Must-Try Color Trends to Look Captivating This Winter

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Winter season is just around the corner, so you all must have started adjusting your wardrobe accordingly. Even I spent my last weekend customizing my closet (I must say that was little bit boring). In summer seasons, you do not need to work really hard to pair an apt combination of colors, but fall fashion has to be something special. A bewitching color selection is something that remains in my mind like a bee in the bonnet. I have listed all the trendy colors that are going to overcast the fashion arena this winter. Let’s have a look!

Hues of Gray

Captivating Color Trends for Winter 201511

Yeah gals! This season of winters is the right time to play with various shades of gray. The color has been highlighted in recent international fashion weeks in numerous countries. Gray is one of those colors which suit every skin tone well. I guess I have given enough reasons to make you feel the essence of gray shades.

Bright Olive Green

Captivating Color Trends for Winter 20151

What do you imagine when you think of this color? Is it something that relates to camouflage clothing and army uniform? Well, this time, olive green is going to overshadow all the colors with its magnificence. Look for a bright and shiny olive green to leave an impact of your sassy style and don’t let the chill dominate your fashion sense.

Teal Blue

Captivating Color Trends for Winter 20154

This color reminds me of Aishwarya Rai because she is the only lady who can rock this shade anywhere and anytime. The dazzling diva astonished everyone on the red carpet when she made an enticing entry in a teal blue gown and classy makeup.

Perfect Pink

Captivating Color Trends for Winter 201510

A girl can never get enough of pink. Agree? You do not need to search for a perfect pink shade because every shade of pink color has its own grace. Simply, grab any shade of pink color from your closet and pamper your winter fashion with decency.

Mesmerizing Marsala

Captivating Color Trends for Winter 2015

Marsala is the color of the year, and I just went gaga over this color (I bought a saree, lipstick and makeup, a top, a trouser, a handbag and even curtains). I am really glad that this color is in trend.

Cadmium Orange

Captivating Color Trends for Winter 20153

Cadmium orange shade is one of the overwhelming color trends of 2015. But make sure that you do not make any experiment with this shade because any mismatch may lead to fashion faux pas.

Mustard Yellow

Captivating Color Trends for Winter 20155

Do you know what is the best thing about this shade? It is a bright and attractive color that can be paired with any color. Black and brown are the most flattering color companions of this shade. Thus, mustard yellow deserves some space in your closet this winter.

Royal Blue

Captivating Color Trends for Winter 20152

Royal blue shade generally reminds of deep blue sea, but it is more of a classy color with an imperial effect. In short, if you want to look sophisticated in winters, then embrace this shade and let your elegance linger in you.

Metallic Silver

Captivating Color Trends for Winter 20156

I have always been in a love-hate relationship with this color. But, I must say that this shade cannot be ignored. All you need is to wear this color to earn the attention in rush.

Pastel Shades

Captivating Color Trends for Winter 20159

Pastel shades are usually considered as the shades for summers only. But fortunately, pastel shades have been now included in winter fashion colors. Wearing pastel shades in winters is going to be fun indeed.

I am sure this list will help you to choose your style for winter 2015/16! 🙂

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