Make Up For Ever Artisan Brush No 100, 106, 140, 154 Review


During our recent trip, I forgot to bring my eyeliner brush with me. So I thought I might as well pick up a good one. While going through the beauty counters I came across these gorgeous brushes at the MUFE Counter. I mean I did not even know that Make Up For Ever has such a grand selection of Artisan brushes. I was totally blown away. Although at first I just picked up an eyeliner brush but I went back later to pick a whole bunch. Reviewing 4 out of the lot for you guys! 🙂
mufe brush 100

About MUFE Professional Brush Range : After five years in development with makeup artists and fiber experts, MAKE UP FOR EVER Artisan Brushes are a revolution in brush craftsmanship. The 100-percent fiber brushes are available in a range of 76 handcrafted styles, each with the perfect balance of straight and wavy fibers that replicate natural hairs. Beveled tips create a two-in-one makeup brush and tool, while innovative hair density and brush head shapes optimize every stroke for ideal makeup application. To achieve the ultimate collection, every brush has gone through 25 production stages by 30 craftsmen and has been checked for quality 50 times.

My Experience with Make Up For Ever Professional Makeup Brushes 
Can we just start with how gorgeous and beautifully artistic these brushes look. I adore the wooden handle of these brushes. These are very lightweight brushes and are extreeemly soft. I totally enjoy the various shapes they come in and all these brushes are very multi tasking. I have washed these brushes a couple of times already and they have beautifully held their shape and softness. Beautifully crafted brushes. These are on top of my recommendation list for you guys. 🙂
MAKE UP FOR EVER 100 Small Precision Foundation Brush
Price : USD 36

This is a small precision foundation brush is a semi thick dome shaped brush. You can use it for cream, liquid and powder products. Although it is meant to be a foundation brush, I personally love use it for applying concealer, and setting the under eye concealer with powder. The precise pointy shape of the brush totally gets neat the corner of the eyes. You could also use it for applying primer / concealer on your lids. I also love use it for blending in the foundation or applying powder near the nose area. It feels soo soft against the skin and I love how precise application it gives.

It is a dense brush but the bristles bend in beautifully and gives a very effortless application. If you are into cream contouring this could be your cream brush. That pointy end makes the product placement a hell lot of easy without it going all over the place.

A Must Have!
Rating : 5/5

mufe brush 100 review

mufe brush 100 review


mufe-brush-100-review-3 Make Up For Ever 106 Medium Foundation Brush

I have used a lot of flat foundation brushes but I found the shape and the size of this brush very interesting. And honestly, it did not disappoint. It is a medium and wide flat brush. It is velvetty soft against the skin. The wide shape of the brush totally quickens the application process. Also the brush is not too dense and does not soak up your foundation. It gives a streak free application. I like this brush for applying under eye concealer / highlighter as well. The wide shape of the brush presses the product beautifully on the skin and saves a bit of time. Honestly, I have never been a major fan of these flat style foundation brushes but this one changed my opinion about these kind of brushes. I like that it is not too big so it gets in smaller areas of the face as well. Plus it is so soft that it almost makes the whole experience so much nicer. It is not a very dense brush and the bristles have just the right bend to apply and blend the product seamlessly. Since it does not soak to too much product, it is so much easier to wash as compared to other flat foundation brushes I have.

I would say not a must have because these days most people use flat top kabuki brushes or sponges to apply their foundations. But if you are considering investing in a flat foundation brush, I’d definitley recommend this one over any other brush in this category.

This brush is very comparable to Tom Ford Foundation Brush except this one is a bit wider.
Rating : 4.5/5

mufe brush 106

mufe brush 106 review mufe brush 106 review

Make Up For Ever Highlighter Brush 140
Price : USD 34
Since I am majorly obsessed with MAC 224 Brush and Real Techniques Setting Brush, I HAD to get this one. It’s like a perfect marriage between the two. This brush is a dream. It’s long, soft and fluffy. It is THE PERFECT brush for HIGHLIGHTING. If you want your ‘highlight on fleek’, you need to get this one. It’s fluffy so it picks just the right amount of product. It’s not too wide or too small so you get perfect application on every time. The size and shape is just perfect for applying highlighter on top of your cheekbones, on bridge of your nose, on centre of your forehead, on your browbone and everywhere else you want to highlight. 😀 It is brilliant! 🙂 You can also use it for applying powder on your under eyes or for concealer application in general.
A Must Have!
Rating : 5/5

mufe brush 140 review

mufe brush 140 review


mufe brush 140 review


Make Up For Ever Buffer Blush Brush 154
Price : USD 44
It is a flat top kabuki brush. The bristles are both straight and wavy in this brush that makes it different from the rest of the buffer brushes in the market. It is meant to be a powder brush but I find it more useful for applying cream blush esp by Givenchy Blush and also for applying bronzer. I have used this for applying foundation too. I would say that I find it best for applying cream blush. It is not a very stiff kabuki brush and still has a nice bend for smooth blending. Also it is not very wide so you could get a nice precise application with this one. That said, I wouldn’t call it a must have. It is very soft brush and the bristles don’t feel scratchy at all. It does not soak up a lot of product and spots clean beautifully after every usage. I’d say that its a denser version of a duo fibre brush and less dense than the regular flat top kabuki brushes.
Rating : 4/5

mufe brush 154

mufe brush 154 review
mufe brush 154


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