Matrix Intense Smoothing Mask Review

Okay, so this! I hope my words, my review does this product justice.  So, recently my childhood goal of having long hair resurfaced and I have, ever since, purchased only and only hair care or styling products! I want long hair* throws a fit* *finishes throwing a fit* *sighs*.  I purchased this product because I wanted to and not because I have chemically straightened hair. I just wanted it!

Matrix Intense Smoothing Mask

Product Claims:

Opticare Smooth and Straight is a professional hair care line formulated to help control and smooth and chemically straightened hair. Enriched with silk amino acids and shea butter to help protect, condition and moisturize for healthy looking, silky, shiny hair.  Intense conditioning to satisfy the extreme needs of very dry, coarse or chemically straightened hair. Smoothes texture and disciplines frizz to leave hair soft and manageable.


Rs. 575

Matrix Intense Smoothing Mask

My Experience with Matrix Intense Smoothing Mask:

I used the product as prescribed at the back of the container. I massaged it on for 15 minutes before washing it off and boy, did my hair feel smooth while I was washing it out. My hair felt smoother even whilst it was wet. I combed through my hair only after it had dried off.  Good Lord, was I amazed, taken aback, excited and all in all happy?

Matrix Intense Smoothing Mask

I have combination skin, but my hair is dry, though it is not coarse or brittle. It is soft and fluffy. It is frizzy, that makes my hair look big in a sad, bad way, though I have no real volume. My hair is also quite feather like, so it tends to fly in the least of breeze making my hair unmanageable and thus, different hair styles are a no-no for me. It looks messy and bad and pathetic within two minutes of setting it or I have to use different hairstyle holding products that I cannot and will not use daily.  Though, the L’Oreal Professional Paris Tecni Art Volume Mousse does not damage hair at all. Still, however. So, basically, when I combed through my hair, my hair looked really shiny. My frizz was all gone making my hair look big, in a good way. It seemed to have volume, but at optimum. My hair is manageable with no flyaways. It obviously still reacts to breeze and wind, but my hair does not get messy and thus, a hair style is cool.

Matrix Intense Smoothing Mask

The product smells nice. It smells creamy, fresh and smooth. The smell stays on till a little after the hair has dried, but I personally would love it if it lasted longer. I love nice smells. You girls know that already, though! Remember the time I reviewed only fragrances? 😛 Now, hair products!

Matrix Intense Smoothing Mask

Coming back to the product, it is packed well. The head of the container is easy to open and easy to close and secures the product quite well. The amount of product required for each usage is decent too. It will last you for some time.

IMBB Rating:


Pros of Matrix Intense Smoothing Mask:

  • Lives up to every claim it makes.
  • Smells good.
  • Good packaging.
  • Will last for quite some time.

Cons of Matrix Intense Smoothing Mask:

  • None!

Would I Repurchase Matrix Intense Smoothing Mask?

Yes, totally!

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