Nature’s Essence Personal Care – Lacto Bleach

Nature’s Essence Personal Care – Lacto Bleach (Remedy for Tan removal)

Okay, let me start by saying that this product is THE most effective tan clearing product I have ever seen but I’m not going to recommend this product to anyone. Why? Because this product is so effective that it’s scary. Read on and you’ll understand.

Being in Chennai at the height of summer, sunscreen often fails its purpose. I sometimes forget to reapply after the prescribed 3 hour gap and I have been known to skip it altogether on occasions (Sins against my skin I know :(). I tanned like crazy and since I don’t trust Chennai beauticians to do anything but take my money, I wanted to find a home face pack which could help with the tan. A few inquiries with my Delhi beautician produced a recommendation – Nature’s Essence Lacto Bleach/ Lacto Tan Clear. Surprisingly, I found this product almost instantly when I looked through a local beauty store. Considering that it’s an unheard of brand (to me at least), I’d expected to have to go to greater effort for it. I also found some other products by this brand in the same store and after reading the ingredients (All natural!!!) I couldn’t resist adding a couple more of them to my loot.

The Key Ingredients mentioned on the pack are Milk, Honey and Lavender Oil. It costs Rs. 60 for a 40 gm pack. The outer packaging is quite nice – a yellow, white, grey and silver box with the instructions for usage clearly given.

When you open the box, the container packaging leaves a little to be desired. It’s a cheap looking white plastic tub (I hate tubs) with a screw off cap and a little plastic press down cap inside. This put me off a bit but I don’t usually pay much attention to the aesthetics of the packaging as long as the product works for me. The packaging makes it quite messy to use the product though. I need to scoop out the product with a spoon and then use a brush to put it on my face. They so badly need to make the packaging a little bit easier to use.

Nature's Essence lacto Bleach

The pack itself is a white cream that spreads quite smoothly on the skin. It has a slight generic drugstore rosewater-ish odor which I didn’t even notice when I had the pack on. It takes about a teaspoonful to cover my face and neck completely.

As per the instructions, I spread a layer of the cream on my face and left it on for 15 minutes. I felt a slight prickly sensation on my cheeks but it was not really an irritant. After 15 minutes, I wet my fingers and massaged it gently as recommended and then washed it off.

When I washed off the pack, the skin on my face had lightened about 2 shades in 15 minutes. My dark spots had lightened too and my skin tone had evened out. My skin felt a little dry after using this and required a moisturizer but I have dry skin on my cheeks anyway. A little spritz of rosewater mixed with glycerin took care of it beautifully. I might have noticed such a marked change because I was quite badly tanned from my normal skin tone and others who are less tanned might notice a less immediate and dramatic effect. I was hoping to show you guys before and after pictures but I’m dead wary now about reusing it on my face and somehow this anti-tan effect doesn’t work on my arms, maybe because the skin is thicker than the facial skin.

Now we come to my problem with this product. There is NO way milk, honey and lavender oil did that. There has to be something else in that cream to produce this much change in my skin colour and I’m afraid of the kind of damage such a potent chemical can do. The ingredient list on the box is not exhaustive (No percentages given for one thing). The main active ingredient has to be something else. It might well be something herbal and harmless but we can’t know for sure that it’s not some horrible chemical that will cause our skin to bubble and peel like a zombie in a horror movie. I know I’m being a little paranoid but this is my only skin and I have to live with it for the rest of my life. A little paranoia is a good thing, don’t you think?


  • Clears up tan amazingly well.
  • Hasn’t broken me out yet and it’s been a week since I used it.
  • Price – Rs. 60 for 40 gm (One tub should last for 2 – 3 months with weekly usage)


  • Might have a dangerous and potent unknown chemical in it.
  • Ingredient list is not exhaustive.
  • Tub packaging –unhygienic and messy.

So now you can understand my ambivalence towards this product. On one hand, it does everything it claims to do and more. And on the other hand, I’m scared of the toll my skin might have to pay for this seeming miracle. My beautician assures me that she uses this regularly on herself and it has not caused any ill effects so far. She has beautiful skin, so I must agree with that but I still don’t know if I will use this again.

What do you guys think? Has anyone else used this? Have you had any problems with it? Is it safe?

I don’t really want to give up on this product because this is the single most effective product I have ever found. It’s tempting to use it because it is so very effective but the thought of all the nasty things that could happen scare me. If any of you out there have any answers… please do let me know.


52 thoughts on “Nature’s Essence Personal Care – Lacto Bleach

  1. Hey Ki,

    I am using it too and liking it . As you said it is indeed effective ut only after you have said that it might contain some chemicals too , I am beginning to think about this.

    1. Hey Lavanya,

      I can’t say for sure if it contains any chemicals. It’s just a theory on my part because I can’t believe that something can give such rapid and dramatic effect without some really strong ingredient. Even the most natural ingredients can cause adverse effects if wrongly used or overused right? But do think about it and make your own decisions 🙂

      1. HI
        Great review. 🙂 There is a product called Lacto Tan Clear from Nature’s Essence which is not a bleach, but works great for me (oily skin)… YOu might want to give it a try instead of this bleach version..

  2. hi kiki,

    Nice detailed review… loved reading it… :-)) i also used this dat was the lacto tan clear n nt bleach..
    My findings were different from urs… i did not noticed any significant change, rather no change at all…. 😕
    Moreover i guess this is the bleach that u hv applied…. bleaches provide a noticible cahange within mins, coz they do change the color of the hair…
    n also no tan removal product can claim for such results with 1 application…
    correct me if im wrong…
    So i think u have bought a bleach… which infact removes tan… bt should be used once or twice a month or as directed…
    Hope this helped u… :-))

    1. Hey Sush,

      Both products were available in the store and when i checked the cartons the only difference in ingredients listed was that the Tan Clear had geranium oil and the Lacto Bleach has Lavender Oil. As I prefer the smell of lavender over geranium, I chose this one 🙂 There was no activator or strong ammonia smell that you usually get with bleaches. Either way the packaging recommends using this every alternate day 😐 😕 ?:-)

      I’ll give the tan clear a shot next I guess. Did you happen to notice any ill effects in your skin while using it?

  3. Thanks for the review.It will help bleach-users immensely.It will save them from this very scary product.I have never ever used any bleach on my skin.I am always been very scared of bleaches since I have a sensitive skin.It made your skin two shades lighter in just 15 minutes?This is astounding and it definitely indicates the presence of a very strong chemical in the product.It cannot be herbal in any way.Herbal products don’t work this way.It takes time for herbal products to show results.Thank God it did not burn your skin or anything like that.

    1. hi rs, even i have sensitive skin but i do apply bleach, i.e., the fem didnot cause me any break outs. U can also try it out, may be once a month….. 😛

    2. Believe me! That did occur to me later and that’s why this product is currently under quarantine for me 😛 But this isn’t a bleach in the normal sense because bleaches like fem, oxybleach require some kind of activator and they’re based on hydrogen peroxide which is a very strong bleaching agent. Moreover they bleach the hair on the face and not the skin. This product didn’t change the colour of the facial hair at all. The difference was entirely in the skin which scared me even more. Currently I don’t know if I should purchase stock in this company or round up some ppl to boycott them 😕

  4. Hey KiKi… NEver heard of this brand like you…

    Bleaches only change the colour of fine hair on the face…. But their result is temporary and dramatic…

    May bwe as Sush suggested you should try out the Tan Clearpack or whatever and see the results…

    Bleaches can NEVER be herbal… 😛 Adding aloe vera, milk or honey or herb doesn’t make a product herbal… 😛 😛 You are right in suspecting… :yes:

    The best thing would be to use this as you would use any other bleach and give a try to the Face pack… 😀

    Hope it works…. :-)) :-))
    .-= Mrunmayee´s last blog ..Jovees Gold Eye Contour gel- Review =-.

  5. I am very scared of bleaches becoz there are very strong chemicals in it which hurt my skin badly. I have used the facial kit by Nature’s and its used by every beauty parlour around the corner……..and its the cheapest facial that they do (at parlours) I mean. I had bought this bleach long back, but I just took it off after 5 minutes, so I did not notice any dramatic results such as yours, the tingling sensation that bleaches give just scares me…..but about Nature’s brand…they have lightening face masks and all that rubbish with them with little effect.

    1. Seems like this is a very suspicious brand then. Think I’ll stick to the tried and true ones from now on 🙂

  6. interesting review..and if u found something to remove a chennai tan that is quite something! i speak from experience. Can you tell me where you picked it up?

    1. I got it from this little store in Alsa Mall called Prisha’s. They have some very out of the way brands over there and I go there to find stuff that I don’t get at Health n Glow :-))

  7. The famous Chennai tan finally met its match 😯 Seriously, though totally agree with you on the lack of ingredient lists. I hate this “key ingredients” concept. We are too lazy to sit and make it even if you give us the entire ingredients, amount, and detailed recipes with pics! Makes me wonder what atrocious poisonous thing they are mixing that they don’t want us to know about.

    1. 😀 Yup! When it comes to laziness they can totally bet on human nature. I wish they’d at least give the full list of ingredients. They can keep the percentages and all to themselves. I ws lucky but what if someone were allergic to one of the unmentioned ingredients? This has been a lesson to me to only buy products with complete ingredient lists.

    1. It’s available at a store called Prisha’s in Alsa Mall, Egmore. But I’d caution you to think twice before purchasing this 🙂

  8. YOu know my Fab India de pigmentation cream woks wonders on my skin but I am always suspicious about using it. I use it very sparingly because any herbal or natural product would take time to show the results.

    I do use bleach but once in two months. Sometimes even more than that. I have never faced any problems with bleaches such such but I avoid them because they are def harmful to skin. Have heard about Nature’s brand they are advertising these days very actively. No I am really skeptical about picking their products..

    Thanks for the review. 🙂

    1. Rati – The Fab india de-pigmentation cream didnt work for me :(.. .. if these people are advertising actively then i m skeptical!

      1. oh!!! I can totally understand. With skin care products you can never be sure what could work for you and what could not.

        Advertising is not a bad thing. 🙂

    2. Fab India huh? Can we look forward to a review of that plz? 😀

      I’m on the hunt for an effective tan remedy too now that this one has scared me off 🙁

  9. It’s probably the Lactic Acid in the product. A lot of makeup experts suggest using yogurt to take off tans for the same reason, which I think contains a higher lactic acid content that milk. My guess will be that instead of “milk” this product contains Lactic Acid, but that really doesn’t make too much sense given it’s cheap price!

  10. If I am correct, the product states that it bleaches the skin, which is a very dangerous thing to do in the first place. There are, however, some bleaches that are specifically for facial hair (but are also possibly harmful). And if you say that they don’t have a complete ingredients listed on the packaging, then it’s a big no no because they are obviously hiding something. On the other hand, the high percentages might mean a very concentrated product, but I doubt if that should happen instantly. Using a high sunscreen or a cell regeneration serum will help to remove the tan eventually, in my opinion. As far as this Lacto Bleach is concerned, you might want to contact the company or the cosmetics and drugs regulator company in India for a detailed info.

  11. hi guys

    I’m based in South Africa, Nature’s Essence is available here. Actually its pretty much a well kept secret amongst those with enviable skin. I’ve used quite a few of the products and here’s my breakdown:

    Eye to Eye Cream (for dark circles) :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: really really really effective. No chemical smell or irritation and actually lightened the circles gradually. Definately contained almond oil as the label suggested, the scent was a giveaway.

    Lacto Tan Removal soap: :yes: :yes: :yes: Very slight change in skin colour but having said that it smelt and felt wonderful on my skin, kept it very soft and smooth.

    Lacto Tan Removal cream: :yes: :yes: Very slight change in skin colour and was a bit too drying for my liking but no other harsh effects or breakouts etc.

    Gold Facial Kit: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: Great for special occassions and nights out, leaves the skin with a subtle gold shimmer/glow to the skin. People would oily skin should reconsider using it though cos it tends to be tad oiler than their other products.

    Glycolic Peel Anti-Marks facial Kit: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: Left my skin feeling and looking FANTASTIC. Definately less harsh than similar (and twice as expensive products produced by some bigger names out there.

    I guess its all a process of trial and error to find something that works for you.

    1. hey Seri 🙂 ,

      Thanks for the information. I am thinking to purchase the glycolic facial kit. Does it help to reduce the pigmentation/dullness on the face? ?:-) I am fair but my face has become dull due to pollution and sun damage :pissedoff: so I would like to try this to get back my original bright and fair skin.

  12. iv used this stuff today only n my skin feels fresh.. i dont think it has any bleaching agents, cz bleach cause itchy feelings on skin. i think its just like ny other readymade face packs n natures essentials are selling it under the ” bleach” tag cz of the market demand of bleaches.. :panda:

  13. I use Lacto Tan Clear.. joy go ahead and give it a try.. It is an amaziiiing product.. Clears out about 80% of tan in one application.. evens out skin tone, brown spots.. It lives up to expectations.. dirt cheap at 65 rupees.. The freckles on my hand lightened our 50% after using it for three days.. I have used it on and off for some years..(oily skin-never broke me out).. It is neutral and pretty mild..not like a bleach..Best suited for people exposed to a lot of sun like the ones who ride a two-wheeler for instance.. Good for deep-seated pigmentation problems also (my aunt tried it)..

  14. Hi I have used nature’s essence oxy bleach cream. that goes well with my skin tone. though i find it a it mild. But it suites and doesnt damage skin at all.

  15. i have read that when u use the correct medicine for the correct prob it shows effects within minutes….homeopathy actually works on this philosophy….i know and have experienced such changes in minutes…my mom’s a doctor of homeopathy so i know….any herbal product when used correctly gives instant results when u know the root of the prob….i have experienced so i know…….no need for a chemical to be involved….this is my experience….jut consider this before assuming for chemical involvement…just a suggestion ladies…good day

      1. no prob didi….my mom explained it to me..i thought i should share…it will help before judging a product so…….thank you

  16. I tried this today… it did not even change the color of the facial hair like any other bleech would do. There is a mild color difference on face.

    I tired on my hands too… it has dried out my hands + no color difference

  17. I used this bleach and felt a drastic change in my face. I am affected due to tan where i got dark patches on my chin. The store lady suggested me this Natures bleach and definitely this works . As my skin is sensitive if i use anything where chemicals are mixed with, it will definitely give me pimples the very next day. But this bleach did not give me anything but only fairness that too am recovering to my original skin tone. 🙂 🙂

  18. hi ! anusha .. u r ryt … i bought this prod. bout a week ago .. i went tothe store n askd the lady to gimme smething that wud remove my layer of tan .. i was quite irritated wid my face shortly … daily travellin had caused really bad tanning … i myself am connected to the salon industry n i know whch product wrks in whch way …. but the facials that wud help me are too expensive n i gott repeat them everyb mnth whch isnt that possible …….. so wen i asked the lady to give me smethjing that wud just peel that layer off she suggested me bleach , i directly refused i didn want smthin chemical n that too its kinda risky for me as im scred if i make mistake while applying them .. so she sed then u must surely go for lacto bleach .. i i was kinda sceptic as i know that my skin maybe combination but still nethin doesnt suit that fast n i get to know the very nxtt day with a sight of pimple on my face …… 🙂 i maybe asked her ten times enuf to irritate her 😉 that r u sure ??? she finally sed .. ” yes ma’am if not u cn go to police ..” .. he he well i thot that wsnt required…but then i thought lets take a chance ……
    that very day i tried n trust me i indeed like others saw the difference … i m putting it every nyt religiously now .. n it is helping me .. that layer is fading away …. 🙂 *preen* … n the best part is my skin doesnt feel dry after applyin it .. 🙂 🙂

  19. I came to Chennai from Canada for a brief visit in Summer.. As expected I got tanned but to my worst fear, it was way more than I expected:(…. I tried, Biotique Depigmentation/tan removal cream that hardly helped me to get rid of the tan… Someone suggested me about bleach and I tried fem ( No ammonia)..
    That was my worst decision I still regret about..I ended up having a darker, itching and broken skin.. after a month, my cousin suggested my about this bleach.. Initially I was very skeptical and scared to try out another bleach..

    But this one was awesome… my skin got lighter, it was clear visible change.. morover I did not experience any irritation or itching..and my skin looked way better than before..I planning to use it once more before i travel back to Canada.

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