MAC Flighty Collection Mascara, Big Bounce Eyeshadow Swatches

MAC Flighty Collection 

MAC Flighty Collection Info : Elevate your state of mind with a high-altitude collection of sensually spongy watercolour whipped mousse cream shadows in 16 hues that fly higher than gravity’s rainbow. A new formula innovation in luminescent washes that build from sheer to medium easily. Eye plumage is playful with four limited-edition shades of Zoom Lash Mascara certain to unleash a torrent of Tweets.

MAC Flighty Collection includes 4 limited edition coloured Zoom Lash Mascaras. (Review HERE and HERE )

mac flighty collection mascara




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Price : Rs 850/-

mac flighty collection mascara

Swatches :


Green is Green : A tealish green color

High Esteem : A deep grey

Plum Reserve : A purple plum

Blue Charged : A royal blue

mac flighty collection mascara swatch

mac flighty collection mascara swatch

Big Bounce Eyeshadows : Rs 1,100

mac flighty collection Big bounce Eyeshadows

mac flighty collection Big bounce Eyeshadow texture


These are like shimmery mousse textured eyeshadow. They almost felt like semi liquid. I found them a little messy to handle .Also i found that they were wet for quite long and took time to set and dry down. The same product in a wand applicator tube or a tube in general would have been easier to control and better to use.


Rich, Sweet : It is a chocolaty metallic finish shimmery taupe eyeshadow.

My Sweet Indulgence : Shimmery Metallic military green

Luxury Touch : A metallic purple plum

Fresh Thrills : Shimmery silver grey

Trophy : A peachy champagne

Cool Elite : A shimmery pearly white

mac flighty collection Big bounce Eyeshadow swatch

mac flighty collection Big bounce Eyeshadow swatch


Sizzlin’ Diva : High metallic copper bronze

Extra Charged : A medium teal green

Black Diamond : Black with silver shimmers

Count Your Assets : Silvery greyish purple

Reward Yourself : A peachy gold

Spread the wealth : A light khaki green

mac flighty collection Big bounce Eyeshadow

mac flighty collection Big bounce Eyeshadow

Overall it Flighty was a sweet and small overall collection.

I personally liked the High Esteem and Blue Charged Mascara. I found the eyeshadows to demanding to work with but colorwise I really liked Rich, Sweet, Luxury Touch, Sizzlin’ Diva and Black Diamond.

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29 thoughts on “MAC Flighty Collection Mascara, Big Bounce Eyeshadow Swatches

  1. OMIGOSH……. they look absolute beuaties… Every one of them is so good and they look classy too… None of them is too dark in color & hence one can wear them easily.. Nice review Rati.. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  2. if i get any of these shadows then i’ll definitely look like a witch :stars: :stars: :stars: luv the colors bt too messy for me :yikes: :yikes: :tongue:

  3. The mascaras look cute. :preen: Colorful and simple. :dumb:
    But I can’t even imagine myself wearing those e/s. 😐 I’m not patient enough to work with them. :nababana: I’ll look like a :daayan: if I try. :stars:

      1. ….Try karna chahti hoon. Magar try nahi kar sakti na. 😐 😐 Aur upar se it’s a temporary collection. :struggle:
        Rati,do you know of any coloured mascaras that I can find easily? Muzhe try karne ka bahut man kar raha hai. :preen:

  4. The mascaras look amazing, especially the grey one! :woot: :woot: I’m definitely going to buy that one. I usually never wear a mascara because I hate the extra-black effect it generally gives. But grey mascara = genius! :toothygrin: :happydance: I am as clumsy with eye shadows as a 3-year old with water colours. :silly: I keep meaning to watch some basic eye make up tutorial on IMBB but laziness always prevents it. :stars:

  5. Wow.. Colored mascaras are going to be all the rage I guess… Loving the blue… I’ve always been curious to try out colored mascaras but been shy… :shying: :shying:
    And I wonder if these cream eye shadows will crease. They probably need a good primer. And I love rich sweet and spread the wealth. But a close dupes of these would be French Fries and Lime from NYX jumbo eye pencils. :specs:

    1. oh they’d def crease PS. You see the texture, it is quite thin and sort od takes time to dry down. I agree they need a smooth strong base to work with.

      thanks for the dupes. 🙂

  6. I like the grey mascara, good for daily wear na? for natural look. 🙂
    but the eye shadows seems hard to work with! only a pro like you can handle it, not for novice like us.. :nababana:
    How is semi liquid better than normal eye shadows? ?:) better staying power?

    1. i find powder eyeshadows best to work with. the only cream eyeshadows that i have totally adored are the make up for ever aqua creams. other than that most of them crease.

      use a primer and most powder eyeshadows will last longer. :))

  7. Loved the colorful collection.. but the E/s are looking like a mess.. and will definitely create a mess on eyes as well… :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: .. now i am tempted to try a colorful mascara…. :yahoo: :yahoo:

  8. I guess the High Esteem mascara is worth a try :yahoo: .. thanks Rati for bringing this review and enlightening us with the wonderful products from MAC O:) .

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