Nivea Happy Time Shower Cream Review & My First MAC Haul!

Nivea Happy Time Shower Cream Review & My First MAC Haul!

Nivea Happy Time Shower Cream is enriched with bamboo milk and orange blossom scent to leave you relaxed and rejuvenated with every shower.



Let the delicious fruity scent of orange blossom found in Nivea Happy Time Shower Cream stimulate your senses, while the silky shower cream, with caring bamboo milk,leaves you skin feeling beautifully soft and smooth. Relax and rejuvenate with every shower.
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I had gotten this two months back when I got into a no-soap and all shower gel/ phase? (has it ever happened to you? :P)I wanted to collect and try out all the possible orange-y shower gels and cream and hence this is what caught my attention at Health & Glow . I learnt about this range after reading this review by Surbhi. πŸ™‚ The name had a ring to it plus it sounded all orange-y and I am die hard fan of citrus and fruity fragrances since it is never as wintery here in Chennai for me to switch to heavier fragrances and you can always thing of oranges all the year round.

Nivea Happy Time Shower Cream

The shower cream is not a gel hence I definitely counted on softer skin by this. This is the reason I am revewing it now since many of you would want to use shower creams in winters and keep the soaps and gels at bay for some time. The cream is thick, its more like a shower liquid, just fancily named, it is NOT an In-shower cream but is a shower wash I would say πŸ™‚

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It is exactly what it says! Invigorating, softening and delish!The shower cream is thick and lathers much and you need quite a small amount on the loofah. The cream is quite mosturising for my normal body skin and considering I stay in a humid environment, this does not dry out my skin at all.I am hoping this would be great for the northern regions too.

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The fragrance is a sweet orange and milky kind of a smell, it is not the bitter orange kind of fragrance which I would prefer to jump start the day with the strong bitter orange fragrance. But I am fine with it, I quite like it but would have preferred it to be a bit less sweet,I don’t know how to explain this but I think most of us would love it!For me,I have always has a soft corner for Dove and Nivea and shower gels and body lotions.

Count on this to give you a fresh start to you day, with soft skin and you need very little of the product,I love to use a loofah because that it the only way I scrub my body skin. If you like orange/Nivea, then definitely try this.You might even love to club it with the Happy time lotion. πŸ™‚ I cant wait to try more of the Nivea Shower Creams.

mac eyeshadow haul

MAC prolong wear lip creme perpetual flame

A glimpse of my first MAC haul I did last Saturday. Reviews and my experience with MAC coming soon. So far, loving the MAC Prolong Wear Lip cremes which I had always wanted to get, I got it in Perpetual Flame.
Stay Tuned!

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14 thoughts on “Nivea Happy Time Shower Cream Review & My First MAC Haul!

  1. oooo Neha !!!! Woowww .. you must be sooo happy with all the Mac stuff!!! ..a makeup lover like you will surely enjoy these goodies πŸ™‚ i want that lipstick…it’s looking so tempting.. me loveee pinkyyy lipppies :-)..

  2. nice review neha . πŸ™‚ yesterday only i bought the same one but small bottle .. its really good one.. I was just suppose to review … πŸ™‚

  3. awesome Neha πŸ™‚ first MAC products feel so awesome no ? i got my first recently… being an eyeliner freak, i got a fluidline and loving it πŸ˜€
    n the shower gel seems nice πŸ™‚ i love trying new ones πŸ™‚

  4. I am soo getting this neha. :)) can totally do with a shower cream for winters. and yay for the mac shopping. first one is always extra special. πŸ™‚

  5. I have the happy time lotion in bamboo some variant, i love the smell, initially its too sweet, later it subsides.. wish to get this shower gel πŸ™‚

    First MAC haul would be always special, my first MAC product is MAC Twig lipstick πŸ™‚

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