8 Makeup Tips for Hiking and Other Outdoor Activities

By Shriya Laxminarayan

Hey, everyone!

I know this is a really debatable topic but for this post today, I wanted to talk about what kind of makeup to wear for an outdoor trek, camping and other such activities. Being an outdoorsy girl, or should I say a girl who is into stuff that defines adrenaline rush, I have often come across women who have worn a full face of makeup for many of these occasions. I’m not saying that anything is wrong with that; believe me, by the end of the trek, I’d think of myself to look a bit more presentable as well. But I just wonder, if that full face of makeup is necessary. Also, is it healthy enough for your skin which is profusely going to sweat during the trek? Not to forget that the makeup is probably going to melt off by the end of the trek.

Hiking Makeup

Yes, I know there are many waterproof makeup products out there to keep all that jazz on your face stay put throughout the day. So, wearing or not wearing makeup for a trek should always be a matter of choice. Do what you are comfortable with and what works for you the best. Just make sure to keep your makeup light and fresh before you leave your home. So, here’s a list of beauty products and a step by step guide you must follow.

1. Begin with skin care

Cleanse, tone, and moisturize your skin as usual. Pick up a moisturizer that not only suits your skin but also the weather in which you are going to trek that day. It needs to get absorbed into the skin and not directly sit on the skin. A pro tip: find a product that not only moisturizes your skin but also primes it. Sunscreen is important. No matter how much a person cribs in front of you, never ever skip a sunscreen. You definitely don’t want to get sun burnt in a day. The higher the SPF, the better but make sure to apply it every 2 hours.

2. Add a healthy glow to the skin

Use a mineral face powder or a tinted moisturizer with or without coverage. Do not directly use a foundation with one heavy layer on your face. Instead, work in layers. The best recommendation would be to just use mineral powders with or without coverage. Lightly dust it across your whole face with a fluffy kabuki brush.

3. Conceal it


Waxy or creamy concealers will melt off more easily, hence make sure to use a gel-based concealer. Gel-based concealers would also allow your skin to breathe better and make it look more natural. The best way to apply it is to take a fine tip brush and dot it on those stubborn zits. Let it rest on those spots for a minute or two and then blend it out around the corners. If you are having a great skin day, then skipping this step completely would be the best option.

4. Lip balm with SPF

Wearing a lipstick or lip gloss is not a good idea when you are trekking up the mountains. Instead, wear a deeply moisturizing lip balm with an SPF that could protect you from the direct harsh sunlight. You could even use a tinted lip balm that could be used a blusher to give that dewy look to your skin.

5. Deodorant


Do not wear a strongly scented deodorant. You want to blend in with nature and not intimidate or shoo away the wildlife around you. Wearing a water-based or an alcohol-free deodorant would be a bonus altogether. This won’t stain your trekking clothes or bring out that weird smell once it gets mixed with your sweat and grime.

6. Clear mascara

Rather than having racoon eyes by the end of the day why not try to wear a clear mascara to look fresh. To make your eyes look more awake, you can also curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler and then add the clear mascara.

7. Kajal

Smack on a bit of waterproof kajal in colors of green, brown, purple, blue or any other color you want. This could be the only area where you can play with colors. I like it for the fact that it adds a lot of brightness to your eyes. You have many inexpensive kajal brands that you can buy without burning a hole in your pockets.

8. Use a makeup setting spray

I definitely think this is one important step to make your makeup hold that extra time during the day. Spritz it before you start applying your makeup and after your makeup application is done. You can also keep it in a travel-friendly bottle inside your trekking bag as well and use it as a face freshener throughout the day.

This whole process should take you less than ten minutes in the morning. Hope you enjoyed reading this article and have a beautiful, wonderful day ahead.

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