Lush Soak and Float Solid Shampoo Review

By Gunjan S.

Hair Type: Normal scalp prone to dandruff, wavy-curly hair with dry ends

Hi ladies,

First things first, please sit back and be ready for this review to be a little long. This is my first review on IMBB and I could not be more excited. I have been a silent visitor here for years and this is one of my favorite websites. So moving on to the product I will be reviewing today, it’s from a brand that has always been close to my heart – Lush! When I moved to US from India 4 months ago, due to the change in water and other factors, my hair started falling off way more than normal; also, I started noticing dandruff. As I was busy adjusting to my new life here, initially I did not pay much attention. But as I started feeling that my braid was thinning, it worried me. I tried many hair packs and switched shampoos, but nothing seemed to work. One day when I spotted a Lush store here, I jumped  with joy and instantly went in. I was checking out their shampoo bars and the SA came to me and listened to my problems patiently. She suggested Soak and Float shampoo bar to me as I was mainly concerned about dandruff issue and felt this was the reason behind accelerated hair fall and yes you guys, I was so right. Read on to know about this shampoo bar from Lush and to find out whether it worked for me or not.

Lush Soak and Float Solid Shampoo

Product Description: Saves sore, dry or itchy scalps. Soothes and balances irritated scalp and leaves locks with a warm, sweet scent.
$12.95 and approximately 868 INR.

Lush Soak and Float Solid Shampoo ingredients

My Experience with Lush Soak and Float Solid Shampoo:

Packaging: Coming to the packaging, it is a ‘naked’ product i.e. it comes without any packaging 😛 Though Lush separately sells the reusable tins to store these shampoo bars, I just bought the shampoo bar and stored it in one of the other tins I had at home.

Lush Soak and Float Solid Shampoo bar

The way I use it, I wet the bar and slide it across my head three to four times and that’s enough for washing my waist-length hair. Then, I massage my scalp gently with finger tips for about two minutes and rinse out.

Performance: I have been using this solid shampoo bar for about a month now and I wash my hair every 4th day and this little thing works! The bar fits perfectly in my palm and it has rose and marigold petals sticking on to it all over. How cool is that! Every time I wash my hair, it makes me feel like a princess because of the flower petals and scent. It smells amazing to me and it fills up the entire bathroom when I leave the tin open. It’s a warm-sweet scent that I just love sniffing all the time. The scent lingers on for quite long after washing the hair and it remains in the hair for almost two days. I do not see any dandruff whatsoever on my scalp and my hair feels great. It looks and feels healthy. The best part is that it worked on my dandruff without making my hair any more dry. In fact, my hair feels even smoother than before.

Pros of Lush Soak and Float Solid Shampoo:

  • Works wonderfully on dandruff.
  • Does not dry hair out when you use it with a conditioner. I have been using it along with Dove conditioner and my hair feels smoother than before.
  • Smells amazing of natural oils.
  • Hand made product – rose and marigold petals look aesthetically pleasing not to mention the goodness of them.
  • Cost effective as this is a concentrated shampoo and claims to last for up to 80 washes as informed by the SA. I have been using it for a month and I barely see any difference compared to its original size.
  • Travel-friendly product, saves a lot of space and is mess proof.

Cons of Lush Soak and Float Solid Shampoo:

  • Contains SLS as its first ingredient.
  • I need to give it time to dry completely before putting it back into the tin, otherwise it becomes gooey.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Lush Soak and Float Solid Shampoo?
Most definitely yes. I will keep buying this particular variant and also try their other bar named ‘New’ as I like alternating my shampoos. So girls, give this treat to your hair specially if you have dandruff and thank me later in the comments ?.

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