Home Remedies for Menstruation Problems

Every woman goes through menstruation problems at one time or another, though the degree or say severity of pain may vary from person to person. For some of us it is a cause of great discomfort which hinders the day to day life. When I was a teen I suffered from painful menstruation myself. I could not go out infact I did not wanted to go out myself and be seen in such a miserable condition.

Stomach pain
Though, I still hate that time of the month but I don’t know why my perspective towards it always changes as soon as I remember what it does for us ladies… getting rid of impure blood from our body.. remember. All things have a price and these discomforts are the price we pay to get our system cleaned.

Common menstruation problems include:

• Cramps: During first few days of periods many women face abdominal cramps. These cramps are caused due to the presence of a chemical (prostaglandin) in our body which makes the uterus muscles contract. These contractions can be severe at times and a doctor must be consulted.
• Irregular periods: Hormonal changes are the cause of irregular menstruation cycle among women. Generally the menstruation cycle is of 28 days, although for some it can be of 21 days. Skipping a period is not a matter of concern until you are sexually active or this happens on a regular basis.
• Delayed menarche: This is basically a genetic factor. Some girls start having menstruation cycle at an early age (9-10 years) while some don’t until their teens. This should be a matter of concern if a girl does not have her periods by three years after starting her puberty.

Apart from these common problems there are few other menstruation problems that require medical attention. These include:

painful menstruation
• Amenorrhea: This problem is related with the absence of periods and can be divided into two categories:

1. Primary Amenorrhea: It is a situation in which a girl does not have her periods even after three years of puberty. Hormonal imbalance or genetic conditions causes’ primary amenorrhea.
2. Secondary Amenorrhea: It is a situation in which a woman suddenly stops having periods for more than 6 months, though she used to have normal periods earlier.

Causes of Amenorrhea:
1. Stress
2. Poor diet
3. Hormonal imbalance
4. Thyroid problems
5. Considerable weight loss or weight gain

• Menorrhagia: When someone suffers from heavy and prolonged period (that last longer than 7 days) then it is said to be a case of Menorrhagia. It is caused due to estrogen and progesterone imbalance in the body.

Causes of Menorrhagia:
1. Thyroid problem
2. Clotting disorders
3. Vaginal or cervix infection
4. Uterus cancer

• Dysmenorrhea: It is a condition of painful periods. Though mild pain can be caused due to cramps but if someone faces excessive pain during menstruation then a doctor must be consulted. Fibroids in the uterus can also be one of the causes of Dysmenorrhea.

Enough about the problems now let me give you some home remedies to over come this pain. These tips may come handy in case you can not go to a doctor for some reason. But do not forget to get a checkup done in case you are noticing the above symptoms.

Some home remedies for menstruation problems:

• Boil 1-2 teaspoon of sesame seeds in a glass of water. Keep it for some time and then strain this mixture. Drink this magic portion two to three times in a day.
•  Eat a raw papaya to ease menstruation pain. painful menstruation
• Banana flower, cooked in oil with curd, provides immediate relief severe back pain and excessive bleeding.
• Pound a piece of fresh ginger and boil it with a cup of water. Drink this water thrice daily to get rid of pain.
• Take half teaspoon of cinnamon and have it with a glass of milk every night to ease cramps.
• Powdered radish seeds when consumed with a glass of cow’s milk can cure problems like irregular periods.
• In case of severe pain and irregular blood flow drink half cup of parsley juice.
• Lemon grass tea is beneficial in case of painful menstruation.
• Avoid smoking to ease yourself from menstruation problems.

So what do you do to ease yourself of this pain?

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18 thoughts on “Home Remedies for Menstruation Problems

  1. Hi Era,

    Very useful tips, i take a painkiller whenever i had the menstrual pain, but now will definately try one of this remedies. thanks a ton.

  2. Thank you for bringing up this topic. But being a doctor, I feel I should point out that menstruation is a normal physiological phenomenon related to the hormonal changes that occur cyclically. The inner lining of uterus is shed during menses and that causes bleeding, then it again regenerates during the next cycle, to be shed again. So please get rid of myths about ‘impure blood’ and all.

  3. i am having them nw… :weep: :weep: :weep: so painful and too much of flow :weep: :weep: have to ask mom to c tis article and do sumthin abt it :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

  4. @ Arch: Pain is not normal. It can be due to a variety of reasons, commonest being endometriosis. If pain persists beyond the first day of menses, you should see a gynaecologist. For moderate pain during the first day, you can take antispasmodics like Drotin-M and Meftal Spas.

  5. Nice Article.. 🙂
    Even I take the ginger water.. And you can take ajwain also..
    Also applying castor oil (preferably) or sesame oil or coconut oil generously in the umbilicus, groin , & lower abdomen will give me immediate (within a minute) relief from cramps or severe pain in the first three days. I will leave it for 15 minutes and then go for a bath.

  6. I have a severe pain in those days . I even vomit a lot and suffer from so much weakness. Can you tell me some home remedies for that and also the reason behind it.

  7. Here is another useful remedy-put some jeera and boil it with water. Once it boils, filter the jeera and drink the water. It is very effective for abdominal cramps. I have been doing this for over 10 years.

  8. Best solution of this problem is regular exercise or regular Yoga.
    I had sever pain not even a single doctor has solution of this problem.My first periods After joining the gym made me so surprise there is no pain.i usually had severe pain,i had to take 2 pills in a day prescribed by Doctor.

    so girls be free from this horror.Hit the Gym or Practice Yoga Everyday even during periods also.

  9. Its really good that der r other methods to reduce cramps….but having banana ( preferably d dotted ones ) with curd n sugar preferably thrice a day & it reduces cramps effectively….bt wn u feel u r gonna hv a bad ache hv it wn d pain starts

  10. I have a multitudes of problems when it comes to menstruation..
    As a sufferer of migraine – I can have a migraine or cluster headache
    I have PCOD – this has its own set of problems ..
    And I have a rather severe PMS – acne, bloating (upto 2kgs of weight gain a week before) and swelling of my face and eyelids .. And major mood swings..
    And the icing on the cake – very painful periods ..
    I am a working woman with a relatively active lifestyle which includes travel..It was a night mare till about 3-4 months ago.. I discovered evening primrose oil ..
    To my (and my husband’s delight) it worked like a charm .. The pain and bloating has reduced though not completely gone – but my PMS is much better and I have a handle on my mood better than ever and the headaches ..
    I think my family – my husband and the dogs are very happy to have bid adieu to my ugly side .. 🙂
    It has helped me with my skin, my hair overall and the PMS..
    I do not take it regularly .. But start 10 days before and continue 2-3 days after..

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