs to try because it is amazing. The texture is thick, the way I like it. It does not give me any rashes or does not irritate my skin too.
tube opening

Results: Oh my God, I was impressed with this scrub from the very first time I used it. The scrub makes my skin instantly soft and the surface of my skin becomes super smooth and even. Before using it I had little bumps, dry and flaky skin but the moment I scrub my face with this, the texture of the skin is evened out. And my skin stays the same way the entire day. Next thing is the main claim, whitening and brightening and it totally stayed true to it. I can see visible brightness and whiteness in the very first use. It won’t make you fair or white but it helps to get me my original skin-tone which I had lost due to tanning. My skin looks super fresh and bright. I just loved the effects and the results are not temporary, it vanishes tan and darks spots with regular use too. It cleans my blackheads, whiteheads and cleans the impurities too leaving my skin squeaky clean. I highly recommend this scrub and I am sure it won’t disappoint you!

Pros of Lotus Professional PhytoRx Whitening and Brightening Polisher:

• Handy and attractive looking tube.
• Good quantity.
• An entire range available for better results.
• Flip-cap.
• The scrub is abrasive and harsh but not harsh to hurt your skin.
• It deeply cleans every impurity from my skin be it dirt, sebum or whiteheads.
• Creates an even smooth surface on my skin just after the first use.
• Does make my skin look brighter and whiter instantly.
• The brightening effects are not temporary.
• Leaves my skin clean, clear, soft and smooth.
• The dull skin layer goes away revealing fresher and brighter skin.
• No side effects such as break-outs or itching.

Cons of Lotus Professional PhytoRx Whitening and Brightening Polisher:

• Might be a little too abrasive for sensitive skin.

IMBB Rating: 4.9/5

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Lotus Professional PhytoRx Whitening and Brightening Polisher?
Yes, yes and yes! This one and the Apriscub from Lotus are two of my favourites and will always be on the top scrubs list! Do get it without any doubt and you will surely thank me later 😛

I have tried the entire range, so stay tuned for more reviews from this range!

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