My Fight with Acne – Acne Routine, Dos and Don’ts

My Fight with Acne – Acne Routine, Dos and Don’t s

Hello lovely ladies…

This post is kind of very special to me as it is my story of how I dealt with my never-ending acne, which was driving me nuts. I was constantly having breakouts. Nothing seemed to work. Every morning I dreaded looking in to the mirror for the fear of having to spot new acne on my face.

Acne Routine

I had tried a lot of cosmetic help available over the counter, I did not visit any dermatologist as I never actually understood the under-lying problem and never really realized it could have been worse. But thankfully, sub-consciously I figured out a routine for myself to deal with the on-going breakouts, keeping in mind every detail like my skin type, things that could worsen my acne, home remedies that could help me etc….

It was the summer season when all the struggle started, I would have a new bunch of pimples (as I assumed them to be pimples in the beginning) every morning and while I tried to treat one part of my face, the other part was all ready to be attacked with a new bunch of pimples here and there. The pimples would slowly turn red and painful and little did I realize it was acne. Apart from the acne, what made my face worse was the comedones (what we commonly know as white heads) that kept multiplying every single morning. Read on to know how I formulated my routine against acne.

My skin type:

Combination/Oily, Acne-prone.

Acne Routine

I am putting up a routine that works for acne if followed regularly and strictly (out of my own experience), these have worked for me and I have given a lot of thought to every single thing I have used through this routine. The products that I would mention in this post are what worked for me, you could definitely alter them according to your skin type keeping in mind the base ingredient behind every product’s purpose.

Let’s get started with a simple and effective routine for Acne issues.

Step 1:

The first thing after I wake up, I take a mix of equal parts of lemon juice & rose water(instantly prepared) and apply on my acne with a cotton ball. It will sting a bit but is worth the pain. Leave it on for 10 minutes and wash it off with normal water after it dries. Do this every morning. You will definitely see a considerable change and reduction in the acne on your face. The lemon juice is high in Vitamin C and will help end the spread of bacteria which promotes the growth of acne and the rose water will help soothe out the sting caused by the lemon juice. If you have very dry skin, avoid the lemon and rather replace it with a paste of mint leaves.

Acne RoutineStep 2:

After a gap of about 20 minutes, I use a pack of equal parts of gram flour(besan), turmeric(haldi) and lemon juice. I apply the paste, let it dry and wash off. I do this every single day without fail. This I feel is the only face pack I should stick to for pimples and acne issues as it has always worked for me.

Acne RoutineStep 3:

Make sure you are using a face wash strictly meant for acne treatment. It is advised to use something with salicylic acid. Loreal Go 360 clean anti-breakout is an awesome option. Make it a routine to use an acne treatment face wash once a day and through the rest of the day I use a very mild face wash, as strong face washes may aggravate the acne. I have also had good experiences with the Ponds Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam with Activated Carbon. I did try using the Cetaphil Cleanser for Oily Skin but have not really had a lot of benefit from it.

Acne RoutineStep 4:

I have stayed away from scrubbing for the longest period in my life while dealing with my acne. Say NO to scrubs until your acne does not die down. Harsh scrubbing will aggravate the acne damaging the skin. Any harsh rubbing or scrubbing over the acne will only lead to irritation and a painful consequence. Stay away from scrubs and if you should scrub then you could go ahead and use gram flour (besan),very gently on your face.

Step 5:

I also made it a point to use an anti-acne face pack once a week and have tried the Beauty Formula’s Tea Tree Deep Cleansing Facial Mask and the Everyuth 3-in-one Neem face pack. Both have worked very well at targeting the acne on my face. My acne would gradually dry out after using the mask. Anything with Tea Tree oil or Neem is good for acne. Tea tree oil works best for acne.

Acne Routine

Step 6:

As long as face creams and makeup is concerned, if at all you are in to makeup, promise yourself sincerely to use minimal makeup and mild products till the acne is wiped out from the roots. I used a face cream which is water based and very mild. Lotus Alpha moist is super-mild and meant for oily skin. And when it came to using makeup, I strictly kept away from a lot of products and was only using the Lakme rose powder for that fresh look.

Acne Routine

Step 7:

Before going to bed, I made it a habit to cleanse my face and use a night cream that works on acne. I used the A-Derma Epitheliale AH Skin Repair Cream which works amazingly on drying out the acne and also worked on eliminating the acne scars and spots on my face. I have seen slow yet definite results with this repair cream.

Acne Routine

Step 8:

For a few days I also tried to skip any kind of night creams and stuck to Aloe Vera gel, the Pathanjali Aloe Vera gel, which works great for acne if used regularly. However I was too impatient for a very slow process and then shifted to the A-Derma Epitheliale AH Skin Repair Cream.Acne RoutineStep 9:

Also using a sunscreen is a very good idea to prevent further damage to skin from harmful sun rays. The sunscreen I used is the Lakme 9to5, Mattyfying Super Sunscreen and it is by far the best sunscreen I ever used.

Acne Routine

So these are a few steps I strictly followed in my fight against acne and today I can vouch for this routine as I have come a long way and can pose for a picture without being very conscious of my face. I would definitely want to say this, Remember!! Nothing happens over night, you need patience, dedication and consistency for anything to show results. So hope those who are fighting against acne find at least a little help from this post.

Take care beauties!

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15 thoughts on “My Fight with Acne – Acne Routine, Dos and Don’ts

  1. Hi Shagufta,

    Well written post 🙂 This post will be really helpful for all people who suffer from acne and who really doesnt have any idea of whom to contact or what kinda products they need to use.

    I also have combination skin (Tzone super oily and dry cheeks) which is extremely sensitive too. I would like to add a point here. You can reduce the inflammation caused by acne by mixing equal amount of peppermint oil and neem oil and applying it on the face for ten mins.

  2. Brilliant article.
    I developed acne problem a few months ago. And I started taking safi and the problem got aggravated further, maybe I wasn’t taking the doses properly because it is said to take 21 days in making your skin heal and glow but that wasn’t the case with me. I used to take 1.5 tablespoon of safi with water and my pimple problem became worse. I guess youre supposed to take 2 tablespoons, one empty stomach in the morning and one before sleeping. I’ll try that too but for the time being i really wanted an effective skin regime and this is definitely the one.
    These products are easily available and I’m surely going to give this one a try.
    Thanks shagufta 🙂

  3. Once upon a time I had loads of acne… thank god that now it is just a seldom affair 🙂 Though oily skin is still there. Dude this post is super awesome. Specially the first point. I am going to do that daily now. 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  4. i am going to bookmark it 🙂 and going to try it everyday.. since i have the same skin type a yours … thanks a lot for sharing this 🙂

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