Make Up For Ever – Kabuki Brush

Make Up For Ever – Kabuki Brush

My love for brushes for application of makeup started thanks to this purchase – my first high end makeup brush. I wanted to try a Kabuki brush – having heard so much about them being luxurious multi-taskers. When I saw this brush on a international blog, I fell in love – this went on my wishlist. And when I got a chance to pick it up – I literally jumped. SO, did it live up to what I thought it would be – read on to find out.

Make Up For Ever – Kabuki Brush7

PRODUCT (from their website):

Thanks to its soft-to-the-touch yet sufficiently firm nylon bristles, the Kabuki Brush makes it easy to sweep powder across the face.

Price –USD $50 / About Rs. 3200

Make Up For Ever – Kabuki Brush4

This luxurious brush comes in its own individual black pouch with “Make Up For Ever” written on it.

Size: As with most Kabuki brushes, this one comes with a short stump handle. The bristles are as long as the stump.Refer pics.

Bristles: Synthetic

Bristles: Bristles are densely packed, in rounded curved head. The bristles are pliant and have give – though are not floppy. They are white at the base and black on top.

My experience with MUFE Kabuki Brush:

This is THE SOFTEST BRUSH I have ever come across – barring NONE!! Touching it to the skin is like touching silk. Its fantastic – its awesome!

Make Up For Ever – Kabuki Brush2

The brush is a multi-tasker and can be used for the following purposes:

1. For putting setting or finishing powder – translucent powder used to set makeup (eg Estee Lauder Lucidity) or for finishing powder (eg: Guerlain Meteorite Voyage).
2. For powder foundation – eg MAC Studio fix powder foundation
3. For buffing in a liquid/cream foundation – though not the best option since it has a little more give than I would prefer for this purpose.
4. As a blender – to blend in different products used on face like blusher and bronzer so that the end result looks seamless.
5. As a finishing brush – to swipe over face post application of all makeup to remove any excess product (like powder) from the face.

I loved this so much that I went and bought a backup of this brush – in case this spoils with numerous washing. But astounding though it seems, the brush has not shed a single hair/bristle, their has been no colour leakage, it hasn’t lost its shape – this truly is a brush for makeup lovers and for makeup artists (who utilize their brushes more often and more rigorously than us).

Make Up For Ever – Kabuki Brush1

The only issue I face with this brush is that post washing it, it takes almost a full day to dry off completely – because of the dense thick head.

To sum this up for you:

Pros of Make Up For Ever – Kabuki Brush:

1. No shedding – at all! Not a SINGLE bristle has ever shed out despite numerous washing!
2. The Softest bristles ever
3. Sturdy brush
4. Synthetic bristles – easy to maintain
5. No dye leakage issues either.
6. Short handle gives more control over the application.
7. Extremely portable
8. Love the small pouch it comes in
9. Absolute Multi-tasker.

Make Up For Ever – Kabuki Brush5
Cons of Make Up For Ever – Kabuki Brush:

1. MUFE products are not easily available in India – only Sephora in Saket.
2. Takes time to dry off completely

IMBB Rating:

This is a 6/5 product.

The fact that I went and bought a backup brush – says how much I love this one. And today, I know I can let go of the backup brush because this one isn’t going anywhere. The kind of use (and abuse) this brush has withstood without shedding or losing shape or its softness– is remarkable. I LOVE this one!

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12 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever – Kabuki Brush

  1. dats a lovely brush…..if this review wud hv been publishes before….m sure I wud hv picked up this one in ur bloag sale……but i missed the blog sale today…..urs and all others…..ohhhh i was drooling on lots of products….
    i hv a boujouris, TBS and ELF kabuki and ELF is best so far out of three…that costed me only USD 6 and much better than TBS one.

    1. Just responded to your comment on the blogsale – pls send me an email.

      I remember seeing the Bourjois one -found it too scattered. And I don’t find TBS brushes great. Have heard good stuff about ELF – and these are still reasonably priced.

      My experience with MUFE has been astounding – I have Kabuki (with backup and backup of backup – yeah! Im that crazy), foundation, concealer, eye shadow brush – and all are great quality – not just good. These are comparable to MAC – if not better. Don’t know why they aren’t raved about – probably coz they might not be as easily available everywhere -while MAC is.

      Sorry u missed the sale. And glad you liked the brush! 🙂

    1. That hand took the brush away while i was clicking! So, inspired by Neetu’s pics, I decided to click in his hand itself!

      Yes, the brush is very very plush!!! *drool*

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